trust yourself guidance

by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~

A Channeled Spirit message from the Akash:

“Your Highest Potential is within you now, at this moment, waiting to be realized.  There is nothing you need to do in order to be worthy of embodying and living from the place of your Highest Potential.

Your Highest Potential came into this life with you and you have all the raw materials to express and live them now, in this moment.  Any sense of shortcomings or wounds you have are not standing in the way to living your Highest Potential. 

Living your Highest Potential does not mean doing just one job that you are destined to do as if it was written in stone prior to your life here.  It does not mean that you are fated to meet and live with just one particular person, in one specific place, that you are waiting to discover.

Living from your Highest Potential feels like this: how you feel about your life, your experiences, and your contributions are aligned. You see and know you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, doing what is Soul Aligned for you.  Living from your Highest Potential means that you can see the bigger picture in your experiences and move through them with ease, flow and grace.

be obsessed with your own potential

When living in connection with the energies of your Highest Potential you weather the ups and downs in life with greater ease. You can maneuver through your life’s circumstances with the clarity of alignment with your deepest truths. This results in you feeling more confident, calm and centered in all experiences.  You also have confidence that is aligned with your core essence.

Begin Connecting with Your Highest Potential Now

Follow these simple steps and practice this regularly to develop a strong energetic connection with the potential you came in to express in this lifetime. 

  1.  Get yourself to a quite undisturbed place, close your eyes and center in your now by following your breath in and out. 
  2. When you feel centered in this quiet moment, center your awareness in your heart space. Imagine your senses being perceived, and your thoughts and feelings being processed, through your heart space.  Your visualization or imagination of this will get you there.
  3. Breathe slowly and deeply and allow yourself to feel your energy opening up to include more. Invite the energy of your Highest Potential to come forward so it is more tangible to you. Simply feel, without a demand, for any response at this moment.
  4. Fully trusting that you are connecting with the energies of your Highest Potential, begin to notice the qualities that are there. You may feel energies such as:
    • Deep trust
    • Wisdom about life’s circumstances
    • Higher level perspective
    • Greater levels of compassion and understanding for yourself and others
  5. Connecting with your Highest Potential as you would a dear, familiar friend, ask for a message to be shared in that moment. What is important for you to know now that is aligned with your Inner Truth? 
  6. Trust anything you receive whether it is a word, an image, a phrase or a reminder.  Notice how you feel in receiving a message from your Highest Potential.  Keep that close to you throughout the day or the week until you connect again.
  7. These are Soul-Aligned messages coming from your Highest Potential. They contain the energy of your Highest Potential and support you in aligning with it.

As you play with and practice this you will become more comfortable and confident receiving messages and aligning with your Highest Potential.

You’ll grow to the place where you have a deep understanding of the energies of your Highest Potential. You will more easily embody these energies, which results in you living a life that feels Soul-Aligned and on track.

Practice this regularly and your perceptions of being blocked or held back by the circumstances in your life will dissolve and be replaced with a sense of freedom to be you in all your glory!”

Note from Holly: This is such a beautiful, hopeful message! Allow it to be a practice and an unfolding. I would love to hear how this practice of connecting with the energy and wisdom of your Highest Potential goes for you.

Holly Hawkins Marwood

Holly is an International Akashic Records Instructor & Reader as well as a Conscious Channel for many Multi-Dimensional Guides. She is the co-founder of the Universal Sphere® as well as several Soul Activations brought through from these guides. She teaches and offers sessions internationally, online and locally in Northern California. Contact Holly at or    Learn more about Holly and her areas of expertise.