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Curtis Lall specializes in reiki, animal reiki, distance reiki, reiki drumming, soul retrieval, shamanic and dreamwork, integrated energy therapy, space clearing (home and business), hospital visits, classes and more.

Curtis was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta and worked throughout the country in his career as a welder and has a true love and connection for the land and the healing it has to offer. Life circumstances led him to Reiki and Shamanic work and he loves and honors the power it has. His technique is unique and he incorporates several worldly spiritual philosophies and methods, all accessed through his intuition and his intention.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is a transmission of universal energy that is there to help you. Reiki is, therefore, spiritually guided life force energy. This universal life energy’s purpose is to heal.

Healing entails overcoming emotional, physical and spiritual pain. Reiki passes through the practitioner’s hands (conduit) and into the person. This allows you to start healing yourself. Remember with your intentions you are ultimately healing yourself. The end result may be a higher feeling of well-being and feeling supported in your life as your chakras balance and your mind calms. The use of crystals or drumming may the used depending on what your body needs. It is all an intuitive process.

Shamanism is a practice where the practitioner goes into an altered state of consciousness to interact in the spirit world. The practitioner works to target the spiritual aspect of illness and disease. Shamanic workers call on helping spirits to “HEAL” people by restoring there spiritual power. Shamanic workers are said to treat and mend the soul by helping ailments/illness and alleviating traumas affecting the soul and spirit.

Phone: 780.655-3721
Edmonton, Alberta