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Forgive & Release Karma

by Connie Brisson ~

Turns out, writing something brilliant every week isn’t as easy as it sounds, so I’m going to also start sharing little bits of wisdom I’ve found in the various books I’ve read. 

I think one of the hardest things to do in life is to forgive – whether it is someone else or myself.  In fact, I’ve discovered that when I can’t forgive someone else completely, it’s because I haven’t been able to forgive myself for my part in our story. Until I can examine and forgive myself for allowing whatever happened (for whatever reason), I am unable to forgive the other person completely. 

But that isn’t always easy either, so I liked what Carole J. Obley says about forgiveness.  Carole is a professional psychic medium based near Pittsburgh, PA, and this excerpt is from her book, Wisdom From the Spirit World (John Hunting Publishing, 2020). Here’s this week’s wisdom:

Forgiveness Releases Karma

“Lower vibratory thoughts, emotions and actions that we create during physical life are blockages that inhibit our spiritual growth and prevent us from realizing the extraordinary splendor of our souls.  These lower vibrations become part of our personal karma. If these become deeply entrenched by our refusal to address them, we end up trapped by these self-made illusions.  Because we alone are responsible for everything we create, we will eventually have to confront, examine and release these misperceptions that are obstacles to our growth.

When the soul takes on a physical incarnation, it retains the memory of its perfection, even though the mind and personality frequently take precedence over its expression.  The journey of awakening simply means that we remember that pure expression.  As you have seen through the stories in earlier chapters, this often happens through some form of suffering, the so-called “dark night” described by various spiritual masters.  Because the eternal light of the soul can never be extinguished, it will always be present at the center of our being.  It may take years or many lifetimes to come to this realization, although the soul knows nothing of time. 

The higher consciousness of forgiveness is a powerful catalyst in this awakening process.  In the illumination of divine awareness, dark energies are dispelled.  You will move along your pathway more quickly through releasing the past.

Cherry Blossoms © Connie Brisson
Cherry Blossoms in Tofino, BC
© Connie Brisson

The simplest way to forgive is by setting your intent to do so in writing.  It’s helpful to state this in clear, simple, specific terms.

For example:  I forgive _______________ (fill in with a person or ‘myself’) for ________________ (fill in with the particular circumstance you are forgiving). Call upon the higher assistance of your soul to help during this exercise.  Then bring to mind the person and situation.  If it’s you, see yourself in place of the other person.  Visualize both of these people surrounded by violet light (this color purifies lower energy). Hold this image for a few moments until the images dissolve in your awareness. Take a cleansing breath and affirm, “I now release all thoughts and emotions connected to __________ (the person and situation).  I am free of the past.” Place your full attention on your breath.  Give thanks to Spirit for this fresh start.

Should you meet with resistance about forgiving yourself or others, call upon your Higher Self to give you the willingness to forgive.  This is helpful in instances where we believe the perceived offense is difficult or impossible to release.  It’s not necessary to have feelings of warmth or friendliness towards others involved; your willingness is enough to incline your mind in the direction of forgiveness. We may feel justified in holding onto the grudge or afraid of our own vulnerability if we let it to.  Asking for the willingness to let go loosens the mind’s grip on the issue.  You can then proceed with the exercise of releasing it.

Each time we move beyond the past, whatever it may involve, we move closer to the divine consciousness of the soul.  Each instance in which we accept life exactly as it is without the blinders of past thoughts reactions and conditioning, brings us into deeper alignment with Spirit.  Every release of “what was” opens the door to “what is,” the unlimited potential contained within us.”

This week, choose one person (it can be you!) that you can experience this exercise of forgiveness with.  And if you feel resistance, remember to ask your Higher Self for a “willingness” so that you can experience the profound peace that does come once forgiveness has occurred.

“The act of forgiveness takes place in our own mind. It really has nothing to do with the other person.”  
Louise Hay


Connie Brisson is the publisher and editor of Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine since 2004. From a simple black and white newsprint format that began in 1996, she transformed it into a beautiful full color, gloss magazine that was distributed throughout Alberta, Canada until the end of 2018 (with a readership of over 100,000). It’s now evolved into an online magazine that continues to help people heal, transform and live their best lives.