Celestial Cycles

by Chris McRae
What’s in the stars this week? Our cosmos, with its kaleidoscope of complex influences, directly affects your life…

The dawn of a new awareness can brighten the day.  We must learn a new appreciation and consideration for each other.  A smile sends rays of warmth.

As we slide into August, little is changing.  We are still locked into the Saturn/Pluto combination that has been shifting and changing the structure of our familiar patterns.  We have now come to the realization that we must find a new path, a new reality, or just new ways to do everyday functioning.

The slight motion of the hard-working Saturn towards scientific Aquarius gave us some hope that help is on the way with experimental vaccines, but it is not yet ready to accelerate so we must continue to protect ourselves from the unseen enemy of bacteria. Already we see another enemy lurking in the shadows, that of greed and stock piling.  It is the toilet paper story all over again but with vaccine.  Saturn retrograded backed into Capricorn where it will stay until December.  The new year will see much more progress.

For some it is easier than others to make present adjustments.  As a consultant, all I had to do was just to switch from the private and intimate personal appointments in my cozy office, to time together electronically on zoom.  I have also been learning to teach classes on line.  The next was getting groceries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and grooming with as little exposure as possible.

I have many clients who have had to go to their regular job function but wearing a mask, perhaps gloves, and social distancing.  Many others are able to continue their regular job at home on a computer. For many there is considerable income loss, waiting to see if their job will return.    For others they are less concerned.  I have a client who just got married and adjusted to a smaller guest list.  We learn to find ways. We have developed a different awareness with more spaces between us.  Hugs have been replace by big wide smiles that tell others that we appreciate their presence in our lives.

The Full Moon on August 3rd in humanistic, individualistic Aquarius will help us focus on our future and on what we would like to accomplish.  It is a good time to explore and express our individuality. It is in a challenging close square to unexpected Uranus in financial Taurus so it is important to curb expenses, cut corners where we can, and not go out on a shopping spree.  Be a good Samaritan where others may need a little help. I had a friend who was coming to my door to drop something off in my mail box.  He brought me a carton of 6 large water because he knows I am confined.  How nice!

Mars, the dashing energy planet is in its own sign of Aries, but slowing down.  That makes it a bit dangerous as it squares Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for the whole month.  We need to slow down, drive with care, and avoid rush hour traffic if possible.  If you feel frustrated, work it out with a little extra exercise.

The New Moon on August 18th is in bold, fiery and dashing Leo.  Be expressive and creative. Bring the Sun into your personality and self-expression.  It will form a very creative trine aspect to the above mentioned energetic Mars so try something you have never tried before.  It can even inspire love.

This forecast is a little more personal than usual, but we are all in this together.  We are under the same sky but with different lives.

Chris McRae

Chris McRae, ISAR.CAP, NCGR.PAA, PMAFA, is an internationally certified professional astrologer as a consultant, teacher, author and lecturer, with over 50 years experience.  Founder of the Edmonton Astrological Society, retired Vice-President of the International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR), now honored Emeritus.   If you would like an update on your own personal chart or a personal consultation by phone, call Chris at 780-469-2974 or Skype or email her at cmcrae7@uniserve.com