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What’s Distance Healing?

by Norma Hope  ~

Is it possible to heal others at a distance – to send healing energy across time and space?

The one thing that the Corona-19 pandemic did was to allow us to question, then change, many of the beliefs and patterns that have controlled our lives, both unconsciously and consciously.  This includes how we can heal.

Often necessity can be the element that forces new awareness and allows for change. On many levels we were raised to be somewhat closed minded. Yet, necessity can force change or bring new consciousness about so many things. It can allow new intention and awareness into your life if you let it.

With Alberta’s decision, in 2020, that alternative health businesses were allegedly non-essential and shut down, many of you shifted to having your therapy sessions of Spiritual Healing + Energy Medicine healing work, Biofeedback Stress Reduction, and even Lymph Therapy, done via distance as in person was not possible for some months (and it is still happening as I write this).

Some of you doubted initially whether “long distance healing” would work or be as powerful as in-person sessions.  It is not tangible; you can’t put your finger on it so how can it work?  It’s a whole new concept, a whole new way of thinking for some. It is “energy” focused by “intention” versus hands-on or in-person treatments. It is a shift in our entire perception.

I invite more of you to take that leap of faith as I did years ago – in 2006, actually. It was then that I learned that we are energetic beings having a human experience. So is it any wonder that our bodies LOVE energy work! These times especially call for different measures for us to keep healing and growing. It’s important to not resist change, but embrace it.

When I experienced profound change and healing during that long distance Biofeedback Stress Reduction session in 2006, it changed my perception. I was amazed by the results, but my left brain kept negating how could it work.  I was initially amazed and honestly quite shocked that long distance healing worked.

I then experimented with more of those sessions plus other long distance type therapies out of curiosity and to confirm (and reconfirm) that YES, being in the same room as the therapist has its benefits but it is not necessary for the “healing” itself to happen. It can be done from anywhere and at anytime! My logic (or maybe my parents training in logic) was no longer in my way. That “limiting belief” was healed.

We all have so much woundedness trapped inside our bodies: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, ancestrally and karmically. Don’t let circumstances or limiting beliefs stand in your way – open your mind to keep healing and growing.

The Angels are Near
© Bernadette McCormack

I believe the reason we are here in this lifetime is to heal our woundedness and to grow. That needs to be our focused “intention.” The healing lets us become who we are truly meant to be in this lifetime.

Our woundedness is like a thief, stealing from us continuously, non-consciously (and sometimes consciously), every minute of our daily life as it is like the rut in the road, worn and familiar, so an alleged easy path. It doesn’t allow for openness, new awareness or change.

So, we tend to carry on everyday doing the same things, feeling the same way, “reacting” to life instead of living it by changing things up. It can run us. It causes turmoil, triggers emotions and keeps confusing who we are truly meant to be. It is also very exhausting.

Even making a small change today in your life can cause a positive rippling effect of healing throughout your bodies, into your daily life and the lives around you, even your lineage.

We are so much more powerful than we can even fathom.  And we are not separate – time and space is an illusion.

Energy healers, such as myself, are facilitators to help you bring about healing and change but it is your bodies and spirit that are enacting it, doing the work, experiencing it, integrating it and evolving. You are the most amazing part of it all so be curious. Be intentional.  

“Intention” is an energy force. It is how we bring about change. For those of you who pray, isn’t prayer just “intention,” pure and simple? Isn’t that actually how prayer works?

Focused “intention” is the primary energy force that makes energy healing successful when done via distance or in person.

It has been called “Distance or Virtual or Interconnected Energy Healing.” Whatever the name, the focused “intention” is what brings about the healing, the change, the growth for the client.  Our cells and atoms are energetically designed to talk to each other and not just in our own bodies but interconnectedly with each other.

Our perception of time and space limits us. It makes us believe we are separated by distance and that time only moves in one direction – forward. These limiting beliefs are what we are used to thinking but we don’t have to anymore.

Distance healing can be scheduled with no contact at the time of session or via phone or Skype or Zoom, etc.  A distance healing session starts like an in-person session with a discussion of a specific issue/wound/concern the client may want to work on or it can be just be a session for “whatever” comes up.

The therapist then suggests the client sit or lay down and do specific breathing initially so that they may be more relaxed and open to receiving the healing work. This calms the client and starts to set the client’s “intention” to receive.

The therapist alters his/her state of being, including brainwave state, with a type of meditation or breathwork to bring about a focused “intention” onto the client, their state of being and the issue (or whatever comes up) that calls to be worked on for them. For me, it feels like the client is in the room with me.

Time falls away as does any sense of distance or space in this place for the therapist. It is like being in a “waking dream” state and the healed outcome needed for the client and other information for healing is simply there; it just shows up and is accessible in this state. In this place there is no separation, and time flows in all directions, not just forward.  

The actual healing is then quite simply done by intention, sent by the therapist/facilitator and received by the client.  In the case of Spiritual Healing + Energy Medicine, the ceremonies, journeys and medicine rites of the Algonquins are accessed to assist in the energy healing.

Maybe the simplicity of it is the hardest to understand or fathom.  It is astoundingly simple. This “tuning” in by the energy therapist gives us all the information needed to heal.

The core wounds of abandonment, rejection, betrayal and self worth/self love show up quite often as the underlying causes of many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances. Also, past stories or past lives may be entwined. But all can be healed.

Now that you know you don’t have to put your healing and your growth on hold, what is next for you?  What healed outcome are you wanting? What are you needing to be healed?  Or what is keeping you stuck? There are multiple ceremonies and healings to help you with whatever you need to be healed.

Let’s continue healing the stories that live inside us so we can truly live the life we are meant to be living now.

Norma Hope founded “Life Synergy Inc – Cleanse Works” in early 1999 after she started cleansing with Colon Hydrotherapy and found that it dramatically changed her life. This led her to become certified in all the healing modalities that she found improved her life the most: Certified Biofeedback Specialist, Spiritual Healer + Energy Medicine Facilitator, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Certified Lymph Therapist, Certified Thought Field Therapist, Certified Microcurrent Therapist, Certified Raw Vegan Chef and more… Visit or phone:  780-477-1100.

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Bernadette McCormack has been painting since 1992. She draws inspiration from her family and friends, the trees, hills, mountains, and oceans, the sun, the moon, happiness, hope…. these have all played a collective part in her art. She has created a line of inspirational and healing art cards and limited edition prints from her paintings for everyone to enjoy. Hummingbird Studio, 801 Wharncliffe Road, Duncan, British Columbia, V9L 2K3, CA.

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