Dragonfly as a Spirit Guide

by Michele Keehn  ~

Dragonfly is foundational to the divine design and creation of nature and the structure of life, including our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Dragonfly shows up with its multifaceted display of movements and motions – dashing, darting and dancing around us – delightfully displaying all its maneuvers. It is inviting us to increase our frequencies, state of “beingness” and dimensions.  It asks us to use its magical and mystical medicines to uplift our perspectives and points of view on life and our circumstances. 

Its inviting color palettes of healing light dazzle us as they zig-zag  around us to entice our inner child to come and play, bringing smiling faces and twinkling eyes to most. They enhance our inner and outer landscapes as we open to their transformational medicines for the soul. 

While Dragonflies can help raise our frequencies and the vibrational well-being of our heart and mind, did you know that Dragonflies are purposefully laying new foundations for us and our lineages, helping us heal our ancestral lines?  Its innate ability to change frequency, vibration, rate, rhythm and sounds within us (by teleporting us from 3D to 5D dimensions) is its specialty and passion.

One of my shamanic journeys with Dragonfly took me on a voyage on a large, vast body of water.  I had asked Dragonfly to heal within me the reason why I never felt I had a home, never felt at home.  After opening sacred space with all the protocols in place, I invited Dragonfly in and allowed it to send its healing frequencies into me.  It scanned my body as I focused on the feeling of the pulsing frequency I was experiencing.  As I followed it from my feet to my head, I began to sense an unlocking, shifting and opening within me. 

Then Dragonfly landed on my head, on my crown.  I asked my guides to access my DNA lineages and we then traveled together (like following a spiral staircase, moving left to right on the stairs).  I could sense when to pause and allow Dragonfly to shift and heal me with its higher frequencies. 

In my shamanic journey, I saw my maternal and paternal family lineages on a ship.  My ancestors left behind the familiar places of their homes and country, leaving behind all their families and the foundational roots they had known. They left with nothing due to the threats that they would be wiped out. My Jewish Oma who married my German Opa had heard of their pending deaths, that Hitler was coming to wipe out our Jewish lineage. My Opa brought my Oma, some of her family and their two young sons (one being my father) to Canada. My maternal lineage was also on this ship.  There were Vikings on my grandfather’s side and Cree Ojibwa on my grandmother side.

What stood out for me in this shamanic journey was that I never felt a strong foundational footing for myself because my ancestors had lived in such fear of being found and wiped out. Even though they did well for themselves after coming to Canada, they never really felt safe in their new homes.

During my journey with Dragonfly, my Jewish Oma gifted me with the energies of Faith and Trust.  She walked across the water from the ship to me and placed her hands on my face, held me eye to eye, soul to soul, and then energetically gifted me with the faith and trust that got them here safely. Dragonfly Medicine raised my frequencies by releasing the low, unhealthy fearful emotions that began so long ago. It helped me create a healthy, strong foundation for myself and my family lineages now, and the lineages to come. 

When Dragonfly shows up for you, you might want to explore its medicines more intimately by finding a space to sit or lay down. Then invite a medicine wheel around you (a circle that is divided equally in the colors of red, black, white and yellow). Invite your Higher Self to hold space for you.

Now begin the medicine wheel breath pattern:  breathe in to a count of four through the nose, and out to count of four, back to back; do this eight times. Then drop deep into your physical body and invite the spirit of Dragonfly to come and raise your frequencies around a theme, thought, behavior or pattern you are dealing with.  It may (or may not) be something you consciously recognize in your relationships or your ancestral lineage.

Trust Dragonfly to find, shift and release the low frequency around your issue. Ask it to bring you a new awareness around the issue in order for you and the Universe to co-create a change in healthy ways for you and your family lineages.

Now imagine many dragonflies hovering around you; what are their colors and sounds?  Drop more deeply into sensing the frequency and vibrational pulses – just be immersed in the experience so you can truly experience Dragonfly medicine for yourself.

It may be one or many dragonflies; let them scan your body and energy field. Notice what you notice. Once you sense a shift, an opening, Dragonfly will move to the crown of your head.  Feel its wings gently move and hold you. Meditate with Dragonfly while you integrate it all by laying or sitting still for about 7-11 minutes. When it’s complete, thank and honor Dragonfly with a gift (this could be sage, cedar or tobacco) and send it back to where it came from.

Over the next few days, weeks and months, notice any subtle shifts, any new awareness and pay special attention to your dream time in the next while.

If you would like support in your journey with Dragonfly medicine, I’d be honored to hold sacred space for you and your lineage. When we heal emotions, we heal our DNA. When we heal our DNA, we can heal our lineages seven generations back and seven generations forward.

Megwetch Beloveds,


Michele Keehn is a Spiritual (Soul) Energy Healer and Shaman, specializing in holistic medicines and modalities, and in ceremonies and journeys. She has made it her life’s mission and legacy to teach the importance of self-love and how it impacts the healing of ancestral lineages. Contact her at 780-217-8146, or go to for more information.


Shelby Willis’ artwork is inspired by her love for nature and her background in Ecology. She has always been drawn to animals and through a combination of color, mark making and energetic brush strokes, she aims to capture and showcase their spiritual qualities. Contact her at, Instagram: @shelbzwillisart, Facebook: Shelby Willis Art or shelbshelbywillisart@gmail

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