by Skye MacLachlan ~

Pink Tourmaline has the ability to reinforce a protective shield around us that repels negative energy approaching from outside of one’s self.  It also shields us from electromagnetic radiation.

Mother-of-Pearl is derived from the lustrous, opalescent interior of the sea mollusk shell.  Just as a shell protects the tender creature that lives within it, mother-of-pearl encloses us in a loving shell of protection.  It can be compared to the uplifting sensation of being held and embraced by a mother’s love and is very comforting to wear.  The opalescent quality also acts as a mirror that repels negativity, keeping your auric field clear of external challenging influences.

Shungite is an ancient stone, believed to be one of the first carbon elements involved in the creation of our Earth.  It has an amazing capacity to neutralize electromagnetic radiation.  It can protect you personally and also shield an entire workplace or home environment.  It is by far the most powerful stone for this type of protection.

Certain gems have the capacity to shield us from evil energies, including evil spirits, curses and black magic.  The strongest of these are jet, tektite, black tourmaline and fire opal.  Black tourmaline is considered the most powerful of this category but unfortunately it can also provoke a healing crisis.  For this reason it should be switched with one of the three other gems every few days.  It’s also essential to meticulously cleanse these gems every evening as they won’t be effective if they become congested.  This includes the gems in your home/workplace, as well as those you wear.

Azurite-Malachite is very effective at protecting one’s home from negativity.  The ancients say that this gem is created when the Earth is experiencing some trauma, environmental assault or invasion.  In the same manner, it protects our home from trauma and invasion.  It is most effective when placed near the entrance of one’s home.

A bowl filled with a mixture of Australian brown zebra jasper and dalmation jasper tumbled stones, protects the home from negativity.  Like azurite-malachite, these two combined stones are also most effective when placed near the entrance to one’s home.

Aquamarine and kyanite are wonderful gems to protect one when traveling over water or even while swimming in the water.  The following gems are protective for land travel:  jet, yellow jasper, Australian brown zebra jasper, dalmation jasper and blue lace agate.  Moonstone covers all types of travel protection.

Amber is known to neutralize and ward off negativity, especially when one is experiencing intense life challenges.  Jet is also a gem that is most protective during times of difficulty, including depression and the dark night of the soul.

Red garnet (almandine, pyrope and grossular) protects one from the negativity of others and it simultaneously works to enhance one’s self-esteem.  For this reason it is an excellent choice for those who are being bullied.

Yellow sapphire has the ability to protect your body’s cells from the effects of solar radiation and electromagnetic radiation.

While it’s true that negative energies come from outside of us, it’s also true that we are damaged and depleted by negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. Sodalite is a powerful gemstone that actually cleanses our auric field of negative energy.  This energy might be derived from outer negativity or from within. Blue sapphire is an amazing gem that works to heal and neutralize the inner root cause of mental attacks and limiting beliefs that are damaging to all aspects of one’s self.

Remember that protective gemstones tend to absorb more negative energy due to the role they’re fulfilling.  This means it’s very important to cleanse and charge these gems every couple of days so they can work effectively on your behalf.

Skye has specialized in Feng Shui for the home and business for over 30 years.  She teaches Feng Shui, Tarot, Gemstones and Dreamwork at the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies in Edmonton,   Reach her at or call 780-447-3667.