Astrology: October 2021

Harmony and Boundaries by Gagan Mann ~ The cooler air and the falling leaves are showing us to once again let go of what doesn’t serve us. One evening my daughter and I were walking, and it was cold and windy. As we walked, I said: “The winds help the trees shed their leaves.” Later…

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eastern women

Astrology: September 2021

Welcoming the Equinox & Libra by Gagan Mann ~ The outcomes and possibilities in any event are immense and therefore astrology can come as a gift or a shadow. Gift, because it shows us how we can work with different planetary energies and how to unkink patterns that have walked for generations. Shadow, because using…

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dragonfly moon

Astrology: August-16-2021

An Especially Fortunate Full Moon by Elaine Jessica ~ The planet Uranus will be going retrograde later this week adding to the potency of all that it means to revisit and recapitulate the recent past.  Think of it as the Universe wanting us to check and double check what we value… like our planet for…

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the star card

Astrology: August-9-2021

A Yod in the Cosmos by Elaine Jessica ~ If on Monday, AUGUST 9, your day brings a sense of creative explosion, get to work utilizing the gifts and talents you’re adorned with and expect some amazing creative results.  However, if awakened to confusion in areas of life involving love, money and trust, steer clear…

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lion woman

Astrology: August-2-2021

New Moon on Sunday! by Elaine Jessica ~ Monday, AUGUST 2, the Sun (ego), who’s holding hands with Mercury (communication and inner dialogue), is in opposition with Saturn (boundaries and rules).  It is said that oppositions affect us through others and therefore situations that arise require some compromise.  This opposition can bring up personal insecurities…

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indian woman

Astrology: July-26-2021

Retrogrades Give Second Chances by Elaine Jessica ~ Every sign in the zodiac has its own healing vibe… Our job is to recognize the flow and embrace it.  Lovely Leo is all about creativity, showing up and fun.  It represents the fifth house of the zodiac and radiates all that is romance, childlike inspiration, self…

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Astrology: July-19-2021

It’s Leo Season! by Elaine Jessica ~ With the mask mandate lifted here in Alberta, I’ve noticed some people continue to wear masks when they go shopping.  I honor that people have their own comfort levels and I appreciate all perspectives.  I’m just curious by nature.  My hope is that we all honor those conscientious…

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Zen Yoga Mandala

Astrology: July-12-2021

Embrace Cancer’s Intuitive Gifts by Elaine Jessica ~ Long summer days, warm sun rays and the full colors of nature are gracing us. Sounds like perfection. What are the sign posts of your perfect summer?  I often wonder if we are paying attention to the daily gifts we receive, or are we distracted by the…

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