akwarela letnia.

Reservoir of Good

by Connie Brisson ~

Because I grew up on Christianity, and because I knew there was a lot more depth in the teachings of the Bible than I ever learned in church, one of my favorite author’s writing and teachings is Florence Scovel Shinn. 

Florence was a powerful American healer and teacher (1871-1940), who after searching for a deeper explanation of life, became part of the Unity Institute and in 1925 self published her teachings in her classic book, The Game of Life and How to Play It.  She believed that our feelings and thoughts shaped our experiences and that the spoken word is the means by which people received the good, and not so good, things in life. “The game of life is a game of boomerangs.  Our thoughts, deeds, and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy.”

The thing I love about her teachings is how she takes a quote or concept from the Bible and then explains it in a simple way that allows for the depth of the teaching to easily be understood.

Here is an excerpt from The New Game of Life and How to Play It (Atria Books, 2012), with original text by Florence Scovel Shinn, but also featuring Dr. Ruth L. Miller’s contemporary translations as well as mindful exercises to explore.

I liked this story/exercise because it reminds us that even when it seems like we’ve been wronged in some way, the Universe can make amends in the most curious of ways, if we believe it can…

“When we’ve made our demands upon the Universal Principle, we must be ready for surprises.  Everything may seem to be going wrong when in reality it is going right.

A woman was told that there is no loss in Divine Mind and therefore she could not lose anything that belonged to her; anything lost would be returned or she would receive its equivalent.

Several years previously, she had lost two thousand dollars.  She had loaned the money to a relative, but the relative had died, leaving no mention of it in her will.  The woman was resentful and angry and as she had no written statement of the transaction, she never received the money.

Learning of Universal Principle, she determined to deny the loss and collect the money from the Bank of the Universal.  She had to begin by forgiving the woman, as resentment and unforgiveness close the doors to the Universal.

She stated, “I deny loss. There is no loss in Divine Mind; therefore, I cannot lose the two thousand dollars, which belongs to me by divine right.”

akwarela letnia.

She was living in an apartment house that was for sale; in the lease was a clause stating that if the house were sold, the tenants would be required to move out within ninety days.

Suddenly, the landlord broke the leases and raised the rent. Again, injustice was on her path, but this time she was undisturbed.  She blessed the landlord and said, “As the rent has been raised, it means that I’ll be that much richer, for God is my supply.”

New leases were made out for the higher rent, but by some divine mistake, the ninety-day clause had been forgotten.  Soon after, the landlord had an opportunity to sell the house.  On account of the mistake in the new leases, the tenants held possession for another year.

The agent offered each tenant two hundred dollars if they would vacate.  Several families moved and three remained, including the woman.  A month or two passed and the agent again appeared.  This time he said to the woman, “Will you break your lease for the sum of fifteen hundred dollars?” It flashed upon her: “Here comes the two thousand dollars.” She remembered her friends in the house and consulted them.

These friends said,” Well, if they have offered you fifteen hundred, they will certainly give you two thousand.” So she remained and soon received a check for two thousand dollars for giving up the apartment.  It was certainly a remarkable working of the law and the apparent injustice merely opened the way for her demonstration.

This experience proved that there is no loss and when we use our will to maintain a spiritual stand, we collect all that is ours from this Reservoir of Good.

We see this in the Torah, when the Lord (Universal Principle) told the tribes of Israel, “I will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten.” The locusts are the doubts, fears, resentments, and regrets of mortal thinking.  These adverse thoughts alone rob people, and the ancient principle holds true:  No one gives to himself but himself and no one takes away from himself but himself…


Consider some circumstance in your life that you wish were different.  It might be in the area of health, prosperity, relationships, work, surroundings or spiritual experience.

Now make a list of all the people and situations you can think of who are involved with this circumstance, are doing well in a similar circumstance or were part of previous experiences you’ve had like this circumstance, leaving a line between the names.

Next to each name, put an X if you have been critical or condemning in your thoughts about that person.

Now write a blessing for each person on the line below their name.  It can be as simple as “I bless …” or “God bless…” or “Blessings of God be upon…” or “Blessings of the Goddess…” or “Namaste,” feeling the recognition and blessing in it as you write.

Or, for those you’ve judged against, it can be complex:  “May the life and work of ______ be blessed now and always; I release all thoughts of condemnation and I go free!”  (If you find it difficult to bring yourself to write a blessing for someone, go back and do the casting the burden exercise at the end of chapter 6).

Write a new affirmation for the circumstance, claiming the good that is your birthright, the satisfying fulfillment of your heart’s desires, in accordance with the Divine Design for your life.  Read it over and over until it feels true and real.

Find a way to act as if this new claim is real.  If it’s about prosperity, you could pay all your bills with a smiley face next to your signature and find something you can cheerfully give away.  If it’s about health, you could start an easy exercise routine and imagine how it feels to have the full, healthy use of your body.  If it’s about relationships, you could write a letter or email to yourself saying all the things you’d like to hear from someone else, or you could go out and buy a beautiful card to send to someone you care about.  Feel the feelings of having the circumstance be the most wonderful experience you can imagine.

Finally, let it go.  Go on with your life with as little condemnation and as many cheerful blessings as possible.”

“The game of life is a game of boomerangs. 
Our thoughts, deeds, and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy.” 
Florence Scovel Shinn


Connie Brisson is the publisher and editor of Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine since 2004. From a simple black and white newsprint format that began in 1996, she transformed it into a beautiful full color, gloss magazine that was distributed throughout Alberta, Canada until the end of 2018 (with a readership of over 100,000). It’s now evolved into an online magazine that continues to help people heal, transform and live their best lives. www.mosaicmagazine.ca