• Cultivating Sacred Partnership Within.
  • Holding Sacred Space.
  • Spiritual Soul to Body Healing (connection, intimacy, union, oneness, communication, awakening, presence, peace, union within).
  • Healing the War Within (balancing masculine and feminine bodies)
  • Shamanic and Healing Touch ceremonies and techniques.
  • Shamanic Massage (custom designed with multitude of techniques and tools).
  • DNA, Cellular Memory, Blueprint, Frequency and Vibration health and wellness for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
  • Lineage Ancestral Healing.
  • Equine Facilitated Healing.
  • Horses healing and leading humans on their spiritual paths.
  • Equine Therapy, play and grooming connection.
  • Meditation Circles.
  • Retreats (7 days).
  • Equine Custom Mini Retreats (2 day minimum)


  • Infiniti Trails 4 Healing, 56220 Highway 44, Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada


  • The 8th Fire School of Shamanism Certification
  • Equinistic Healing Certification
  • Oceans Massage School Certification (Raindrop, Hot & Cold Stones)
  • Healing Touch for People and Animals
  • Quantum Shamanic Reiki
  • Sound & Vibrational Wellness
  • Essential Oils


My life consisted of being birthed into, married into and continuing a life apprenticing in co-dependency that was  inflicted with addiction and the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual abuses that go with it all.

As a result of this painful paralyzing past I set out to “seek and find a better way of being.” I began healing the addictions, traumas and mental, emotional games (that kept me trapped in this downward spiral for more than half my life), after I finally hit my wall with the dysfunctional mirroring of my inner and outer relationships and the continuous losses of loved ones to death, divorce and estrangement.

I decided to return to the “one” source of solace and safety I once knew… my horses, nature and my Jesus.I began my spiral up, as I opened myself to the guidance of the Divine.  I followed my feelings that I needed to be here, or do the next thing – not consciously thought out then, but merely trusting I needed something other than what I was experiencing at that time in my life.

Some 20 years ago I began and the whole time my horses and my belief was all I had as all whom I believed, and believed in me, fell away one by one, because misery loves company. And when we don’t want to keep misery company anymore, that misery tries to keep the dance going or finds a new audience. It sounds harsh but it’s the truth.

Addiction and trauma do not like change. It is the lowest of low frequency and vibrations. Addiction and abusive relationships cannot rise above the associated paralyzing beliefs, behaviours and thought patterns that are running the subconscious (needed to keep the games going). It’s not until an individual hits their “wall” that he/she ultimately seeks a way out of these paralyzing and victimizing patterns and slowly raises their frequency through awareness, healthier choices and healing.

My desire to have a healthier, happier life and relationship took me down many paths of learning and healing. For many years I was still “thinking” that a healthier relationship was something to find outside of me… Eventually I learned that the only way to obtain a healthy outer relationship was to cultivate a healthier relationship with myself first, and me being me, I decided I wanted more – a sacred partnership with myself.

Knowing that I had more work to do to obtain this level, required me to develop this healthy sacred and intimate partnership I sought out. Many, many mirrors showed up for me to “course correct” myself, to shall I say humble thyself and to heal my judgments and expectations of others. I have learned and am still learning that, like healing, I cannot expect to find outside me that which I don’t apply inside me, and my life. I must cultivate the sacred partnership and lifestyle I want within me before it will manifest before me, outside of me.

To me, I refer to partnership on an intimate and personal level. Because I must have this sacred partnership with my soul-self and my Source first and from there my outer relationships unfold or develop.  Yes, one might have a few other partnerships develop (in business for example or you partner with someone for a short term goal). But the intimate and ultimate partnerships are first the one within soul/Source, then a mirrored version of you will present itself as a sacred partner to co-create a romantic sacred partnership. So, the horse before the cart, and not the cart before the horse.

My passion and mission in life is to have sacred partnership for myself (my soul and Source) and to facilitate sacred relationship in my personal  relationships.

As a facilitator in healing I bring this same passion to my clientele – to be of support for them to cultivate sacred partnership within, to “course correct” their personal life and their outer relationships. And along their way in healing, to ignite their soul ‘s passion, purpose and path.



The most important relationship you will ever cultivate…. is the one WITHIN.


The Way of the Horse by Linda Kohanov (New World Library, 2007) and The Presence Process by Michael Brown (Namaste Publishing, 2010).