“Yesterday, I picked up the latest edition of Mosaic Magazine at the health food store in Vermilion, but did not have a chance to open it. Today I wanted to read for a few minutes and decided to open Mosaic to your story on crying. I was amazed. You see, I too, was raised Catholic, in a family that did not appreciate emotion. Big girls didn’t cry. Anger was a no-no. So I learned to repress my feelings.

When I started doing my inner work, almost 40 years ago, I became a closet ‘sobber’. Until, to my embarrassment, it would break out at the most awkward times during workshops! Well, at the age of 70, I still cry great heaving sobs when I am moved. It provides such blessed release! But I have never thought of my ‘crier’ as a close and caring friend! Thank you so much for such a beautiful insight. I shall now cherish her always. And it is wonderful to know that there is someone else who values tears and lets go fully into them! Thanks for your courageous sharing.

Connie, thanks so much for your loving spirit that you share so generously on every page of your magazine. I always look forward to each new magazine. Many blessings and may you journey on with tears and laughter into never ending joy.”