Kairos Therapy


Joy Brockhoff is a Certified Kairos Practitioner offering sessions in Calgary, Alberta.  Kairos Therapy is a body-centered emotional healing therapy.  Kairos supports the client to complete and release painful emotion so they feel more like their authentic Self.

The main aim of Kairos is emotional healing. Kairos therapy is a specific form of hands-on emotional and physical healing, that uses the chi (energy) flowing between the practitioner hands to gently release blockages held in the energetic bio-field of your/client body.

These energy blockages can arise as a result of physical injury, tension, trauma or emotional hurt and they can cause limitations in life.  As well as causing emotional limitations, these blockages can also diminish the functioning of physical parts of your body – gradually giving rise to health problems.

As trapped emotional pain is released you may notice the way you view yourself, the way you behave in certain situations and your patterns of interacting with others, all automatically shifting and changing without conscious effort.

Calgary, Alberta
Phone: 403-282-7733
Email: joyfull@telusplanet.net
Web: www.kairostherapy.com