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Healing With Horses

by Horse Medicine Pathways ~

Horse Medicine Pathways (on Salt Spring Island, BC) offers experiential workshops bringing the natural gifts and sentience of horses together with people seeking to transcend life challenges and increase their feelings of well-being.

At Horse Medicine Pathways, magic is always afoot!

Horses are wise, compassionate and powerful teachers. Over thousands of years, they have evolved to be incredibly intuitive and masters at feeling and interpreting energy. They might not use words, but they communicate volumes through their expressive body language! And their behavior mirrors that of our own, which often comes as quite a surprise. We might find ourselves wondering:  “Am I really like that?” as we witness our horse partner behave in a way that we find less than positive.

Horses naturally bond and partner with humans. Highly sensitive to non-verbal communication and to human emotions, they reflect back what they receive from us, while holding a safe, non-judgmental space for mindfulness and healing.

For our equine friends, the only moment that matters is the present moment and they help us remember how to be grounded, yet alert, and how to shake off stress and come back to inner calm. When we make connections with horses, they increase our oxytocin levels (bonding) and lower our cortisol and blood pressure levels. Indeed, studies show that partnering with horses can reduce anxiety and depression.

In terms of helping humans heal, a horse’s heart has an electromagnetic field that is five times more powerful than that of a human, extending up to nine meters. As noted on the HeartMath Institute’s ( website: “Horses are also likely to have what science has identified as a ‘coherent’ heart rhythm (heart rate pattern) which explains why we may ‘feel better’ when we are around them…” They go on to say that a coherent heart pattern is a “robust measure of well-being and consistent with emotional states of calm and joy.” No wonder it feels so healing to be around horses!

“Equine assisted therapies have conducted studies, using HeartMath, showing horses assisting in healing humans. This occurs when a horse’s heart rhythm is strong enough to influence, like a magnet, the human’s heart rhythm, thus aid[ing] in regulating and calming neurochemistry within the brain.”

Horses are able to sense our emotional state, even when we may not know what we are feeling. And they will always demand our authenticity, recognizing when our behaviour is incongruent with what we are feeling. Magical and mysterious, horses offer us the possibility of transformation through deep heart connection and reflection.

We may be able to mask our feelings with other humans, but we will never be able to fool a horse!

Horse Medicine Pathways - Mosaic Magazine

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