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Goose Spirit Animal

by Michele Keehn  ~

The medicine of Goose, as a Spirit animal, is rich, abundant and deeply valued with vast teachings and lessons. I could not possibly get them all into one article.

From legacies to myths, the golden gems go on forever. The Norse Goddess Freya, Greek Goddess Aphrodite, French Queen Bertha, Germanic Earth Goddess of Berchta to Mother Goose, we are told stories of the sacredness of the bird to its eggs. From parenting to patron of children, to guardians of temples and farms, geese are the king and queen of sacred partnering in lifelong commitment pairings.  How could one not see, feel and resonate with the value, worth, respect and feel honor for the spirit of Goose and its medicines. 

Geese are the spirit and essence of boundaries, leadership, partnership and parenting.

Qualities of Goose

Both wild and domestic geese share many traits and behaviors. They are always focused, powerful, purposeful, direct, to the point, innovative and intelligent.  With clear goal oriented instinctual passion, they also remain fully balanced, anchored in being grounded and free with fluidity and flow. They are supportive, protective, respectful, committed, independent, yet interconnected to their flock community and environment, and the others that live within that environment.

Geese use their aligned, centered, authentic, balanced, body language as well as their communitive, easily vocalized feelings, to express their emotions with truth and authenticity. They confidently stand in their power and truth with no apology. They use pressure and release techniques on par.

Geese are resilient, fertile parents with immense fecundity. Animals like the geese pairs spend their dedicated energy in the high production of many offspring that do not require long term care and grow independent quickly.  Yet, they remain in lifelong committed partnerships to each other. They are pros at detachment and don’t get caught in unhealthy dynamics.  

Wild geese share leadership roles in their migratory flight paths, instinctually trading off being the leader and regularly allowing others members to lead (while the others rest and entrust being led). All members of the flock engage in a lot of communitive conversation to inspire the collective on their journey, while they travel together to their set destinations. How do you work with your team, family, spouse, community, country or the world? Can you lead when needed and step back and let others lead for a while, and let them shine and use their skills without interfering? And still be supportive when their strengths serve the better collective?

Geese’s social structure is similar to ours in that they have paired couples, family groups and are spread out in the community – while still holding onto their knowing that there is power and strength in numbers. They choose to collaborate together on their larger goals in migration, a collective plan. Geese offer us so much to learn from as team players (skills, roles, vocalization, expression, communication, support, honor, worth, unity), united as one for the betterment of all, with healthy boundaries and respect.

They are great teachers of the power and subtleness of body language, awakening us from unconsciousness to consciousness, of and for each other. Geese are the kings and queens of parenting and partnering in my books.

Goose Medicine © Shelby Willis     

I will expand my views on “being the invitation to partner” by sharing a story first about my geese. Gertrude and Gomer first came to my farm as gosling babies. Gomer (the male) had an accident when he was young; he caught his leg in a wooden sidewalk and twisted it. I got him out and offered healing but it did not mend fully aligned. He was unable to breed with his mate Gertrude because of the leg injury.

Gertrude remained faithful to her mate and would not allow the other geese to mate with her. She never had fertile eggs to hatch out. But this did not keep her from her innate instincts to mother and grandparent all the offspring of the ducks, geese and a few chicks on the farm. Whenever there was a new hatch she would be the co-parent guardian and Gomer joined her in all her fostering decisions.

Gertrude was even gifted a few orphaned hatches of her own to raise over the years. Gertrude and Gomer lived out their days as my farmyard’s foster parents and grandparents. This story is evidence that geese are committed to partnering for life and passionate about their parenting roles, and growing their family and community. As my farmyard protectors, Gomer and Gertrude would signal me about any intruders, and yet would still sit beside me while I meditated or let me pet them. 

Power House of Personal Presence

Geese have very large personalities and a dynamic range of characteristics. I value their commitment to being the power house of personal presence. They are grounded in their innate ability to know what is right for themselves. This allows them to become an “invitation to partner” in all the vast array of relationship dynamics – from inner aligned personal power, partnership, family, extended family and community, to being team players for the collective goals of their migratory paths for the betterment of their species.

