Owl - Chaos to Brilliance 2000

Owl Spirit Animal

by Michele Keehn  ~

Owl, as a spirit guide, is the warrior of illumination for the soul self.  It is the causal influence for one’s spiritual development and evolution of the soul self.

Owl draws on all its medicines from the ancient mystery schools for spiritual development. Across time and space, owl travels to all in need, to all the landscapes and environments across the planets of the past, present, future and parallel worlds.

Owl spirit guide is renowned as the king of shapeshifters, the one who travels between the worlds. Owl medicine is revered as the wisdom keeper and navigator of the dark. He is the knower of hidden knowledge.

What is Owl’s Medicine?

The behaviours and traits that owl has been known for is a plethora of medicines. These range from its stealth, stamina, silent flight, keen sense of sight and hearing, to prophecy, wisdom, being the observer and guide of death and life cycles. Its job is to awaken consciousness, intuitiveness, intuition, instincts, illumination and teach us to team up with the higher realms. It’s also the revealer of shadows, secrets and hidden realms and the cleaner of infestations, anything ranging from rodents to illusions.

Owl uses its forward facing feathers (that encircle its eyes) to direct the light into its eyes and empower itself to see what others choose not to see, and guides us to go where others fear to go.  It takes us into the shadows of our own misalignments and misunderstandings to teach us to release known and unknown secrets that bind us to fear. Owl is the seeker of what lies beyond the shadows.

Owl teaches us to direct and funnel the sounds, tones, frequencies and vibrations into our ears to hear what is unsaid, unknown and unrevealed.  It teaches us to read between the lines, decipher and discern for ourselves the truths to be told. Owl uses its intuition, stealth and stamina to slay the illusions and unhealthy secrets of our worlds, internally and externally.

Owl teaches us to own the reflections of our outer world as our own. It asks us to own it and to heal it by harnessing and transforming the false self, the false realities and step fully into a place of becoming responsible for one’s self and our part with the collective consciousness. It teaches us to heal the inner landscape of our inner environment casting out the illusional shadows, stories and old worn out tales of outmoded, wounded beliefs, behaviours and thought patterns that keep us crippled, dis-eased and disowning our true selves.

Owl teaches us that by diving deep into the shadows of our underworld and lower self, we can heal and change the pendulum’s swing to balance the scales of inner and outer justice. By casting its light on our shadow self we can become the greater versions of self that is in alignment with our greater, true and higher self. We can create a healthy, stable foundation of freedom for our soul, body and mind to perch on from a higher and healthier  place of  frequency of inner authenticity.

As a protector and guide of our “Inner Light” it seems perfect that the relationship dynamic between owl and human is for the owl to keep us humans walking a path that is well-lit.  It keeps us in alignment with our soul’s true purpose by eliminating control mechanisms and any shadows over us. Owl, being a predator animal, is a true cleaner of inner and outer landscapes and environments from the pesky rodents that linger in the shadows of darkness, to the many illusions we each can have.

Solar Plexus Chakra & Owl

Solar plexus is the chakra of the owl. This personal power center is digester of life. Life challenges us sometimes and when we have crippled, unclear beliefs, behaviors and negative thoughts that keep our early woundedness alive in a stockpile of garbage, it will ultimately attract the rodents to rummage through our minds. Negative thoughts keep the inner sabotaging alive and keep us feeling derailed and unable to digest life. Just like our digestive systems, owls want freedom of movement in their landscapes. Freedom and liberty is gained from a healthy conscience that is in alignment with its souls inner truths and knowing.

The medicine of owl shows us how to digest life by expelling the indigestible, that which does not align with our inner purpose for this life. It offers the liberty to determine, discern and decide for one’s own self and make choices in accordance with what resonates within for one’s life. Trusting this process of owning personal responsibility from our personal power center, the solar plexus, is key. Rather than have choices made for us (or be influenced by others, the outer circumstances and blindly accept those consequences), it is our job to make decisions and choices of directions for ourselves.  We can do this by turning inward to discern what one wants to do, where one wants to go and how one wants to live their life.

