by Skye MacLachlan ~

In Feng Shui our luck flows to us in three specific ways: heavenly luck, people luck and earthly luck.

Heavenly luck is the luck that we are born with. Each of us is born with specific gifts and when we cultivate these gifts, our luck is enhanced. Even as children our natural gifts are often obvious to our parents and teachers – the peacemaker, the leader, the artist, the entrepreneur, the intuitive, the comedian, the writer, the actress, the environmentalist, the fashionista and so on.

If you’ve become disconnected from your heavenly luck, reflect on what you enjoyed doing as a child. What were you naturally good at? Sometimes it’s helpful to talk to your parents, older siblings or childhood friends about this.

Some gifts are more valued by our society and these talents are usually encouraged by teachers and parents. If you had a gift that wasn’t valued, you may have to dig deep to recover it. For example, often artistic gifts aren’t seen as valuable ways to make a living and can be discouraged by more practical parents. Or if you were raised in a religious home, sometimes these environments don’t encourage intuitive gifts.

If your heavenly luck (gift) wasn’t accepted by your family and community, it may have gone into shadow. When our gifts drop into shadow, several things may occur. We might forget that we have these gifts, we might feel shame around sharing our gifts, we might feel judgmental of others with similar gifts, we might feel angry when others encourage us to share our talents or we might hide our gifts.

As an adult we can make new and empowering choices. We can begin to gently coax our heavenly luck / gifts out of shadow. An artist might register in an art class or an intuitive might take tarot lessons. It’s important to choose an environment where your gift will be honored and accepted by those who are present.

The second way that luck flows to us is through people luck. Are you surprised when I tell you that 33% of our luck is generated through the people that we surround ourselves with?

Take a moment to think about how you feel when you spend time with those who are critical of you or those who judge you and don’t want you to be part of their family or workplace. These individuals might talk negatively about us behind our backs and may even work to sabotage our success. Or consider a more extreme example (hopefully one you’ll never encounter!) A new friend calls and asks you for a ride to the bank. You say yes. Unwittingly you have just become an accessory to a bank robbery. And then your luck quickly begins a swift downward spiral.

Now let’s flip this and think about how you feel when others welcome you warmly and accept you fully. These uplifting individuals often connect us to the networks of people who know just the right job or relationship or living space for us. Our luck can quickly shift in a positive direction when we are surrounded by those who see us as valuable participants in their community.

The third way that luck flows to us is through earth luck. Earth luck is the practice of Feng Shui.

Why is Feng Shui called earth luck? Feng Shui is the practice of arranging our yards, homes and businesses in alignment with the principles of the natural world. Through observing the conditions in nature where the land, creatures and people thrive, these same conditions are applied in Feng Shui to our living and work spaces.

Although Feng Shui (our earth luck) accounts for only one third of our overall luck, it is also true that through the application of Feng Shui our heavenly luck and people luck becomes stronger. May the spirit of good luck bless each one of you in the days ahead. And if it is for your highest good, may all your wishes come true.

Skye has specialized in Feng Shui (for the home and business) and Tarot for over 30 years. She teaches Feng Shui, Tarot, Crystalline Gemstone Therapy and Dreamwork at the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies in Edmonton, AB., 780-447-3667 or email her at

ART: Perfect Day © Shelby Willis. Shelby’s artwork is largely inspired by nature and her background in ecology. Each painting she creates is done with the intent to inspire environmental awareness, that can’t help but resonate with the soul. She finds pure creative happiness and freedom in the process of trusting my intuition to take me in the right direction with each added layer.

NOTE: This article was first published in May 2015 in © Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine. This information is for educational purposes only and is intended to supplement your current health program, not to replace the care of a licensed medical doctor.