Eagle - Ruler of the Skies

Eagle as a Spirit Animal

by Michele Keehn  ~
(featuring Shelby Willis’ artwork)  ~

Eagle, as my spirit guide, was the hardest for me to work with because eagle requires a state of surrender that demands a depth of self-discipline and responsibility that is not an easy path to take.

I was not raised in a spiritually minded/hearted home. It wasn’t until I had a lot of life/health challenges that I noticed that I was emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually ridden with pain. My body was screaming for my attention. With eagle’s help, I chose to listen to my inner soul calling me upwards and onto my spiritual path of home – within.

My Story with Eagle

Eagle represents father, Father Sky and Spirit. For me (at the beginning of my journey) I still had a lot of wounded and limiting thoughts and attitudes that stemmed from father issues and other male traumas and abuses I endured, that I had not awakened to yet or healed. These wounded issues were compounded by not being backed up or honored by the females in my life, including my co-dependent mother.

I was born into my birth parent’s pending, but imminent, “dis”ease, “dis”function and ultimately a divorce when I was just three months old.  This was followed immediately by my mother remarrying and repeating her cycles and lessons for the experiences meant for her. However, this set the stage for me to also experience what was being role modeled to me – unhealthy relationship dynamics between a co-dependant and an addict.

I want to express here that both parties are equally unhealthy and act on addictive patterns to try to meet their needs but ultimately they fall short unless they become conscious to the patterns at play and then make healthy choices to change the cycles. When one is stuck in these revolving, unhealthy dynamics it is hard to rise above to see a higher perspective of what is really happening “for us to learn from.”

Because I was born into this pattern of unhealthy and unconscious states of being, I saw these unhealthy patterns as normal and familiar even though deep down I knew it didn’t resonate for me. It kept me trapped in fear, judgement and at a low vibrational frequency or resonance which only allowed me to manifest these same scenarios in my life. I went on to repeat similar cycles throughout my relationships even though my intention was to find something healthier and better. The low frequency, vibrational patterns inside me (from my childhood and soul’s path experiences) were the determining factor that I was unconsciously manifested from, no matter how determined I was to create something different for me.

This wounded, manifesting pattern stayed true for me until I awoke to the knowledge of a soul’s ability to change course by healing the low, vibrational frequencies and patterns of the wounds inside oneself.

Ruler of the Skies
© Shelby Willis

What I learned from my experiences with unhealthy relationships is that my soul was not going to stand for or tolerate all the ways I had been divorcing, judging and abusing myself, my spirit and my soul-self relationships. This is what I now deem “spiritual soul abuse,” the worst form of trauma that I as a soul and human spirit have experienced. With Eagle as a spirit guide, I was able to restore my partnering ability between my soul and spirit and place myself in a position to be romanced by Spirit and my life.   

Eagle has been a long-standing symbol of spiritual power and reverence for many. I now regard the eagle with the utmost reverence as my spirit guide in “Spiritual Soul Alchemy.” Spiritual alchemy (to me) is about learning to attune to our soul’s truth and song, the highest and healthiest frequency one can experience and live by. Like the eagle, when we focus on our inner GPS system and learn to navigate from our true soul’s knowing and spiritual insights, we will always align with our soul’s path, purpose and plan. Eagle helped me transform and transmute these old unhealthy issues, patterns and traumas (of my spiritual soul abuses) and transcended them into healthier perceptions, visions and tools that help me navigate my life and use my soul’s gifts and medicines for a higher purpose.

Eagle Teachings

Eagle teaches us a valuable tool in navigating between the worlds – above, below and in between.

Eagle holds the traits of connection, observer, all seeing, confidence, balanced, commitment, resourcefulness and is an alchemist for change through fluidity, flow, union and oneness with all realms of life.

Eagle, as a connected observer, represents the third eye chakra because of its abilities to rise above life’s challenges and situations. Eagle can soar to great heights to access a situation and see where the food is to feed itself due to its exceptional expansion of sight and perceptions. Eagle literally rises above the forest, above the top of the trees to look down and take in all the information around it that it wouldn’t see if it stayed in the forest.

Eagle medicine teaches us that we need to have a higher perspective
in order to obtain a healthier and wider range of perceptions about what we are looking at.

