Health Zinergy


Welcome to Health Zinergy. We believe your well-being is a priority that we can provide a holistic approach for.

We offer colon hydrotherapy, vaginal steam, Tibetan foot soak and other detoxification services including massage therapy.

We are the first in Edmonton to offer a holistic herbal treatment for women’s reproductive health known as V-Steaming (vagina or Yoni steaming), which assists with painful periods, cysts, endometriosis, post-partum care, unexplained infertility, menopausal dryness, hot flashes, balancing hormones, etc.

Because we are all different we require different means of supplementation and different means of detoxification. This is why we emphasize the importance of booking an initial consultation, so that we can get a complete assessment of your health concerns.  Once we do that we can develop a “detoxification” program tailor-made for you.

We also provide supplements that support the therapies that we offer and probiotics that can help support your unique anatomy and wellness needs. When it comes to ensuring women’s health, there’s nothing quite as powerful as a balanced microbiome.

10235 – 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta
Phone: 780-802-5955