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My Life as a Medium

by Irene Martina ~

My first experience with the “other side” began in a sandbox when I was four and a half years old.

My grandfather was on a ladder fixing his roof, while babysitting my sister and I as we played in the sandbox.   Grandpa had a very mean rooster that frequently jumped on my head creating in me a terror of live fowl that thrives to this day.

As we calmly played, I heard a strange voice, very clear and firm, yell: “Cover your eyes!”  At the same moment that I responded, the rooster landed on my head and immediately began pecking at my hands which were covering my eyes.

I remember screaming as loud as I could and then hearing a loud crash.  All the while, my three year old sister was in the sandbox slapping away at the rooster and yelling for grandpa to help us.  A minute later, the rooster flew away and as I looked up at the house, I saw a tall Native American Indian looking down at my grandfather who had fallen off the roof. 

I was stunned, not only by my grandfather lying so still, but by the fact that I could see right through the Native American Indian! I stared at him and he said: “Go get help!  Your grandfather has broken his neck.”  And so it began!

Since that day “Red Cloud” (my Native American Indian guide) has been around me – not as powerfully as that day, but whenever I’ve been in trouble he has always been there. I was frightened of him at first but soon it became natural for me to have him around.

Realizing that I had a special gift, my mother, who had very strong intuitive powers of her own, taught me to use my intuition and read cards when I was only eight years old.

After doing readings as a sideline for 36 years, I became a full-time medium in 2000. When my sister died in 1995, I saw spirits at her funeral and in the very first reading that I did after her death, a male spirit spoke to me. I was a little uncertain what to do but when I told my client what he said, I could see a peace come over her. The spirit (who was her brother) told me that he had committed suicide and he explained why he had done it. She took comfort in the information that I gave her and in the knowledge that he was alright.

That was the first time I saw or heard a spirit that wanted to give me a message for someone else and not for me personally (which was previously the case). The door for me becoming a medium had opened.

A medium is a person who can connect with the spirits of persons who have passed away. Personally I receive messages through words, smells, sounds, pictures and sometimes I actually see them.

As a medium, I have made it my personal goal that I give the client irrefutable evidence that the spirit really is their loved one by telling him/her something that is unique and relevant only to them.  Many times I am able to give the client the exact name of the visiting spirit which is, of course, the best proof of all.

People come to me as a medium for a number of reasons.  Many want to find peace of mind and learn if their loved ones are okay. I also think they want to validate that there is life after death for their own personal journey someday. Sometimes they want to contact the spirit due to unfinished business they want to clear up and they don’t have any other way to do it.

Ka Pow © Chris Riley

Through my abilities as a medium I have solved murders, one of them being 20 years old. I have also found Wills and missing objects that families are looking for. I have even saved some heirs thousands of dollars when I discovered a fraud that was taking place in the distribution of their loved one’s estate!

I have had the opportunity to give several unusual readings but the following is perhaps my most remarkable. A couple came to communicate with the husband’s brother who had recently passed away. I picked up that it was an industrial accident and proceeded to give them all the accurate details. At the end of the reading I asked them who had referred them to me. They said the deceased person had. I said that I did not remember knowing him. My client laughed and said his brother didn’t know me and would never have gone to a reader.

I was puzzled and then the client explained that two nights after he died, his brother came to him in a dream and said: “Go see Irene Martina.” My client said he woke up and wrote my name down. The next day the man was surprised to find me on the internet and even more stunned to find out that I lived in Edmonton too. I know that spirit communication can and does work both ways, but, to date, he is the only “spirit referral” I have had!

Contrary to some people’s perceptions, mediums can only connect with those spirits who come to the reading of their own volition.  The more open the client, the more probable it will be that they will have a visitation. Some clients will come in with high expectations of specifically wanting to “just talk to Dad or Mom” and yet four other relatives will come through instead.

Often the spirits that come through have unfinished business with the client or with other family members, and because this is their only opportunity to communicate, they can override other spirits. If a client is open, the energy flows better and more spirits show up making it easier to give a good reading. I have discovered that spirits have a very short attention span so my receptive skills have to be very fast.

I have learned that the energy of every spirit on the other side is different from every other, just as people are different from one another here on Earth. I have found, from the reactions of my clients, that personalities do not change once the spirit has gone to the other side. 

Last fall I attended Doreen Virtue’s Mediumship Course in California.  Doreen Virtue is a well-respected angel therapy teacher and medium who has been teaching in this field for years. I was thrilled on the last day when Doreen confirmed my skills as a medium by saying “Irene, you really have a gift. You truly do.”

I am very grateful for the work that I do and always mindful that God has given me this gift, which is only mine for as long as I use it for the good of all who seek my help.


AUTHOR: Irene Martina’s journey as a clairvoyant and medium allowed her to touch thousands of lives with positive, inspirational and accurate messages. She believed that everyone we meet is a miracle of the moment and that we are given the opportunity to touch a life with our wisdom, to give a healing with our smiles, and to show love with a simple touch of our hand. She passed away on February 5, 2019.

ARTIST: Detail of KaPow © Chris Riley. Alberta artist, Chris Riley, offers an eclectic mix of vibrant textured works ranging from small to very large. She studies the works of the great masters, post impressionists and 20th century contemporary artists. She is a self taught artist from the NWT and is a member of Federation of Canadian Artists and the Night of Artists. www.rileyart.com

NOTE: This article was first published in February 2006 in © Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine. This information is for educational purposes only and is intended to supplement your current health program, not to replace the care of a licensed medical doctor.

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