Spirit Art - March 29, 2021 - 2000

Journey From Dark to Light

by Dana da Ponte ~

The bees have survived the cold winter months. They lived off the honey they stored from last summer. As they emerge from the hives, they are in search of more food so they are on the lookout for the first sources of pollen. Within weeks the hive will grow quickly because the Queen is busy mating and laying eggs.

The trees are getting signals from Mother Nature that they no longer have to be dormant and their internal sap transporting systems are waking up and flowing again. Sugars and starches that were stored in their roots during the summer and fall are travelling up the tree so the buds on the branches will get what they need to birth the first green leaves of the season.

After spending the winter buried under mud or surrounded by molding leaf litter, the frogs are ready to come out too but they can’t risk coming out too early. They will emerge when the puddles no longer freeze.

When they do come out, the males will start singing and the romantic sounds will set the life cycle in motion once again. Eggs will be submerged at the bottom of ponds and families will grow where it’s warm and safe.

The squirrels, on the other hand, are busy trying to find food. Early spring is the worst time of year for them to hunt and gather.  The nuts they buried in the fall are now sprouting so they can’t eat those and because other food sources are still in the process of growing and blooming, not much else is available. All that’s left for them is mainly tree buds, fungi and cones but they are scampering up and down trees doing their best.

Spirit Art - March 29, 2021

We are always cycling through the seasons; spring to summer then fall to winter and back again to spring where it all begins again – at least that’s what it is like in the Northern Hemisphere.

This cycling through seasons is helpful to notice and come into relationship with because it helps you understand your internal seasons as well.

In your inner world, like the seeds pushing out of the earth, spring brings this energy of rebirth. You are leaving the darkness and being born into the light again – hopefully being new and different in some way.

Where did your spiritual lessons take you this winter? What emotional or spiritual darkness did you experience? Are you finding your way back to the light?

Explore your sacred journey from dark to light with this week’s spiritual art exercise.

Spirit Art Exercise:

Draw, paint or collage something that reminds you of death, completion or endings.

Add in imagery that makes you think of birth, rebirth or beginnings.

Life cannot be celebrated without death and the light needs the dark to shine. You are both winter and spring.

There are parts about yourself you will always love and there are other parts you’ll be afraid of or feel ashamed of but all the parts are YOU. If you see beauty only in the light, you will forever miss how deeply magnificent you are.



Dana da Ponte is a professional intuitive, artist and certified MAP Practitioner. She helps empaths and highly sensitive people manage anxiety, overwhelm and negative thinking so they can break free of self-sabotaging patterns and claim the intuitive and creative powers that come with their sensitivities. You can visit her online at danadaponte.com and sign up to get her free moon pages delivered to your inbox every full and new moon or join her free community Art Journaling with the Moon for Intuitive Healing