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Universal Law of Intensity

by Lara Solara, Dana da Ponte & Marlene Chapman ~

law of intensity

The LAW of INTENSITY states that since thoughts are fueled by emotions, the stronger you feel about a thought, the more power you give it.

You focus the power of your mind through concentration and attention, and you focus the power of your energy through your feelings.

Emotion is energy in motion; consequently, the stronger, deeper and more passionate you feel about something, the more energy you are giving it.  The power of intensity works regardless of the destructive or constructive nature of the emotion.

Focus on strengthening the feelings that correspond with what you desire to create.  Intensify the feelings of enthusiasm, faith, gratitude and healthy desire.

This law teaches that energy builds – it gains momentum and strength – when it is held within and is not spoken about unnecessarily.  The inner world of thoughts and feelings is internal for a reason.  While you are in the creative process, you intensify this energy by keeping your ideas, desires and vision private.

Hold your vision internally and live in alignment with it instead of talking about it. 

This card is telling you that the energy of your vision is intensifying.  Your ideas and thoughts are building inside of you and are being prepared by the Universe for manifestation.

How to Harmonize with this Oracle Card’s Law:

Practice using the Law of Intensity by doing good deeds and keeping them a secret.  Notice how good feelings grow inside you when you keep this generosity private.


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This deck was created by Lara Solara, Dana DaPonte and Marlene Chapman.  These soul sisters have been on the quest of self-realization and awakening for as long as they can remember.  This quest has led them through many adventures together.  They began their journey together as business partners in 2002 when they opened the first soul spa in western Canada.  There they created and taught a popular manifestation course that became the foundational concept from which these cards originated.  They believe that the more people that awaken and become conscious creators, the sooner the planet will experience a more peaceful and loving reality.  Visit the authors’ websites at

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