“I just finished reading my Mosaic (the most recent issue and the online ezine/newsletter) and I am inspired to write and give thanks.

I am by no means an expert of anything. I consider myself a life-long learner who tries to learn from every experience, person, feeling and state of being. But every time I read Mosaic I am enlightened a little more with different information, viewpoints and knowledge.

I am a dedicated reader of this publication. I’ve had personal conversations with several of the contributors as well as the owner. In all these conversations I have always felt heard, and better yet, felt. It’s such a nurturing feeling to have that kind of conversation / connection – where minds meet and where hearts meet too. It’s a brilliant connection, of mind, body and spirit, that makes me feel whole, fulfilled, and joyous. The knowledge and information shared in Mosaic, as well as the personal nature of the writing, is so comforting. Thank you to all the contributors of this fabulously mystic publication and to the owner for making it into something profound, human, and real. I just love this magazine.

I thank you each for the writing, for the reading and for keeping the demand alive. Thank you for your hearts in this world. I thank you from the bottom of mine.”