by Skye MacLachlan ~

Are you looking for a fun way to access your intuition or get guidance? Are you open to eating a little chocolate while you do it?

Then the Kinder Surprise egg is the right oracle for you!

Kinder Surprise eggs (Kinder Eggs) are those chocolate treats that you put in your kids’ Easter baskets (but are available all year round in the same section as chocolate bars).

You crack open a thin chocolate shell to discover an orange and yellow plastic egg inside. Inside that plastic egg is a miniature toy that you put together yourself. It comes with a little sheet with instructions on how to assemble the toy on one side and a picture of the completed toy on the other side. There are a huge variety of toys, perhaps hundreds, and they are always introducing new toys.

There are all kinds of ways we can access our intuition but a lighthearted, playful approach such as Kinder Eggs can often provide the best results. When we try too hard it can actually block our intuitive receptors, leaving us frustrated and unclear.

I’ve had fun with these eggs for so long now that I don’t actually remember the first time I consulted the Kinder Egg oracles. Today I use them often with students, clients and of course, for myself. They are such a creative way to exercise your intuition and they affirm that guidance is everywhere – we just need to ask and listen.

One of my earliest memories of asking for Kinder Egg guidance was when I was wondering if I should buy a new red car. When I opened the egg I was shocked to see a miniature red car inside! Of course I bought the car and enjoyed years of problem free driving. When I asked about buying the home my husband and I live in, the egg hatched a miniature house.

My husband loves when he gets the little toy airplanes inside. They symbolize that some personal area of growth is ‘lifting off’ for him. He now owns a considerable fleet of Kinder Egg planes. Sometimes the guidance requires a bit more pondering but there is always an ‘ah ha’ moment when it all makes sense.

There are no hard and fast rules about how to consult the Kinder Egg oracles. First and most important, have a clear question in your mind and a playful spirit.

One client asked for guidance about losing weight. When she opened the egg her first thought was that it was a pineapple. As she had already been told that pineapples would help her with her weight loss (because of the enzymes) she felt this was a confirmation of that information. But as she took out all of the pieces of the toy she saw that the ‘pineapple’ was actually the head of a Frankenstein toy.

Of course, in the book, Frankenstein’s body was made up of parts of different people – disassociated parts. She thought this was a message that she had parts of her that she disassociated with because she didn’t like how they looked. She felt the message here for her was that change in her weight would not occur until she could accept herself in her totality, good parts and ‘bad’ parts.

Also, interestingly enough, she knew that Mary Shelly (the author of Frankenstein) got the idea for Frankenstein and her book from a dream. This led my client to think that she should also watch her dreams for helpful clues to her weight loss. All this insight from one Kinder Egg!

The next step is to choose your egg and there are a number of ways to do this. I repeat my question over and over to myself and when I look at the eggs, I pick the one that seems to jump out at me. My husband loves to shake the eggs and listen for the right one.

Some of my students feel the energy of the eggs by passing one hand above the eggs and then picking the one that feels right. When teaching a class, I ask the students to silently repeat a question to themselves as I spin the eggs. It’s a bit like spin the bottle. When the pointy end of the egg points at a certain student, that is their egg and it is the one that contains the answer to their question.

Your question can be very specific or as general as “guidance for me at this time” or “what do I need to know at this time?” But it is important to hold the question as a point of focus, asking it at least three times in your mind before you choose one.

If you are interested in helping your children develop their intuition, Kinder Eggs are a great place to start. Be sure to take some time to listen to any insights that your child has as they put together the toy. It’s important to hold an open and non-judgmental attitude. There’s no surer way to squash intuition than by ‘correcting’ an insight.

Here’s a few other insights that may apply when consulting the Kinder Eggs. Toys that are easy to put together often indicate what you have asked will manifest easily. Those that seem difficult to put together might indicate patience is needed or a process is unfolding which could require a few more steps.

Some of the toys are actually puzzles. This might reflect the need to look at all of the aspects of a situation … a need to put the pieces together.

Sometimes when the meaning eludes you it’s helpful to make up a story about the toy. Often the story itself will unfold the meaning of the toy. Also look again at the pictures/images on the back of the instruction sheet that comes with the Kinder Egg. Sometimes I’ve found some insightful information there.

When really stumped I’ve even slept with the Kinder Egg toy under my pillow, allowing my wise dream self to assist with the guidance.

Never doubt the transformative power of hatching your intuitive eggs and have fun doing it!

Skye has specialized in Feng Shui (for the home and business) and Tarot for over 30 years. She teaches Feng Shui, Tarot, Crystalline Gemstone Therapy and Dreamwork at the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies in Edmonton, AB., 780-447-3667 or email her at

ART: Detail of Ukrainian Madonna, © Iryna Karpenko. Iryna’s artwork is based on impressions from a mixture of different stories, songs and legends which surround our real and imagined, natural and cultural, historic and prehistoric lives. Her favorite art mediums are watercolor, acrylic, gouache, printmaking and art on glass.

NOTE: This article was first published in Autumn 2006 in © Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine. This information is for educational purposes only and is intended to supplement your current health program, not to replace the care of a licensed medical doctor.