What Do You Predict?

What Do You Predict? by Dana da Ponte ~ Many years ago my guardian angel Cassandra taught me a very important lesson. She explained how, when working with Spirit, it was important to be both directive and receptive. In my work, I’ve noticed people focus on being receptive when working with Spirit. They concentrate on…

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Spirit Art - fire in palms of hands - April 5, 2021 - 2000

What Do You Need to Release?

What Do You Need to Release? by Dana da Ponte ~ This week, I thought I’d share a message my angel Cassandra shared with me. I was struggling with issues around food and eating that were surfacing in my life again. I’ve been dealing with my issues around food and eating for a long time.…

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Spirit Art - March 29, 2021 - 2000

Journey From Dark to Light

Journey From Dark to Light by Dana da Ponte ~ The bees have survived the cold winter months. They lived off the honey they stored from last summer. As they emerge from the hives, they are in search of more food so they are on the lookout for the first sources of pollen. Within weeks…

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Ram - I love you to the mountains and back - shelby willis - 2000

Sheep as a Spirit Guide

Sheep as a Spirit Animal by Michele Keehn  ~ (featuring Shelby Willis’ artwork)  ~ Sheep, as animal spirit guides, represent FAITH to me.  These gentle animals have helped me build faith in myself and my ability to partner with Spirit. What is Faith?  Faith is complete trust in, confidence, conviction and a healthy dependence or…

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Art - March 22, 2021 - Dana daPonte

Love Your Body

Love Your Body by Dana da Ponte ~ This week the moon is full and round and bright. In her round glory, she is not afraid to take up space. She is not worried about showing too much or being too loud or bright. She will not hide her big round body. She will stand…

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Making a Wish © Eva Campbell, www.evitaworks - 2000

An Invitation to Open to Light

An Invitation to Open to Light by Dana da Ponte ~ There is a story of a mother and daughter, Demeter and Persephone, that predates the modern Greek version. In the earlier version, Demeter is like a Mother of the Earth, and Persephone, her daughter, feels pulled to help the spirits of the Underworld. Demeter…

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Brave by Cathy McMillan

Retrain Your Emotional Brain

Retrain Our Emotional Brain by Norma Hope  ~ After becoming a therapist in 1999, and healing my own trauma, I became fascinated with our emotional brain – the Limbic System. The Limbic System is primarily responsible for our emotional life including interpreting our experiences of fear, anxiety, anger, pleasure, hopelessness, grief, etc., and then storing…

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Caring for animals (Mila Gablasova) - 2000

Clear Your Home’s Energy

Clear Your Home’s Energy by Dana da Ponte ~ In the northern hemisphere, the worst of winter is behind us. The days are getting longer and preparations for planting are soon to come. Spring is near and the sun is warming the earth back to life. By this time of year, the energy and emotional…

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