Beauty Way oracle card - 2000

The Beauty Way

by Connie Brisson ~

I love beautiful things.

Whenever I create something (in my home or business), I always ask myself:  “Is this beautiful to me?”

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and different things are beautiful to each of us, one thing is for sure. Beauty has a high vibration. Whether it is in art, nature or someone’s soul, there is “light” in beautiful things.

And I think, whether we are conscious of it or not, beautiful things invisibly help us to raise our internal vibrations. 

Yesterday, I was driving in the country, contemplating a difficult situation when I was abruptly awakened from my glum feelings by the unbelievable beauty of never ending, yellow, vibrant canola fields that go on for as long as my eyes could see.  It felt like a gift.

This abundance of yellow soothed my soul (and my solar plexus) and it reminded me that just by turning my head 45 degrees, my view of the world could change.  It reminded me that there is always a perspective, a way of seeing things, that has beauty in it.     

I love the advice given on the Ho’zho oracle card (The Beauty Way of the Navajo) from the Earth Warrior Oracle,  © Alana Fairchild (Blue Angel Publishing, 2018).  Every card in that deck is wonderful!  I have a copy of this card on my desk to remind me that I don’t need to settle or worry, but instead need to open myself up to the possibility of a beautiful solution.

Earth Warrior Oracle,  © Alana Fairchild (Blue Angel Publishing, 2018)

“There is a beautiful solution available.  Do not place your faith in worry or stress.  Allow life to unfold.  As you relax and give yourself permission to rest within the vastness and beauty of nature, you will become receptive to the best way to handle things.  Don’t try to figure it out by force.  Let go and trust that what is needed is coming to you at the perfect time and in the perfect way.  Your peaceful mind shall perceive readily and accurately all that you need to know.

The Beauty Way reminds you that beneath the noise, beneath your worries and concerns, there is oneness between you and life.  Even if your world may feel chaotic at times, even if you fear that you have gone off track, the path that will return you to peace, beauty, balance and harmony is always here for you. 

You do not have to become stressed or exhausted to fix what isn’t working.  Solutions can come to you more easily when you allow yourself to drop out of the pain and into the pleasure of the Beauty Way. 

Sometimes, problems will disappear altogether in this place, and you shall realize that they were nothing more than the dark creation of an overworked fatigued mind.  Sometimes, you will discover a different way to look at things, a helpful vision gifted by Great Spirit, and gain the energy to become productive, applying a simple and inspired idea that changes everything… 

When some form of ugliness is disturbing your soul, threatening to steal your peaceful trust in the Divine, you are guided to come back to the Beauty Way, back into worshipful reverence of the sacred.  From that place, you then become empowered to deal with the situation in a way that increases love and joy in yourself and the world.  Rather than being overtaken by the ugliness, you are able to offer beauty instead…”

This week, let’s pick one challenging thing in our lives and apply the Beauty Way to it. What in your life would you like to change from ugly to beautiful?  What little (or big) change in your perspective could transform a difficult situation into one that has a beautiful outcome?  What place in nature is extremely beautiful to you?  Can you go there, rest and openly await a beautiful idea or answer?  

“There is nothing that makes its way more directly to the soul than beauty.”  
Joseph Addison


Connie Brisson is the publisher and editor of Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine since 2004. From a simple black and white newsprint format that began in 1996, she transformed it into a beautiful full color, gloss magazine that was distributed throughout Alberta, Canada until the end of 2018 (with a readership of over 100,000). It’s now evolved into an online magazine that continues to help people heal, transform and live their best lives.