Fairies 2 - Crystal Driedger

Make a Wish List

by Connie Brisson ~

I was in my early 20’s when I had my first big “spiritual” self-awareness teaching.

When a boyfriend explained to me how “we created our own realities,” I instantly knew it was a spiritual truth. I had already noticed that when I consistently thought or daydreamed about something, it happened afterwards – whether good or bad. While the information should have been liberating, and was (sort of), at the time I was so vulnerable and confused, that it just really screwed me up for a very long time. In fact, this knowledge cast me in cement for years.

Then about 10 years later, I was working in Lloydminster when I met one of my best friends ever, Debbie, who introduced me to Louise Hay and her book: You Can Heal Your Life (Hay House, 1984).

It was through reading Louise’s book that I began to understand so many things that had scared me or confused me before about this “Law of Attraction” world we live in. One of the many things I learned from her book was to quit dwelling on what was wrong with my life and to start to create new patterns – in the form of lists of what I wanted in my new life.

I was almost 30 years old at that point and still alone. And so, one night, in my little apartment, I got into bed and decided that I was going to try what Louise was saying. I sat there and (with great hope) wrote out a long list of qualities I wanted in a husband – not just a lover or a partner. I wanted a “husband” and I wanted a husband with certain traits. I wrote them all down, one by one. I think there were close to 30 things.

I remember asking for someone that would love me so much (and make me feel so safe) that I could just fly, following any dream I wanted. I even said that I wanted to live somewhere overseas.

I’m not lying when I tell you that it was within the next month that I connected with Marcel (although we had worked together for over a year) and all these years later, I can’t believe how perfect he’s been for me. In fact, within the first year we were married, we lived in Saudi Arabia for over a year, which was one of the things I asked for.

I’ve actually thought about my “husband wish list” many times over the last 22 years that we’ve been married. I’ve marveled over its efficiency and have thanked the Universe many, many times for Marcel Brisson. He was everything I’d asked for and MORE (it’s taken me many years to fully appreciate the “more” – but clearly the Universe knew exactly what I needed).  I’m so humbly thankful for him.

Recently, I came upon another list I had made (one that I had totally forgotten about) which made me remember the power of wishing. I was clearing up a lot of old paperwork I have in a cabinet when I came upon a paper in which I listed all the things I wanted in a piece of land we were trying to find many years ago.

We had been trying to find a little private piece of land for a long time, about three or four years. We had gone through realtor after realtor, year after year, and were taken to land all over the place, even to sites next to land dumps (not good Feng Shui at all). I was so discouraged. I prayed about it. I even went to a few psychics about it.

So one day, although I do not remember this, I wrote a list of ALL the things I wanted on our special piece of land. When I found it the other day and read it (now, over five years after we bought our land) it instantly brought tears to my eyes. I had listed about 20 different things I wanted on the land… which had all come true.

Do wish lists work? Yes, although perhaps not always immediately. But the power of a list is that you’ve got all your focused energy working towards one goal. Then, the Universe starts working for you.

Decide what you want. Think, and then feel, as much as you can about whatever it is that you want. Then write a very detailed list – only positive things. Never write what you want in a negative term. (Example: I want trees on my land. As opposed to: I do not want land that does not have trees.) Then, allow your wish to go off into the Universe and let it rest there – do not worry about it, or revisit it (which could bring in self-doubt). Just let it be. Have faith.

When I completed journalism, and was so disappointed with working at newspapers, I used to WISH, WISH, WISH that I could work for a magazine where I could write articles that could change people’s lives.

Does wishing work? Yes, you’re reading the proof right now…


AUTHOR: Connie Brisson is the publisher and editor of Mosaic Mind, Body & Spirit Magazine since 2004. From a simple newsprint, the magazine grew into a beautiful full color, gloss magazine (with 30,000 copies distributed every quarter) in Alberta, Canada until the end of 2018. It’s now evolved into an online magazine to help people heal, transform and live their best lives. www.mosaicmagazine.ca

ARTIST: Detail of Fairies 2 © Crystal Driedger. Crystal ‘s original acrylic and oil paintings feature vibrant colours, enchanting textures and whimsical shapes. Her work is varied and vast, from murals to tiny realism in coloured pencil, from enamel pins to large scale paintings of cows. Crystal’s studio is in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada where she works full-time as an artist and illustrator. https://www.crystaldriedger.com/

NOTE: This article was first published in Autumn 2015 in © Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine. This information is for educational purposes only and is intended to supplement your current health program, not to replace the care of a licensed medical doctor.