• Inspired Living and Working – An inspired approach to life and business coaching


  • Harmony by Design, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

Business Development

  • Business Owner – Business consulting and coaching 30+ years
  • Formal and self-directed learning, growth and development
  • Business Administration N.A.I.T (1985)
  • Management Consulting Apprenticeship with Scott & Fenrich Consultants Inc.(Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Economic and Community Development)
  • Sirolli Institute
  • Canadian Association of Management Consultants
  • B-School (Marie Forleo)
  • Online Presence Workshop (BeWell Web Designs)

Change and Transformation

  • MHA Institute / CACE program at University of Alberta
  • Learning Styles
  • Action Learning
  • Systems Thinking
  • Whole Brain Course Design
  • University Alberta / Elizabeth Lange – Transformative Living and Working

Energy and Spiritual Learning

  • Awakening Your Lightbody – Inger Smith
  • Flow, Alignment, Connection – Inger Smith
  • Native Spirituality – Windwalker
  • Mindfulness Awareness Practice
  • Reiki 1 – Julia Kopala
  • Living From Greatness (William Whitecloud – author of The Magician’s Way)
  • Awakening The New Species (52 week online program) – Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • Intensive and Progressive workshops – Joe Dispenza
  • The Science of Self Empowerment; Cellular Consciousness; Heart Intelligence; The Untold Human Story Master’s Program – Humanities Team – Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Heart Math’s Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman Also, a wide variety of self-study programs, short retreats and workshops about business, life, change and the dynamics of our lives and times.


I’ve known this for some time – my journey has a design to it – everything has led to something more and everything happened for a reason. I can so clearly see the invisible design that has guided, supported and ‘shaped’ me the whole way. Synchronistic ‘just right’ events that led me to the perfect next opportunity and gave me the pieces I needed for the next and so on… How blessed am I. And here I am now – with all that I’ve been given and experienced in my toolbox to draw from as needed.

Even before my ‘career’ started – I was always in the perfect place at the perfect time. Nothing was random. My life experiences, especially the challenging and heartbreaking ones have given me everything I need now. My part time jobs gave me certain nuggets and messages that eventually led me to NAIT in 1983 – simply because I had enjoyed a small bookkeeping gig when I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. And so it continues …


Heal yourself, heal your world. Connect with God and you are healed. Nothing more required. Article


I have many favorite books that have impacted and directed my journey over the years. The ones that I often recommend to others are:

  • The Magician’s Way – William Whitecloud (New World Library, 2009)
  • The War of Art – Stephen Pressfield (Black Irish Books, 2002)
  • Anna, Grandmother of Jesus – Claire Heartstrong (Hay House, 2017
  • A Course in Miracles – Helen Schucman (Viking: The Foundation for Inner Peace, 1976)
  • Return to Love – Marianne Williamson (HarperCollins, 1992)
  • The Soul of Money – Lynne Twist (WW Norton, 2003)
  • Any books that are about someone’s “hero” or “heroine” journey.