Spirit Messages

by Dana da Ponte

What Do You Predict?

by Dana da Ponte

Many years ago my guardian angel Cassandra taught me a very important lesson. She explained how, when working with Spirit, it was important to be both directive and receptive.

In my work, I’ve noticed people focus on being receptive when working with Spirit. They concentrate on trying to receive messages from Spirit which is helpful and very much an important skill to develop but your relationship with Spirit isn’t just receptive. Spirit isn’t just there to send you messages. They are also there to support you in creating. You are a creator. A creator must choose what they want to create.

Watercolor painting of the girl pray to star for peaceful and ho

When I was lost and wondering what my purpose was I turned to Spirit and asked to be shown my purpose. Spirit turned right back around and asked me questions instead. “What lights you up? What makes you happy? Do you know what makes your heart sing?” They then explained that my answers would be found by trusting what makes me happy and asking for more of that to be created in my life.

That is a more directive way of working with Spirit. You look inside your heart of hearts and you trust what it wants. Then you ask Spirit for help bringing more of that into your life. You are the captain of the ship. Spirit is just the wind in your sails. If you don’t captain your ship and instead you sit there and wait for someone to show you the way or make the decisions for you, your experience of working with Spirit will probably be frustrating because you’re not directing the ship. You’ll just wander from place to place.

Instead, figure out where your heart truly wants to go then trust THAT and ask for Spirit’s help to get there.


To help you play with the idea of being more directive, try this Spirit Art Exercise. Imagine you have more control over your future than you thought you did. Pretend you are a palm reader and as you look at the lines in the palm of your hands you see your dreams coming true.

What would each line say about your future?

Draw a circle with a compass on your paper. Make sure it is large enough to fit the palm of your hand.

Create a boundary around your circle by embellishing or defining the outer edge of the circle in some way. I dipped rope in black paint mixed with moon water and pressed the rope along the outer edges of the circle to make a print of the rope. Then I drew a snake body around it.

Spirit Art - April 21, 2021Mix a little black acrylic paint with a bit of dish soap. Paint the palm of your hand.

Press the palm of your hand inside your circle so you have a print of your palm.

Highlight the most prominent lines on the palm of your hand by painting over them with a bright color.

Now for the fun part (as if getting your hands dirty wasn’t already fun). Pretend you are a palm reader who is studying the lines and decide what you want each line on your palm to mean about your future.

Make fantastically wild and magnificent predictions that describe your dreams coming true.

Draw an arrow to each line and beside it write your prediction.

As you can see in my example, I predicted my future book would find a kind, happy audience and magic would always walk with me.

When you are finished, ask yourself if you truly captured your big, bold, wild dreams or if you held back. If you notice you held back, get curious and ask yourself why. Is it because you judge your dreams or is it because you worry others will judge you for wanting those things?

Finally, when your art is dry, place your palm back on the print you created and place your other hand on your heart. Think about the dreams you predicted coming true and promise your heart you will be a better friend and trust what it wants without judging or dismissing it.



Dana da Ponte

Dana da Ponte is a professional intuitive, artist and certified MAP Practitioner. She helps empaths and highly sensitive people manage anxiety, overwhelm and negative thinking so they can break free of self-sabotaging patterns and claim the intuitive and creative powers that come with their sensitivities. You can visit her online at danadaponte.com and sign up to get her free moon pages delivered to your inbox every full and new moon or join her free community Art Journaling with the Moon for Intuitive Healing