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A Channeled Spirit message from the Akash:

by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~

Hope is a powerful force. It is not just a “good idea” or a feeling to notice when you already feel hopeful. Therefore, it is important to learn how to activate Hope.

Hope is an energetic force you can activate and expand to bring changes to your life and your experiences.

Being immersed in the energy of Hope allows you to find solutions, move forward and feel alive and confident.  When you are actively engaged with Hope you trust yourself, your surroundings, your experiences and the future.  Optimism, positive expectations, happiness and purpose go hand-in-hand with Hope.

What all that means is that when we are immersed in the energy of Hope, we are vibrant and alive!

girl hanging hearts

It is easy to look at the world, at this moment in time, and feel anything but Hope.  We all know that uncertainty, insecurity and lack of trust are predominant energies at this time.  In times like these it is easy to feel that all Hope has disappeared since the world is so topsy-turvy compared to what has been familiar.  We’ve been conditioned to feel a particular way relative to our outer environment and circumstances.

Now is the time to cultivate a deep sense of Hope… for yourself first, and then let that ripple out into the world. Allow your Hope to become contagious!  Now is the time to realize that you can feel Hope in spite of what is happening around you.  As you activate the energy of Hope in your own life, in your own little corner of the world, then you can share your energy with the world!

How You Can Activate Hope Now:

  • Focus on yourself and your life first and foremost.  Pay less attention to the “evidence” in the world around you.  Begin to discover anything to be hopeful for in your own life.
  • You’ve heard the saying: “Seek and Ye Shall Find” or “What you look for you will discover.”  If you wish to feel Hope, then look for anything to feel Hopeful about: flowers in the springtime, what you will be doing this weekend, a new project just around the corner, what you are learning about yourself, the ways in which you have overcome obstacles in your life, seeing your children/grandchildren grow and the glory of the sunrise or sunset.
  • Focus on the discovery of Hope in every single nook and cranny of your life, then consciously acknowledge the Hope you feel because of your discoveries. 
  • Talk about what you are hopeful about, share with others. Inspire Hope in those you love and care about.
  • Create a game with yourself and your loved ones as to how many connections you can make to Hope:  situations, experiences, people, etc.
  • Look for Hope in the world around you.  Who do you see who is acting from the energies of Hope:  optimism, purpose, creation and positive expectations? Acknowledge them and allow their Hope to uplift and inspire you.

Simply put, look for evidence that will inspire Hope within you.  The energy of Hope is what will help you ride the wave of uncertain times and instill the optimism for you living a victorious life.

You will find it come forth in the moment or as you move through your life.  Open to the truth that your Light is connected to all the wisdom and knowledge you require to successfully navigate your life.

Holly Hawkins Marwood

Holly is an International Akashic Records Instructor & Reader as well as a Conscious Channel for many Multi-Dimensional Guides. She is the co-founder of the Universal Sphere® as well as several Soul Activations brought through from these guides. She teaches and offers sessions internationally, online and locally in Northern California. Contact Holly at or    Learn more about Holly and her areas of expertise.