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Open to Your Receptive Side

by Dana da Ponte ~

Spirit operates in that beautiful, receptive space where you’re willing to let go, play, surrender and receive but I live in a culture that has taught me to rely almost exclusively on logic and my rational mind. The problem with this is my rational mind will often suppress, reject or dismiss my receptive nature.

My rational mind is sometimes a bully. She likes to see things in black and white. She doesn’t often pay attention to the subtleties and nuances and can easily disregard my Spirit, my imagination and my heart longings.

My creative mind and receptive nature, on the other hand, is silently strong.

She doesn’t feel the need to force me to do anything. She is the keeper of my dreams and she believes in signs and symbols. She speaks the language of emotions and uses creativity to express her inner wisdom. She is not afraid to make decisions based on her intuition because she knows she is connected to the source of all life.

When I allow my rational mind to overpower my creative nature, I dismiss my dreams as nonsense. I judge myself as being too sensitive and insist I don’t have valid reasons for feeling the way I do.

This is not to suggest that I should value one side over another. Valuing one side over the other isn’t the answer but in order to remain open to Spirit and operate my life in a way that makes room for magic, I do have to understand when to make decisions with my rational mind and when to let go and allow my intuition or my creativity to take the lead.

My rational mind prefers to stay on the surface of things. Only my intuitive, receptive and creative nature knows how to dig deeper and move inward.

Without her, I would forever focus on goal after laborious goal in hopes that the changes I’m after will finally lead to happiness. My intuitive wisdom gently points me in another direction – inward toward the source of authentic happiness.

From there, my rational mind can take over and do the doing that needs to be done in this world. But instead of my actions being rooted in the desire to be different, everything I do becomes motivated by my Spirit and my heart.

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How my rational mind and intuitive nature approaches issues I struggle with demonstrates just how different each side is.

For example, over the years I noticed when it comes to my health, my rational mind is action-oriented and concerned only with results. My rational mind will think things like, “It doesn’t matter why you struggle. It only matters that you WILL yourself to be better. Now just do it!”

My intuitive side digs a little deeper and wonders, “What is the true cause of this problem?”

When I allow her to lead the way, the journey becomes as important as the destination. The wise woman within asks, “Do you want to change because you think you are flawed and can’t possibly be okay with the way you are right now? Is this helpful?”

My intuitive wisdom asks me to let go of my need to fix the ‘problem’.

Instead, she encourages me to approach my struggles with kindness and use them as an opportunity to get to know myself better. Her soft, gentle approach lets me know she loves me just the way I am and nothing I do will ever make me better for in her eyes, I am perfect. I am flawless. Then she reminds me that when I see what she sees, the changes I want will come effortlessly. They will happen naturally. I don’t have to force myself to be different. I just have to invite who I really am to show up more in my life.

When I love myself deeply and completely, my actions will naturally be rooted from a desire to take care of myself.

Being the unconditionally loving, ever-understanding source of wisdom that she is, my creative, receptive, intuitive self will never force my rational mind to step aside. She would never usurp power. It just isn’t her way.

She is still and silent and prefers to just simply be. She waits patiently for me to let go of control. She waits until I am ready to trust Spirit and myself. I can dismiss her, suppress her and try to control her and still she will love me and wait until I am ready to work with her.

Then, when I am ready, she will help transform the cause of my suffering.

Without her, I might get the physical results I want in my life but I wouldn’t be inherently different and the root cause of my struggles would still exist.

If you’d like to play with your intuitive side, try this Spirit Art exercise.

Spirit Art Exercise:

On a page in your art journal, draw a circle.

Ask your spirit guides or angels to be with you and guide your movements.

Close your eyes then start moving your pencil along the page in swirls and scribbles. Your lines don’t have to stay in the circle. Simply relax, let go and focus on feeling the movement of the pencil on the page. Imagine your pencil is dancing all over the page.

Art - May 10, 2021 - Scribble

When you are done, open your eyes and study the shapes and lines that are inside your circle. Allow your imagination to see objects, scenes or images in the lines you created. What do you see?

Make note of all the things you see in the scribbles.

Next, spend some time being curious and writing about each object, scene or image you listed. Why do you think that particular object, scene or image revealed itself? What message do you think Spirit wants to share with you by revealing that object, scene or image?

When I completed this Spirit Art Exercise, images and scenes truly did reveal themselves in my scribbles. I saw a woman crouched over in pain, a mother reading a story to her son, a kite flying in a park I used to visit long ago, two people absorbed in an intimate conversation, a religious woman dancing and a fish in an hourglass. Sitting down to write about them I felt comforted by the memories the images evoked and it seemed as if Spirit was reminding me to slow down and remember how important spending quality time with my loved ones is to me.

The fish in the hourglass is the most interesting symbol to me. Fish have been known to be a symbol of the moon and water and the fact it was part of the hourglass makes me think Spirit is asking me to pay close attention to the lunar cycle – especially in terms of planning quality time with my loved ones. I pay close attention to the lunar cycle in my work but I definitely could extend that magic into my personal life more often.



Dana da Ponte is a professional intuitive, artist and certified MAP Practitioner. She helps empaths and highly sensitive people manage anxiety, overwhelm and negative thinking so they can break free of self-sabotaging patterns and claim the intuitive and creative powers that come with their sensitivities. You can visit her online at and sign up to get her free moon pages delivered to your inbox every full and new moon or join her free community Art Journaling with the Moon for Intuitive Healing