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Believe in Yourself!

A Channeled Spirit message from Ishtara: by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ “Greetings, Great Beings of Light. My name is Ishtara. What a pleasure and a celebration to be with each and every one of you! Here is one of the biggest ways that you can transform your experience in 2021 and your future as well. …

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What’s Long Distance Healing?

What’s Distance Healing? by Norma Hope  ~ Is it possible to heal others at a distance – to send healing energy across time and space? The one thing that the Corona-19 pandemic did was to allow us to question, then change, many of the beliefs and patterns that have controlled our lives, both unconsciously and…

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How to Activate Hope

A Channeled Spirit message from the Akash: by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ Hope is a powerful force. It is not just a “good idea” or a feeling to notice when you already feel hopeful. Therefore, it is important to learn how to activate Hope. Hope is an energetic force you can activate and expand to bring…

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How to Bring in the Light

A Channeled Spirit message from the High Council of Akash: by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ “Each and every one of you has heard that you have your Soul’s energy, or the Light of Source, or the Divine, flowing through you.  It is an aspiration many have to truly connect with that Light and allow it…

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How to Celebrate You!

by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ “Greetings Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion. As your year winds down, and as you look forward to the coming one, it is time to move into the expansive energy field of “CELEBRATION!” While your world is in a new pattern, the focus can be on what’s…

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Owl as a Spirit Guide

Owl Spirit Animal by Michele Keehn  ~ Owl, as a spirit guide, is the warrior of illumination for the soul self.  It is the causal influence for one’s spiritual development and evolution of the soul self. Owl draws on all its medicines from the ancient mystery schools for spiritual development. Across time and space, owl…

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You’re Doing the Best You Can

by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ “Every single person is always doing their best, no matter how it looks and no matter how you feel about it.  This is a very important idea to begin to integrate for yourself and for others.  In fact, it is so important it would be said that it is a…

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It’s Not a Race

by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ “Greetings Great Beings of Light. My name is Ishtara. Here’s another nugget for you with regard to your Awakening and your Ascension… No one’s chasing at your heels. Your Ascension isn’t nipping at your ankles. Your Awakening is not a race to the finish line. Give yourself some time to…

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