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Astrology: May 2022

Solar Eclipse: Sow New Seeds by Gagan Mann ~ We are starting the month with New Moon energy in Taurus with a solar eclipse. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, is Venus based and is the earth spirit. Taurus people are the gardeners, the store owners, the tactile person, the musician and the silent one.…

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Astrology: April 2022

Chiron & Your Hidden Potential by Gagan Mann ~ Spring is here even though in our northern hemisphere it doesn’t feel like it is. Nevertheless, there is life under the earth waiting to spring its face to the sun at any moment now. This month is all about sowing seeds of depth and self-healing. We…

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Astrology: March 2022

Pisces: Dream Your Dreams by Gagan Mann ~ Spring is almost on the horizon and the month of Pisces should feel like a cool breeze on a blistering day. As a collective we have been working with challenges both big and small. March should be somewhat of a relief with a little imagination and a…

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Astrology: February 2022

Think Like an Aquarian by Gagan Mann ~ Happy Birthday Aquarians! The fixed air sign of Aquarius brings in the imagination, the inventions, the unpredictable, and themes of individuality and breaking free from what we were taught. Traditionally ruled by Saturn and then Uranus, Aquarius seeks individuality and will not conform to peer pressure and…

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Astrology: January 2022

Welcoming 2022 by Gagan Mann ~ Happy New Year!  Regardless of our zodiac sign, we are all coming into the new year feeling very exhausted. However, the new year month of January presents you with milder challenges and opportunities to take a step back from your usual self and invite some newness. It’s All About…

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Astrology: December 2021

Grow & Expand With Sagittarius by Gagan Mann ~ Happy birthday to all the Sagittarius out there!  This mutable fire sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter and simply means that themes of fun, optimism, expansiveness, growth, faith and learning is in the cards. Traditionally it was known as the “Greater Benefic” (meaning nothing but…

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Astrology: November 2021

Scorpio & Transformation by Gagan Mann ~ On OCTOBER 22 the sun shifted into the constellation of Scorpio, a receptive fixed water sign. This intense sign is all about transformation, destruction and regeneration. November is full of intensity and opportunities to shed light on secrets and shadows. Be mindful of your words and take the…

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Astrology: October 2021

Harmony and Boundaries by Gagan Mann ~ The cooler air and the falling leaves are showing us to once again let go of what doesn’t serve us. One evening my daughter and I were walking, and it was cold and windy. As we walked, I said: “The winds help the trees shed their leaves.” Later…

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