Eagle’s gift of being able to rise above everything into the vastness of Father Sky, helps us to access our ability to become the observer of our life and life events. Eagle teaches us to pull ourselves up and out of the busyness, congestion and stagnation of being too absorbed in something (without being able to step back). To utilize eagle medicine and become the observer of your own life is a life-giving and soul rebirthing action. Taking this action frees us from that which binds us physically and from unhealthy, mental mind sets and unhealthy or misaligned patterns.

The significance of eagle’s ability to fly upwards towards the sun (the symbol of the fire element and Spirit) shows us that eagle has not forgotten its partnership with Spirit and it reminds us that Spirit has intangible tools and resources available for us to utilize in living our earthy life on this physical realm.

The eagle is known for its ability to spiral upwards through the sky to the sun to burn off illusions, mental fog, bring clarity to the soul-self or inner self and it connects to our heart chakra.  Eagle utilizes its ability to be connected to the directional points (north, south, east and west) surveying the situation in all directions before making decisions.

Eagle is a masterful navigator of the elemental realms. Eagle can be witnessed alchemizing these elements by diving from the sky above to deep into the depths of the waters below and come back up to rest on the earth or a tree with food in its talons. In this way, eagle teaches us how to be resourceful and connected by actioning our ability to fly between the worlds, above, below and in between.

Eagle reminds us to nourish our body, mind and soul by embracing and embodying all the elements, internally and externally. Eagle is such an efficient hunter that it can preserve its energy for when it is absolutely needed because it uses all its senses and skills to provide for itself.

Eagle Medicine

There is a lot of symbolism and lore around Eagle Spirit. I want to bring two medicines to your attention that not many speak about…

The mating ritual of bald eagles is a powerful and mystical display of “sky dancing.” As the pair of eagles soar high in the sky, they loop and spiral, and call to each other as they dive and plunge downwards. Then they grasp each other’s feet and talons to begin rolling and falling with each other repetitively until the mating process has been completed. Eagles engage in significant courtship and pair bonding behavior (including nest-building, perching, billing and preening) and often mate for life.  In this way, they represent a balanced, aligned and flowing unity within an evolving healthy partnership that includes Spirit.

The second medicine I want to share, for me, is relevant to what I deem a milestone for many humans that choose a spiritually, soul led life… the journey into oneself.  Choosing to honour oneself, and surrendering to listen to Spirit and your soul/heart, is the ultimate and biggest commitment (relationship wise) one can choose for themselves. This kind of partnership between the soul and Spirit is the most intimately, vulnerable state of surrender one can choose in order to honour themselves and their soul’s true calling and path because it calls us to be accountable and responsible for our own actions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The resonance and frequency level needed in such a committed partnership is what I chose for myself when I chose to heal and release the low frequency patterns in my life that no longer resonated for me and where I wanted to go with my inner and outer relationships and life. I had to let go of the blame game, judgments, victimhood, abandonment, rejection, betrayals and learned helplessness to name a few. I committed to loving myself “soul-fully” and knew I could not do it without Spirit’s partnership.  I also knew Spirit would never waiver and so it was up to me to become the “invitation to partner” and cultivate a new, healed frequency inside of me in order to raise the level of what I wanted to manifest in my life.

Eagle at Terrace Beach
Terrace Beach, BC
© Connie Brisson

Eagle’s Spiritual Journey

There is a point in eagle’s age and life where it has to make a big decision for its quality of life. Eagle’s talons and beaks keep growing until they can’t feed themselves because of the overgrowth. This happens approximately at the age of 50 for the eagle. If it chooses to live and flourish it could live another 50+ years. If the eagle doesn’t take heed and listen to this inner calling of its instincts it will die of starvation or by the death of a predator.  So, the eagle needs to follow its instincts, soul’s calling and inner knowing in order to live a long, healthy life. It will fly to the top of the highest mountain (where the predators are less likely to be) and then proceed to shed their overgrown talons and their beaks by pulling them off, putting themselves in a total state of vulnerability and pure surrender. They must trust that Spirit will take care of them while they slowly grow back their new talons and beak.