Geese are a force to be aligned with. They are connected with the elements of air, water and earth. They are aligned with the solar plexus chakra, creating an ability to digest life and all that unfolds in life. This chakra is about will power and how to use your energy well. It’s about faith, flow and trusting our first emotional chakra as a barometer for setting boundaries, by clear conveyance of the emotional information that comes through daily life. Then we can honor these emotions as valid clues and road signs for healthy choices.

Geese trust their inner GPS, navigating system. All sentient life forms have a soul, a guiding light, a knowing. When we honor this knowing of our inner GPS, we can empower ourselves with such respect, confidence, nurturance and love. We can build boundaries by listening to our soul’s frequency and vibrational signals.

When our soul feels we have been trespassed against, it signals a need to communicate a boundary in order to be safe and secure in our environment. We can then call on Goose Medicine to express the correct emotion for the situation with authenticity in the moment. Whether it’s a happy, friendly, loving emotion or a sad, angry, threatened, hurt emotion, to Goose the magic is in owning the emotion as a valid, trusted friend and ally, and not as a failure or wrong to be dismissed or disregarded.

Goose has a solid ability to own their truth for themselves, hold and set boundaries, and be focused and purposeful on their paths. They become a high vibrational, healthy, communitive, balanced sentient being that trusts their inner senses, higher guidance and resources available to them. They become the invitation (the magnet) to which another wants to partner with them. And when they choose a partner to partner with, they partner for life.

© C. Rancourt

Call on Goose Medicine

Call on Goose Medicine by rooting yourself into the earth by imagining roots growing out your feet. Imagine your physical body merging with the Earth’s body. Ask the following questions and let your body answer you.

Feel into the season you are currently in (the smells, scents, temperatures, colors and sounds). What is current with the season? Are you in flow with that season, in sync, in rhythm, in the moment? Just notice what comes into your awareness, then follow your inner innate wisdom and instructions for alignment with that season. 

Now image you are swimming or floating on a body of water. Notice your surroundings, environment and community, reflecting on any emotions that come to the surface for reflection. What needs to be purged or cleansed? Can you allow those emotions to run off your back like water? Redefine what is important to nurture or protect in this moment. Water birds need water; do you need to hydrate your body more? Are you able to relax, float and just be with your emotions?  

Now scan the air, the sky. Are you spiritually connected to the upper realms? Are you in alignment with your sentient beingness and inner light? Birds take our prayers and wishes upwards to the angels and Source. How can Spirit support your spiritual aligning within your soul self? What do you need support with?

Do you have a prayer request for a loved one, for yourself, for life itself? Go ahead and send it up or imagine yourself flying upwards to deliver this prayer to your higher Source. Feel the freedom of flight and the wind in your wings as you focus on your passions, purpose and path. Release the prayer, entrusting it to be received and delivered in its divine timing and divine way. When you are finished, come back towards the Earth and retract your wings back into yourself and allow yourself to be in your “I Am Presence” and power. Breathe deeply and consciously for several minutes with your eyes closed and feel into your solar plexus to sense your ability to digest and “partner in your life.”

If you would like support to learn to partner with yourself, Source and life, I would be honored to journey with you. Be the invitation to partner well.

Megwetch Beloveds,


Michele Keehn is a Spiritual (Soul) Energy Healer and Shaman, specializing in holistic medicines and modalities, and in ceremonies and journeys. She has made it her life’s mission and legacy to teach the importance of self-love and how it impacts the healing of ancestral lineages. Contact her at 780-217-8146, or go to for more information.


Shelby Willis’ artwork is inspired by her love for nature and her background in Ecology. She has always been drawn to animals and through a combination of color, mark making and energetic brush strokes, she aims to capture and showcase their spiritual qualities. Contact her at, Instagram: @shelbzwillisart, Facebook: Shelby Willis Art or shelbshelbywillisart@gmail

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