Law of Stillness

Universal Law of Stillness

by Lara Solara, Dana da Ponte & Marlene Chapman ~

Law of Stillness

The Universal LAW of STILLNESS states that, in its unexpressed state the consciously intelligent essence that permeates all life is still and static.

The individual mind can harmonize with the infinite mind by entering this still and static state. In this state you are receptive to inspiration, intuition and spontaneous problem-solving. Thought is naturally active and dynamic, but a mind constantly busy with thought creates tension and disharmony.

The most powerful creative state is a relaxed state. You experience stillness when you are feeling relaxed. In order to feel utterly relaxed, you must be in a state of complete trust and surrender.

Stillness also enables you to observe what you are thinking. As an observer, you can pick and choose what you want to think about and how you want to feel. When you are still, you are simply being.

The message of this law is to quiet your mind, relax and let go. Slow down, unwind and practice non-doing. Learn how to observe and govern your thoughts by practicing the art of stillness.

How to Harmonize with this Oracle Card’s Law:

Practice the art of stillness in your body and eventually you will experience it in your mind.

Choose a comfortable place to sit. Keep your body perfectly still for 15 to 20 minutes. Allow your thoughts to roam, but do not allow any part of your body to move. Do this in a relaxed state. Observe how easy or difficult this is for you.

Continue to practice until you master it.


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This deck was created by Lara Solara, Dana DaPonte and Marlene Chapman.  These soul sisters have been on the quest of self-realization and awakening for as long as they can remember.  This quest has led them through many adventures together.  They began their journey together as business partners in 2002 when they opened the first soul spa in western Canada.  There they created and taught a popular manifestation course that became the foundational concept from which these cards originated.  They believe that the more people that awaken and become conscious creators, the sooner the planet will experience a more peaceful and loving reality.  Visit the authors’ websites at

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