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What Can You Erase?

by Dana da Ponte ~

One morning, I woke up to see my angel Cassandra in my imagination. She was sitting in front of a candle and she asked me to stare at the flame with her.

As the flame flickered back and forth and side to side, Cassandra said, “Your busy mind is like this flame – it is busy flickering from one fearful thought to the next.”

I observed my mind for a moment and realized she was right. I was carrying a lot of fears. I had fears about my parenting, my relationships, my past decisions, my house, the trees in my yard, my business, my health, my eating, my son’s future, the planet’s future, retirement and the well-being of people I love just to name a few.

I continued to stare at the flame. It was orange, yellow and red and it wouldn’t sit still.  But because this was all happening in my imagination and because my angel Cassandra takes me on fantastic adventures in my imagination, within moments everything magically grew quiet and I was no longer staring at the flame.  Instead, I was now sitting in the blue, white, hot center of the flame and everything grew quiet.  I could see the flame flickering all around me but the very center of the flame was as still as sleep.

Bless This Day ©Maria Pace Wynters
Bless This Day, ©Maria Pace Wynters,

In the stillness I heard Cassandra’s soft voice. She explained that fear does not exist in stillness. Fear is busy. Truth is quiet.

She also explained that it is hard to hear your own inner voice when you are paying attention to the fears buzzing in your mind.

Getting lost in the noise of your fears looks like always trying to change or fix something. Living in the noise keeps you very busy. You have to plan, make lists, make resolutions, commit to changing, growing, improving, healing, transforming and being different. All of this happens because you are somewhere you don’t like or are uncomfortable with, and you are scared you will be stuck there forever. You can get lost for lifetimes in the noise of your fears.

Removing yourself from the noise looks much different. It looks like stillness. It looks like peace. You realize you don’t have to change a thing about yourself or your life to feel good, you just have to be still. All the little corners of your life that are troubling you continue to exist. Your problems do not go away yet, low and behold, there you are feeling as good as you could ever feel.

Cassandra then told me this quiet place is like medicine. It is like medicine for your heart and for your mind. Without this medicine, the busy fear thoughts get louder. They start to run the show. They start to control what you say, the decisions you make and how you spend the time in your life.

She told me her wish for me is that I remember to take my daily dose of medicine. She hopes I take a moment every day to remove myself from the noise… or at least to observe the noise and see it for what it really is… a lot of busy nonsense.

Spirit Art Exercise:

Let’s explore the experience of stillness by playing with lines. Choose a scene that seems complex to draw. Perhaps it is the scene outside your office window, or a photo of someone you love or the bowl of fruit sitting on your kitchen table. Draw what you see with as much detail as you can.

Spirit Art - April 19, 2021 with little border

Remember, it doesn’t have to look good. This isn’t a contest. It’s an exploration. Allow yourself to simply play.

When you are finished, erase as many lines and details as you can without losing the concept of what you are drawing. You still have to be able to recognize what it is you drew but with as few lines as possible.

When you are done, compare the drawing before you erased as many details as you could to the drawing of a few lines. Which do you prefer? Does one evoke a sense of stillness more than the other? What is it like erasing all unnecessary lines?

I created my example many years ago but I remember the sense of stillness that came over me trying to capture an image with as few lines as possible. Simplicity and stillness are great companions.

The next time you notice your mind buzzing with fears try to recall your drawing and ask yourself which of your thoughts are as unnecessary as the lines you erased. 



Dana da Ponte is a professional intuitive, artist and certified MAP Practitioner. She helps empaths and highly sensitive people manage anxiety, overwhelm and negative thinking so they can break free of self-sabotaging patterns and claim the intuitive and creative powers that come with their sensitivities. You can visit her online at and sign up to get her free moon pages delivered to your inbox every full and new moon or join her free community Art Journaling with the Moon for Intuitive Healing

Maria Pace-Wynters was born and raised in Victoria, B.C. She attended Victoria College of Art, Camosun College (Associate of Arts degree), the University of Victoria (BFA honor program) and Victoria Film School before settling down in Edmonton, Alberta with her singer/songwriter/soul-mate husband, Chris Wynters and their two daughters, Imogen and Scarlett. Maria is an avid blogger and her blog,, has been viewed by more than 350 thousand visitors. She sells her work online through Etsy, The Daily Painters, and Redbubble.