Infiniti Trails 4 Healing


Michele Keehn is a Shaman, a Spiritual (Soul) Energy Healer, Massage Practitioner, Sound and Vibrational Wellness Practitioner, Equine Healing Facilitator  / Equine Partnership Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner and Level 5 Advanced Proficiency HTA (Healing Touch For Animals) and Healing Touch for Humans Practitioner and Owner of Infiniti Trails Equine Boarding Facility.

Following several intense life altering events Michele turned to Equine Facilitated Healing after personally experiencing the power and depth of her horses healing powers. The only release she had was an escape to her barn with her horses in the late evenings. While doing so, Michele’s horses started to facilitate healing sessions on her, helping to release trapped emotions, fears and physical pain. Their healing process resonated deeply, always leaving her feeling aligned, cleared, balanced and refreshed, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. After each session they guided Michele to send healing energy for them, like an energetic exchange with each other.

Learn to co-create alignment in your human and horse relationship through building trust, acceptance and  communication. In these equine partnership healing sessions, we work with both horse and human to clear the root issues and energetic blockages to keep the energy systems open and flowing in both. Tracking for origin issues that may be causing you from reaching your goals and visions with your equine partner.

Infiniti Trails 4 Healing is your personal get away for all things of natural wellness. Our beautiful space has been cultivated to create a sense of serenity with Source, perfect for letting go of that which no longer serves us. With a diverse array of healing and wellness offerings ranging from Shamanic Medicine and Equine Therapy to Massage, we have something for everyone.

Morinville, Alberta
Phone: 780-217-8146