Elaine Jessica


Elaine Is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Medium, Astrologer, Meditation Teacher and Sixth Sensory Practitioner.  

Her full time passion is helping people in all aspects of their spiritual journey.  She is dedicated to her own personal growth and has embarked on certifications working with spiritual teachers and considers herself forever a student.  Being in service and doing what truly sings to her heart is her reward. 

Elaine’s early education in urban land economics and building construction served her well until that point where becoming her truth was no longer an option.   Her connection to the Divine has always guided her and it expanded exponentially when she surrendered to the call.  She helps people see themselves in their true light, pointing them in the direction of their authentic selves . 

We all have a journey that’s unique to each of us mirroring the beauty of life’s varied experiences.  The foundation of energy work, along with the principles of the Laws of the Universe and  sacred practices like astrology allow Elaine to formulate her unique service creating  personal and intimate sessions to assist people in making life choices that help to create their best life.   Through validation and witnessing we find an understanding about what leads us to limiting beliefs, the cycles of grief and challenges that create inertia which often leave us feeling stuck.  These are the experiences of life that drives Elaine’s compassionate service.

Phone: 780-903-8948
Email: elaine@elainejessica.com
Web: www.elainejessica.com