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Goose as a Spirit Guide

Goose Spirit Animal by Michele Keehn  ~ The medicine of Goose, as a Spirit animal, is rich, abundant and deeply valued with vast teachings and lessons. I could not possibly get them all into one article. From legacies to myths, the golden gems go on forever. The Norse Goddess Freya, Greek Goddess Aphrodite, French Queen…

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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki? by Donna Reilly Godfrey ~ Something very unusual happened to me while in the recovery room after a minor surgery when I was 24 years old. I died. I stopped breathing and my spirit left my body. I could see myself far above my body looking down and then realized what was…

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trust yourself

Trust as a Pathway in your Ascension Journey

by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ “Greetings, Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion. Trust is one of the pivotal energies to embody on your Ascension Journey.  The trust we are speaking about is an internal Trust. When you hold this level of Trust, you become magnetic to the desires you have. Typically, people…

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take things one moment at a time

Taking Life in Small Bites

by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ “Greetings, Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion. Take your life in small bites. Little nuggets that are digestible in the moment. Savor the moments you are in now and truly make the best of it…now. The key to this message is the small bites and having them…

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Ka-Pow - Chis Riley

My Life as a Medium

My Life as a Medium by Irene Martina ~ My first experience with the “other side” began in a sandbox when I was four and a half years old. My grandfather was on a ladder fixing his roof, while babysitting my sister and I as we played in the sandbox.   Grandpa had a very mean…

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Soul Family & The Holidays

by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ “Family shows up in all kinds of ways:  through birth, marriage, adoption, friends, soul groups, and more.  Family isn’t always those who you have a genetic connection with.  Family can be a safe, loving space or the exact opposite! As you move into the holidays, when family interactions are more…

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The Tortoise and The Hare - Kathy Meaney

October’s Astrology

What’s in October’s skies? by Chris McRae  ~ SOUND BITE:  Carelessness can bring events but caution brings results. With Aries and Libra highlighted this month through the New and Full Moons, it is timely to be aware of the effect we have on others. Keywords:  Harmony, Balance, Responsibility to Self, Awareness of Others. There are…

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Your Highest Potential

by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ Holly is an International Akashic Records Instructor & Reader as well as a Conscious Channel for many Multi-Dimensional Guides. She is the co-founder of the Universal Sphere® as well as several Soul Activations brought through from these guides. She teaches and offers sessions internationally, online and locally in Northern California.…

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