Four Point Healing


Maggie is a Registered Nurse and has 40+ years of equine and healing arts experience. She offers “Healing With Horse” workshops, retreats and individual sessions at their ranch, Four Point Healing, one hour east of Edmonton.

Equine Facilitated Learning is an experiential activity with the focus on ground activities with horses. The Horse as a teacher looks deep into a person’s soul inviting one to join in an intimate heart connection. This equine relationship opens the door to a deeper connection with one’s self.  Through the amazing insights revealed, personal transformation and balance of body, mind, emotions and spirit is attained.

Horses provide a sacred space of infinite possibilities. They foster a partnership to travel inward by slowing your mind down to create a space to listen and hear heartfelt messages from the universe. Horses have the capacity to move energy, as their consciousness is greater than humans. This creates a sacred space for expanding the human energetic field. Horses are very connected and grounded to Mother Earth’s energy and vibrational frequencies. These qualities (combined with their adaptive nature) provide a supportive nonjudgmental bridge between the natural and divine worlds.

The Equine Coaching & Experiential Programs offered at the Four Point Healing ranch are holistic sessions that assist you in understanding and finding your core authentic self through exploring the energies of horse and nature.

Mundare, Alberta
Phone: 780-720-6795