Our direction and discerning power come from our ability to have clear, clean thoughts which influence our behaviors and responses in positive and healthy ways. Using owl medicine to eradicate, heal and change inner belief systems into healthy belief systems based on inner truth and knowing comes from the ability to sit with the inner soul self and listen to the inner voice of collaboration between soul and Spirit partnership.

owl coloring sheet

It is in the understanding that owl is here to tame and heal the fears that run rampant in the unconscious collective. Let owl teach us to harness and transform fear into love-based beliefs and behaviours from the inside. Listening to owl’s wisdom, we can cultivate positive momentum and influences for the collective consciousness by owning what’s ours in our thoughts and emotions.  This will ultimately influence the pendulum to swing from fear to love. And the pendulum will find the balance internally and externally as each individual finds their peace and calm and claims their right to consciously choose love and faith in their higher power and knowing.

 The path of the owl is intended to lead and guide us through an inner landscape of self-discovery, to heal our shadows by shining the light of Truth and Love on them in order to draw out a better version of our self, our true potentials and to expand/evolve our spiritually enlightened self… This might sound fluffy but spiritual enlightenment to me means to choose to live a life without struggle. We experience struggles when we’re not living in alignment and flow with our soul’s true essence and divinity that we were meant to live.   Passion and personal expression and creativity cannot be experienced when we give our power away to outside sources and control mechanisms.

How Owl Helped Me

Owl was evident and persistent in my journey home spiritually.

Although it took me some time to notice its meanings in the beginning, it was clear that owl was trying to show me, over and over, how I would sell myself short.  Owl made itself known during my many years of shedding the untruths, unsaids, unknowns and unbearables. I learned to recognize this mystical messenger as my way to shapeshift into owl medicine to look beyond what I was seeing, to hear what wasn’t being said.  I learned to search in the silence of the Great Mystery (by being still with my soul and spirit) to wait, listen and feel into the situations. I learned to better discern and discover for myself the meaning to my circumstances. I learned to expand my vision, broaden my horizons, claiming personal responsibility for my experiences by going within myself to clean up the inner debris and wounded beliefs, fears and patterns that didn’t work for me or support where I wanted to go in my life.  I replaced them with ones that matched my heart and soul’s inner knowing, truths, visions and plans for my life.

In a lot of the mythical, ancient, ancestral stories, the owl was seen as a fearful omen. But I have come to trust that when the owl shows up, it is wanting to support you by shining its light of wisdom on your situation in order for you to see, hear or know the truth about something. It wants you to claim your personal power by giving up the negative, fear filled behaviours, beliefs and thoughts that have been sabotaging you and causing you to go to war within yourself.

Owl taught me to believe in me, myself, my inner knowing and beliefs. Its medicine taught me to take time to stop, clear my mind, drop into my heart and soul, and be still, listen to see between the lines. He taught me to not turn my cheek or to be blind to what’s happening right in front of me – because that is ultimately denying my responsibility for myself to myself. That is self-sabotage and it cripples and causes dis-ease of deception and disregard for myself.

Chaos to Brillance © Shelby Willis 

Call on Owl Medicine When…

Call on owl if you want to access your inner wisdom and intuition to cut through the illusions and deceptions of outmoded beliefs and behaviours. You have a choice to choose what’s right for you.  It is said if you want to change your life, then change your thoughts. There’s no greater truth.

Call on owl to illuminate the truth of who you are here to be. Owl can help you claim yourself in your truest version (by the inner alignment of your body, mind and soul). Owls call on us to be adventurous, pioneers, explorers, visionaries and entrepreneurs, and to be courageous doing so.  We all want warm hearted, fun-loving, lively minds with the independence to choose for self. Owl is indicative of freedom from confinement and limitations. They require freedom of mind and self expression. They need to go where they need to go, to feed the soul and digest life with a vast array of movement, displaying their stealth and stamina.

Although many regard the owl as a creature of darkness, this attitude came from archaic times when everything was done to denigrate what was once held as sacred. In ancient times the owl was associated with the mind, wisdom and sacred science. Those that work with owl medicine need to keep grounded in order to not vanish from view. The “inner light medicine” of owl will shine its light onto the reality of situations, like that of the moonlight or the dark. This is the illumination which precedes any awakening that follows the owl’s visits.

The collective noun for a group of owls is parliament. Let’s send in the parliament of owls to illuminate and spread light upon the dark.

