Spirit Art - fire in palms of hands - April 5, 2021 - 2000

What Do You Need to Release?

by Dana da Ponte ~

This week, I thought I’d share a message my angel Cassandra shared with me.

I was struggling with issues around food and eating that were surfacing in my life again. I’ve been dealing with my issues around food and eating for a long time. There is a long history of trauma and unmet emotional needs wrapped up in my relationship with food and eating. I’ve learned to hold any goals around my body loosely and with love because there is a lot of emotional and spiritual work to tend to before my physical results are noticeable to an outsider.

If you could see the journey I’ve been on, you would see the mighty work I’ve done but you cannot see it.  It has all happened in my inner world and only I know where my relationship with food and eating has taken me just as only you know where your personal struggles have taken you.

In this pandemic, with the uncertainty and isolation, many of us are seeing old issues rise to the surface again. This is the spiral path of healing, isn’t it? It brings you to the same place over and over again but always with a new and different learning; it can be oh, so, exhausting and frustrating.

That’s what I was feeling when Cassandra shared these words with me. I just wanted my relationship with food and eating to be easy and clear. I was feeling tired of having to deal with it again. If one of your old issues rises to the surfaces and begs for your attention this week, perhaps these words from Spirit will serve you too.

Spirit Art - fire in palms of hands - April 5, 2021

Dear Brave Soul,

There are uncomfortable themes in your life you will continue to revisit over and over again. They are the threads that weave themselves year after year in your spiritual and emotional growth. After many years of witnessing them resurface, you may feel discouraged. You may even think you are the problem but you are not the problem; you are the student and the discomfort you feel is the learning.

I know from time to time you wish you could graduate already. You wonder if there will ever be an end. There is always an end but I cannot tell you when you will arrive. It may be off in the far distant future. It may be just around the corner.

In the meantime, can you soothe your weary heart and soul with compassion? Can you trust the discomfort? Can you stay with it long enough to befriend it?

I hate to be the one to tell you this but perfection is not the goal. There will always be something uncomfortable to deal with so pace yourself. Move forward with ease and grace. Try not to rush the process to get to the good stuff. Instead, sprinkle the good stuff into your daily life. Learn to hold both things loosely in the palms of your hand – the hard, uncomfortable lessons in one hand and the kind, gentle miracles in the other and trust me, there will always be kind, gentle miracles.

We are currently in the waning moon which is a great time to release and clear. If you want to clear the heaviness around one of the uncomfortable themes that are surfacing in your life right now, try this art journaling exercise.

Spirit Art Exercise:

Draw or paint a fire in a place in nature that feels sacred to you.

Draw or paint swirls of smoke rising from the flames in your fire.

In the swirls of smoke, describe the experiences in your life you are asking Spirit to help you release or let go.

As you can see in the image, when I completed this art journaling exercise, my sacred place in nature ended up being the palm of my hands. It’s not exactly what I expected to draw but it’s what came out. Creativity is like that.

Hands are a symbol of your spiritual power so I suspect when I sat down to create this I needed to access my spiritual power to face my recurring themes around food and eating rather than my physical strength or will power. This tells me that although I’m asking Spirit for help to release procrastination, doubt and indecision, the lessons are not yet over and I will be revisiting this uncomfortable theme again in the future.

Sitting down to complete this art journaling exercise is the first step. The next step is to sit with what you’ve created and reflect on what you see. Does your drawing or painting surprise you in any way? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?

Finally, imagine the swirls of smoke are real and they are lifting off the page and wafting up into the sky where they drift into space until they reach your spirit guides, angels and ancestors. Allow yourself to feel a sense of release and surrender as your prayers find themselves in the caring hands of those in Spirit who know how to love and protect you best.



Dana da Ponte is a professional intuitive, artist and certified MAP Practitioner. She helps empaths and highly sensitive people manage anxiety, overwhelm and negative thinking so they can break free of self-sabotaging patterns and claim the intuitive and creative powers that come with their sensitivities. You can visit her online at danadaponte.com and sign up to get her free moon pages delivered to your inbox every full and new moon or join her free community Art Journaling with the Moon for Intuitive Healing