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Chinese Year of the Ox

by Skye MacLachlan ~

The Chinese New Year begins on February 11 and we welcome the Metal Ox.

We will soon say farewell to the Metal Rat year.   It was a year fixated on illness, innovation, and quick thinking.  The Metal Ox year has a totally different energy with a focus on working hard, doing what you know and taking one step at a time.

Each year there’s a specific element that represents wealth.  This year that element is fire and unfortunately there is no fire in the Chinese astrological chart for the Metal Ox year.  This means that money is only acquired through hard work.  No risky ventures, no flying by the seat of your pants and no radical ideas.  Think of the oxen plowing the same field day after day; that’s the energy we’re talking about.

To enhance your wealth luck in the Ox year wear fiery colors such as red, fiery orange, bright pink, fuchsia and purple.  In the description of each animal there are also colors listed for overall luck in the upcoming year.

IMG_4004 Where does your power lie
Where Does Your Power Lie © Chris Riley

OX:  After an auspicious year in 2020, 2021 will be more challenging.  Ox people know how to work hard and that ability will serve you well in the upcoming months.  You are one of only two animals that have no lucky stars this year.  The energy of the year is conducive to upgrading your career related skills and furthering your education.  Lucky colors: black and blue.  Lucky number: 1.

TIGER: Your luck is steadily increasing this year.  It’s also a very spiritual year for Tigers and others will often look to you for guidance and upliftment.  In return, you will also be blessed with mentors who support and lead you to positive outcomes.  It’s an important time to incorporate a healthier lifestyle.  Lucky colors: yellow, brown, red, orange.  Lucky numbers: 7, 11.

RABBIT: Rabbits have a dip in their luck this year.  They will need to create their own luck as they have no lucky stars in the Ox year.  Refrain from risky activities and take care when working with sharp tools as you are impacted by the accident star this year.  Career and money luck are dependent upon your ability to maintain positive relations with those around you.  Lucky colors: green, yellow, brown.  Lucky numbers: 3, 11.

DRAGON: This is a moderate year for Dragon people.  Career success will come easily for Dragons and you’ll enjoy a variety of exciting opportunities.  New and more lucrative work could come your way. Those who are single might attract “the one” this year.  Married Dragons need to be patient and tolerant of their partner.  Lucky colors: green, white, gold.  Lucky number: 3, 9.

SNAKE: You will have great career opportunities this year; your efforts and achievements will be recognized.  There’s the potential for financial loss later in the year; always read contracts carefully before signing.  It’s an auspicious year for singles to meet someone special.  Lucky colors: red, orange, white, gold.  Lucky numbers: 7, 9.

Still Seeing Everything – © Chris Riley

HORSE: You’ll need to work harder than usual at your career this year.  Remember to communicate clearly with colleagues and remain calm when disagreements arise.  You’re prone to minor accidents and illnesses this year.  Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep to maintain your health.  Lucky colors: green, yellow, brown.  Lucky numbers: 3, 11.

SHEEP: Wealth is up and down this year so make a commitment to live within your means.  Sheep have a risk of accidents both on the road and when working with sharp tools.  Be attentive and patient as rushing will make you more susceptible to injuries.  Lucky colors: red, orange.  Lucky number: 7.

MONKEY: It’s an interesting year for your financial outlook.  You might win money (or a fantastic prize) but you could also unexpectedly lose money.  Either way, it’s a good year to purchase lotto tickets.  If you’ve been searching for your soulmate, this could be the time when that person shows up.  Lucky colors: blue, black, yellow, brown.  Lucky numbers: 1, 11.

ROOSTER: You may have extra expenditures or even money loss at the beginning of the year but overall your finances will be positive during the Ox’s reign.  Try to communicate clearly at work as you’re influenced by a star that creates chaos out of small misunderstandings.  It’s a great year for singles to meet someone special.  Lucky colors: white, gold, yellow, brown.  Lucky numbers: 9, 11.

DOG: This is an important year to budget and keep your expenditures low. Try to make healthy eating and exercise a priority, otherwise your digestion and well-being might suffer.  Married Dogs will enjoy great happiness with their partners in the Ox year.  Lucky colors: green, red, orange.  Lucky numbers: 3, 7.

Simon © Chris Riley

PIG: This is a year when Pig people’s hard work will not be compensated fairly.  Remember that the energy you invest this year will be rewarded in future years.  Avoid large purchases or high-risk investments.  Most important, be attentive when travelling as you’re impacted by the accident star.  Lucky colors: blue, black, green.  Lucky numbers: 1, 3.

RAT: After waving goodbye to a troubled year in 2020, Rats will enjoy a stabilization of their luck this year.  Your savings will increase over the upcoming year however you may have some unexpected expenses surface.  Career luck is far smoother for Rats in the Ox year.  Lucky colors: black, blue, white, gold.  Lucky numbers: 1, 9.

My annual Chinese New Year’s zoom celebration is on Monday, February 15 at 6:30 p.m. this year.  If you’d like to purchase a ticket, please email skyedreamhorse@shaw.ca.

May you and your loved ones be blessed with good health, prosperity, and peace in the Ox Year.


skye maclachlan

AUTHOR: Skye has specialized in Feng Shui (for the home and business) and Tarot for over 30 years. She teaches Feng Shui, Tarot, Crystalline Gemstone Therapy and Dreamwork at the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies in Edmonton, AB. www.northernstarcollege.com, 780-447-3667 or email her at skyedreamhorse@shaw.ca

ARTIST: Alberta artist, Chris Riley., offers an eclectic mix of vibrant textured works ranging from small to very large. She studies the works of the great masters, post impressionists and 20th century contemporary artists. She is a self taught artist from the NWT and is a member of Federation of Canadian Artists and the Night of Artists. www.rileyart.com