Owl Medicine Exercise

Invite owl to illuminate anything that does not serve the bigger picture and vision for your soul’s calling. Begin by seeking answers to one issue or topic at a time.  Imagine taking your brain organ and placing it in your heart organ, to set your brain ego aside.

  • Sit in a comfortable, sitting up, straight position (never laying down).
  • In a quiet space imagine the infinity symbol (∞) set inside the middle of your skull. Symbolically place it between the ears, from left to right, and at the level of your third eye, but behind it, in the middle of your skull. This is just above your eyebrows but in the middle your forehead.
  • Take a deep breath in and out. Start at the center of the infinity symbol (your third eye area) and then imagine tracing the symbol by dropping from the center of the symbol to the bottom of your left brow. 
  • Then loop over and back down through the center of the symbol and move towards and under your right brow and then back up over the right brow and back down through the center of the infinity symbol.
  • Repeat this pattern for 3 – 5minutes daily.

It is a great meditative practice and balances the left and right brain hemispheres. It places us in a place to receive information from Spirit and owl.  Invite the owl spirit to guide you to the hidden realms of your inquiry. It may speak in symbols or words; just be open listen, feel and receive. When finished journal your answers and action what owl has revealed.

My Story of Owl

I was out on a horseback riding trip at Yaha Tinda (ranch in the mountains close to Red Deer, AB).  Many months prior and on the way into camp that summer, as well on my daily rides, I was noticing owl’s presence. On my rides I would remember and contemplate other previous visits of my owl messenger over the years. Then one night, when all was quiet and dark (as we were hours from any town), I was awakened from my sleep with the familiar audible voice of my Creator Spirit, saying three times to me:  “Get Home Now!”  Anytime Spirit speaks to me audibly, it always gives me the message three times.

I panicked and scanned my mind for all that could be wrong back home and then realized there’s no way I’d be driving home in the middle of the night. I calmed myself, knowing and having faith that it was a message with a hidden meaning. I was still new on my journey home (within), but I trusted my relationships with my spirit guide animals and of course, with Spirit. I laid back down, feeling into the words. And then, Spirit repeated three more times: “Get Home Now!”

This time I asked owl for more information, since he was the messenger Spirit sent to connect with me and teach me in this period of transition.

I knew they were telling me to get home into my heart, trust my soul’s wisdom, in my truth, to navigate my still turbulent life and everything I was trying to clean up and sort out. I also knew my grandfather was getting close to passing on and that would be a huge heart loss for me as we were very close and it would cause a lot of heartache and changes for many in my family. I knew I needed to be at home, at peace, aligned within myself to navigate the next chapter. I noted all the information and was comforted with the wisdom and guidance.

Owl is still is a frequent flyer into my dreams to this day. We work together intimately as I help my clientele through my shamanic work. Owl spirit continues to be key for my life’s evolution in changing and resetting my inner relationship with self in order to cultivate a solid, healthy and clear foundation of supporting myself. I consciously choose to navigate outer relationship dynamics into healthy ones. And I choose to let go of those dynamics that are unhealthy and pull me down or distract me.

A spiritual development journey is not for the faint of heart and will call you to task. You will be called to see, hear, feel and discern the truths hidden in the underworld realms and in the blind spots of your lives. Owl will guide you to the place of becoming and owning who you truly came to be as you learn to cultivate your inner personal power center and soul’s truths.

Your inner landscape of your lower self will be a place of beauty, calm, love and wisdom if you choose to follow the call of the owl.

If you would like support in your journey with Owl Medicine, I would be honored to hold sacred space for you.

Megwetch Beloveds,
Michele’ Keehn 



Michele Keehn is a Spiritual (Soul) Energy Healer and Shaman at Infiniti Trails 4 Healing, specializing in holistic medicines and modalities, and in ceremonies and journeys. She has made it her life’s mission and legacy to teach the importance of self-love and how it impacts the healing of ancestral lineages. Contact her at 780-217-8146, infiniti-trails@html.com or go to www.infinitrails.ca for more information.


Shelby Willis’ artwork is inspired by her love for nature and her background in Ecology. She has always been drawn to animals and through a combination of color, mark making and energetic brush strokes, she aims to capture and showcase their spiritual qualities. Contact her at www.shelbywillis.ca, Instagram: @shelbzwillisart, Facebook: Shelby Willis Art or shelbshelbywillisart@gmail

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