Beauty Way oracle card - 2000

The Beauty Way

The Beauty Way by Connie Brisson ~ I love beautiful things. Whenever I create something (in my home or business), I always ask myself:  “Is this beautiful to me?” Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and different things are beautiful to each of us, one thing is for sure. Beauty has a…

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Umbrellas 1

San Juan’s Umbrella Walk

San Juan’s Umbrella Walk by Connie Brisson ~ One of the places we’ve traveled to that was a great surprise to me was OLD SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico. It’s a marvelous array of grand old architecture (over 400 restored Spanish colonial-style buildings, all dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries), blue cobblestone streets, colonial…

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Accident Monument Jeddah - low res - 2000

Oh, The Places We’ll Go

Oh, The Places We’ll Go by Connie Brisson ~ Traveling… It’s the thing I’ve missed the absolute most since this pandemic began (even though I just couldn’t resist going to a few places anyway.) But as we’ve just completed our Universal Laws of Creation oracle deck, I’ve been musing about featuring a fun topic for…

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Freedom Concept - Magic Butterflies Flying Out Of The Jar On The

Grateful for Freedom

Grateful for Freedom by Connie Brisson ~ FREEDOM!  Hallelujah, sweet freedom. On July 1, our provincial government lifted the pandemic restrictions and the heavens opened up, the sun shone through and we are free to live again! When we went into our first restaurant last week, without wearing a mask, I felt like I had…

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watercolor church

Protective Grace in the Fire

Protective Grace in the Fire by Connie Brisson ~ Wherever we go in the world, one of the things that calls to me like a siren are the old churches, and the older, the better. I love the architecture and grandeur of their exteriors. Then I love to explore the inside with its mystical icons,…

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Young woman chef in retro style clothes cooking and holding cook

Letting Go of Habits

Letting Go of Habits by Connie Brisson ~ Turns out, I have a habit of falling into habits. Ten days after I had Gabbey, we moved from Edmonton to Fort McMurray and the only thing I remember about that trip was that when we got there, we ate at a Chinese restaurant (a habit of…

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girl on a romantic flower car

Let’s Be Brave Now

Let’s Be Brave Now by Connie Brisson ~ Something I’ve noticed since this pandemic is nearly over (and I’m trying to fit “back” into life) is that sometimes now I’m scared of things I have done all along before COVID-19. I’ve always been fairly independent and, and although not fearless, I’m usually willing (if not…

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My Experiences with Jesus

My Experiences with Jesus by Connie Brisson ~ Jesus Christ. I say that a lot some days… and not always because I’m praying. Sometimes it’s because I’m frustrated or depressed, but always I know his name has great power.  The first time I remember experiencing Jesus was in a dream I had when I was…

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