Channeled Spirit Messages

by Holly Hawkins Marwood

I Believe in Myself

Channeled Spirit Message from Ishtara

by Holly Hawkins Marwood

“Greetings, Great Beings of Light. My name is Ishtara. What a pleasure and a celebration to be with each and every one of you!

Here is one of the biggest ways that you can transform your experience in 2021 and your future as well.  It’s very simple:  Believe in Yourself.

Think about that for a moment and really feel how it feels if you say to yourself:  “I believe in myself.” Breathe freely and deeply as you say that again to yourself: “I believe in myself.”

It is powerful to say this to yourself. First of all, when you say: “I believe in myself,” you are in the NOW. You’re not revisiting wounds or incompleteness from the past. It means you’re not noticing anything that you think is wrong or insecure about yourself.

If, every single day, you said this like an affirmation, over and over again, you’d find yourself feeling taller, more confident and more positive about the future. This means that if you believe in yourself, you know you have what it takes to make positive steps forward for yourself in your life.

i believe in myselfWhat you’re doing is expanding your light. When you’re in a vortex of believing in yourself, you actually like yourself! You see the good in yourself. You see where you’re doing things right, instead of wrong. You’re more aligned with discovering solutions, moving through obstacles and, as you believe in yourself, you believe that you have a positive future.

There’s a beautiful side effect of this as well. If you believe in yourself you also create the space and the energy for other people to believe in themselves as well!  Imagine the world for a moment, if every single person believed in themselves, believed in their light and their truth, believed in their purpose and was able to see that in everyone else around them. Imagine that for a moment. It would be quite transforming on a planetary level, wouldn’t it?

You may notice what’s not being said is: “I’ll believe in myself when I make more money” or “I’ll believe in myself when I attract a perfect relationship” or “I’ll believe in myself when I get recognition from my family.”  That’s not what was said. This is unconditionally believing in yourself where you are right now.

If you would like to shine your light as brightly as it could be, if you want to live your purpose and feel successful in all the ways that you desire in your life, activating the energy of believing in yourself is vitally important.

Write yourself your sticky notes, set reminders in your phones, put a note on your bed to remind yourself over and over and over again to say to yourself: “I believe in myself.” You will find yourself feeling more positive and uplifted every single day of your life.

I am with you now and always. My name is Ishtara.”

Holly Hawkins Marwood

Holly Hawkins Marwood

Holly is an International Akashic Records Instructor & Reader as well as a Conscious Channel for many Multi-Dimensional Guides. She is the co-founder of the Universal Sphere® as well as several Soul Activations brought through from these guides. She teaches and offers sessions internationally, online and locally in Northern California. Contact Holly at or    Learn more about Holly and her areas of expertise.