Soul Work With Jeni


Jeni Cousins is an international known clairvoyant, an esoteric spiritual teacher, counsellor, past life Akashic reader, intuitive life coach and medium. She has been called a “profound healer.”

Jeni’s spiritual work comes from the Holy Spirit and Christ Consciousness. Her readings and esoteric teachings provide you with clarity on all issues in your life, including past life karmic issues that need to be resolved in order for you to move forward. If you do not resolve issues, they will follow you and you will not ever clear it. Jeni reads into your soul’s level of consciousness to help guide you in all areas in your life weather, its relationships, business, health, family, etc.

Jeni also holds her Level 1 degree in Pranic Healing. Jeni hosts and produces her own TV show in Calgary at Shaw TV called “Soul Work” (live weekly on the Shaw TV Access Network Channel 10). Jeni books guests who are spiritually based on all levels and interviews them, then takes calls from the viewers to answer their questions whether it’s a question on a reading or a question on spirituality, etc. Her work and reputation has given her the opportunity to be a part of other radio and TV shows such as “Wolf Spirit Radio” from Las Vegas Nevada and a TV show called “Conscious Evolution Media” on the Spiritual Evolution Channel from Denver Colorado. She is currently working with other media projects soon to be announced.

Calgary, Alberta