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  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Sixth Sensory Practitioner
  • Master Medium
  • Soul Centered Astrologer


  • Edmonton, AB


  • Sixth Sensory Practitioner Program
  • Level 3 Applied Astrology
  • Master Level Mediumship/Teacher Training Program
  • Meditation Teacher Training


Life has taken me in what seems to be many directions and in reflection every part of it was purposeful. 

I spent a good deal of my adult life role-playing, but it wasn’t until I decided to stop being who I thought I was expected to be, that I began to find true self acceptance.   


Elaine & James Van Praagh

Adult life has been good to me as I was blessed to marry my best friend.  We’ve raised three children together and within that I came to understand this was me re-writing my childhood history.  It was, in large part, the unconscious path to beginning the healing journey from my childhood.  Every one of us has a story; mine includes dysfunction and abuse and through healing my story I’ve come to understand the profound effect of “attention to intention” and the holiness in loving your whole self. 

My life has always consisted of Spirit and experiences that were unexplainable and in this I mistakenly felt alone.  It created my perception of separation, yet the reality was that the Universe was nudging me in the direction of self discovery.   I began to take weekend courses with spiritual healers and teachers to help me understand and navigate my own spiritual path and reconcile my personal truth.  This led me to mentorships and indepth studies in the areas of mediumship, energy work, astrology and meditation.   Compassionate service is my motto in terms of how I’ve birthed my life’s passion.  Forever a student and a helper is my self proclamation. 

Consciousness is part of every aspect of life.  It is the awareness of the world “out there” in our thoughts, patterns and beliefs, and it is our spiritual connectedness.  Our souls’ journeys through life can create limiting beliefs that take us off of our true path and hold us back from living in a place of joy. 

One of my teachers used to say we are the brave souls who choose to incarnate because life can be challenging and thereby creates a need for big healing.  Another of my teachers used to ask: “How is your spirit today?”   One of the many gifts of life is to recognize our truth and to fall in love with our fate in the knowing there was no mistake in the creation of you. You are Love and the virtue of your birth is that you are provided the divine right to happiness, joy and self expression.   Embrace Your Joyful Self.




Elaine & David Ji

A consistent message I received from my mentors (that I embraced) was when we take the observer position, we understand we don’t have to take things personally.   

I believe from every life’s story comes perception and belief; neither are to be judged but rather heard and witnessed.



  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga by Deepak Chopra and Davis Simon.
  • A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson.  She teaches A Course In Miracles (book).
  • Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani, is the story of her life from terminal cancer to motivational speaker and her experiences from her near death experiences.    

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