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What’s Your Core Wound?

What’s Your Core Wound? by Norma Hope  ~ Each one of us have these four core wounds in some stage or another: Abandonment/Inundation Rejection Betrayal Lack of Self Worth/Self Love These wounds originally get programmed into us through our experiences in childhood and unfortunately “run” us as adults. These are also our “emotional triggers.” These…

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Clearing Your Emotional “Crap”

CLEARING YOUR EMOTIONAL “CRAP” – With EFT-Tapping, 2 Day Online Workshop  EFT-Tapping is an easy, effective, medically researched  tool to clear all kinds of stress.  Emotional crap may include:  Fear of the future, stress for the safety of yourself and others, anxiety about isolation, stress about financial issues, stress eating,  patterns that you would like…

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