by Norma J. Hope ~

I had no idea when I signed up to do colon hydrotherapy that my whole life, my way of being for the past 40 years, would change so dramatically for the better.

I decided to try colon hydrotherapy in 1997 because I just didn’t feel good (despite numerous health changes I had made). I drank three to four litres of water a day. I became 97% vegetarian the year before. I was very active. Yet, I still only pooped once a week, if that.

I had tried herbal cleansing kits but got little or no result. My belly was the enemy. It felt like a tight fist, bloated, distended and gassy. I had IBS (constipation/diarrhea), fatigue, back pain and headaches.

I always had trouble with pooping regularly, even as a kid and it was getting worse. The more I couldn’t go, the more frustrated I got and the more frustrated I got the more my gut tightened resulting in skinny stool or diarrhea. It was an endless cycle – frustrating, painful and nothing was helping.

Then I did five consecutive colon hydrotherapy sessions. Halleluiah! I felt great, light, free! Amazingly I began to poop every morning easily. There was nothing more satisfying than the feeling after a complete bowel movement. I had energy to burn and my back pain and headaches were gone. My belly was flatter, softer and it felt like it was mine again. I lost 10 pounds. I wasn’t overweight – it was the poop.

Did you know John Wayne’s colon at autopsy weighed 44 pounds due to fecal matter stuck to the walls? His colon was as wide as my thigh instead of the healthy 2 – 2½ inches in diameter it was supposed to be. And can you believe Elvis’ colon actually weighed over 60 pounds?

My eliminating every morning was consistent for about two to three months after the first set of colon hydrotherapy sessions but then it started slowing down. Stress in life will do that.

I did more colon hydrotherapy sessions in September for my 40th birthday. I even quit smoking. After that I was eliminating once a day, usually twice. No more IBS. Now I had a different goal. I really wanted all that old poop out of my body so I did even more sessions again a few months later.

I just kept feeling better and better. It was on the 14th session I got the original mucoid plague off (the oldest layers of fecal matter that first hardened on the colon wall). I saw it go. I felt so good – so empty!

During those sessions I saw a lot of things leave my colon: toxins, fecal matter, parasites, mucoid plague and over 20 whole vitamins that had not dissolved at all! I felt fantastic. I could suck my belly in all the way to my back bone.

I also had a huge new awareness of my emotions. I had been so disconnected from my body that I had no idea of the emotions that I stored there. I met up with anger, fear and huge grief. Then I was able to let them go, including deep childhood trauma.

Every time we feel stressed, scared or angry there is an actual physical clenching like a “fist” in our colon. That clenching is an automatic, uncontrollable tightening of the four sets of muscles in the intestinal walls. These muscles tighten when the Enteric Nervous System feels you experience any emotion other than joy. It senses the emotion and a danger signal gets sent, which paralyzes normal movement of the four muscles. This all happens in less than a split second. The mind can’t control it. It happens all day long, that tightening, over and over again until we can’t eliminate well or at all.

The small intestine is about 23 feet long and the large intestine (colon) is over five feet long. Imagine over 28 feet of muscles tightening automatically. I know now why my stool was skinny sometimes. It was the passageway getting smaller and tighter due to my automatic nervous reaction occurring over and over. Plus the old fecal matter on the walls makes it narrower.

The natural peristaltic action of the colon is compromised or stopped when the muscles are restricted by fecal matter compressed on the walls over time. Fast food, eating in a rush or while stressed means that waste stays inside. Your body is too tight to process it. We all have stress – we all have old waste inside.

The Canadian Cancer Society statistics state 39% of all Canadian women and 44% of all Canadian men will get cancer in their lifetime. Of those number, Statistics Canada states that colon cancer is the number two cause of death. These numbers are absolutely horrifying.

It is a medical fact that 90% of all diseases are caused by toxins in the body. These toxins are mostly in the intestines and they poison the blood, the liver and are spread everywhere by the lymph system.

The lymph system is four times larger than the blood system. Its job is to pick up excess fluid from all over the body and filter it through the lymph nodes which are an integral part of your immune system. This excess fluid though gets loaded with toxins from the colon instead of just the usual excess hormones, cell waste and blood proteins. It needs movement (exercise) from you as it doesn’t have a pump like the heart.

Over time the lymph nodes get congested and the filter system gets clogged up. Lymph Drainage Therapy is another step to detox and return the natural flow to this system that is slow or clogged with toxins. It can also be the first step if you are just not ready to do the colon hydrotherapy yet.

I was an independent insurance adjuster for 21 years until I did colon hydrotherapy and my life changed. I no longer earn a six figure salary but I am happier now than I ever was. I became a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist in 1999 and a Lymph Drainage Therapist in 2002. I hold three additional levels of Certification in Colon Hydrotherapy and I am National Board Certified. I love this life, my belly and what I do.

Clients consistently report more energy and consistency after doing the colon hydrotherapy. One client (after five consecutive sessions) had no more symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Another client with rheumatoid arthritis (after completing five colon hydrotherapy and two lymph drainage therapy sessions) had 50% improvement in her range of motion and flexibility getting into her vehicle. Another client noted her chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia were reduced by 40% after three colon and three lymph sessions and is doing more soon.

It is very important for the client to be “seen and heard” in these sessions. I’ve found that my training in Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) and parasympathetic breathing enables me to help my clients go deeper as I hold a safe energetic space for them to release and process. Your dignity and privacy are always protected.

When you arrive at the clinic a VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy session helps you forget your day by calming your brain wave patterns, moving you into a parasympathetic state of being. Experiencing this helps your belly to relax deeply so you can let go of more in your colon session.

Norma Hope is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist, Colon Hydrotherapist, Lymph Drainage Therapist, Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine Therapist, Microcurrent Therapist, Life Coach, NeuroAcoustic Sound Therapist and more… Call 780-477-1100 or go to


ART: The Star, © Roxi Sim. The Pearls of Wisdom Tarot was a seven year artistic and research journey through the structure of the Tarot. It has its own rich symbolism that includes the elements of earth, air, water and fire along with odes to the Triple Goddess, Earth Devas and Tree spirits. The cards are enhanced with the language of flowers and Viking Runes.


NOTE: This article was first published in February 2008 in © Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine. This information is for educational purposes only and is intended to supplement your current health program, not to replace the care of a licensed medical doctor.