This is very much like the “40 days and nights” process of shedding the emotional and mentally limited human conditioning one goes through when we begin our spiritual journey. It is similar to the many saints, sages and mystics of long ago that would go to the caves in the mountains to be alone with Spirit. The action of following one’s spiritual calling doesn’t have to be done on a mountain top or cave. But it is a process of calling your soul to step up and take discerning action to align you with your body, mind and soul. It’s about taking action to reclaim a healthy balance between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It’s about putting your soul in the driver’s seat of your life with Spirit as your navigator.

To align oneself with eagle medicine is to take on total self responsibility, accountability and to trust in the innate inner wisdom of the higher powers that reign above, below and in-between our realms of life.  Allow an alchemy of the elements alive within you to be fully integrated into your life by committing to your walk here on Earth, as a spiritual soul being of light, that is here to experience this physical body and life by expressing and actioning the universal love of great Spirit.

Eagle Exercise

Become the “invitation to partner” in your life by becoming your own spiritual alchemist.

Have an intention of an issue to work on. Make an offering physically or energetically to Spirit and the Spirit of Eagle of cedar, sage, tobacco or sweetgrass.

Sit comfortably on the ground (or feet on the ground) to anchor yourself to the earth. It can be helpful to sit at the base of a tree and imagine yourself as the eagle on top of the tree.

Two Eagles at Combers Beach
Combers Beach, BC
© Connie Brisson

Close your eyes, set the intention that where you’re sitting is going to be the center of an imaginary horizontal infinity symbol, number eight (8).  Then, as though you are in the center of this 8, you will imagine gliding up towards the sky, and then looping down, passing through yourself at the center of the 8, down into Mother Earth to come back up again and so on (as you navigate it all by passing through the center point of your 8 on both the way up and down).

Use a rhythmic breath pattern by breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth (back to back) eight times with deep, deep belly breaths to relax.

Now imagine becoming the spirit of the eagle. You fly upwards and ascend into the sun, circling through its fire element to burn off any related emotions, mental fog, physical stagnations, toxins and unhealthy patterns relevant to your issue.

As you begin to ascend downwards, aim yourself towards the spot on Earth where you were sitting. Glide over the treetops of the forest, the mountains, over the meadows of purple and blue wild flowers, over the earth and the water, taking in any and all observations needed in order to find your resolutions. You will ascend and descend seven times this way, gathering up any relevant information as you scan the landscape of your environment and its conditions.

On the descent of your eighth and final flight downwards, you will dive through the body of water below as you set your sights on the fish under the water’s surface. With your talons outstretched, plunge into the water and grasp your fish. Then come back up, feeling the water’s alchemizing sensations cleanse your spirit as you rise up and then land on your tree or the ground where you began. Then take a moment to shake off the excess of the refreshing and purifying water element.

As you end your journey, feast and nourish your physical and spiritual self with the new and fresh insights and allow your soul to be filled with gratitude for the abundant provisions gifted to you from your inner and outer environments. Once you’ve feasted, just rest in the meditative warming sun to be held in this intimate partnership and embrace between your soul self and Spirit, and trust and allow any further conversation to unfold.

If you desire support with cultivating the most sacred and important relationship you will ever cultivate we would love to be of service in dreaming your life into being.

Blessings Beloved Brothers and Sisters,
Michele’ Keehn, Infiniti Trails 4 Healing


Michele’ Keehn is a Spiritual (Soul) Energy Healer and Shaman at Infiniti Trails 4 Healing, specializing in holistic medicines and modalities, and in ceremonies and journeys. She has made it her life’s mission and legacy to teach the importance of self-love and how it impacts the healing of ancestral lineages. Contact her at 780-217-8146, infiniti-trails@html.com or go to www.infinitrails.ca for more information.


Shelby Willis’ artwork is inspired by her love for nature and her background in Ecology. She has always been drawn to animals and through a combination of color, mark making and energetic brush strokes, she aims to capture and showcase their spiritual qualities. Contact her at www.shelbywillis.ca, Instagram: @shelbzwillisart, Facebook: Shelby Willis Art or shelbywillisart@gmail

© 2021 – Michele’ Keehn, Shelby Willis and Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine Ltd.

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