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Buffalo Spirit Animal

by Michele Keehn  ~

Buffalo is the sentient spirit animal guide of Reverence.

Forever they have been the living legends of walking their walk of personal power and presence. Buffalo is the role model of reverent ways and resources of practicing prayer, peace, power, strength, stamina, guidance preservation, perseverance and protection.

Buffalo are “knowers of knowledge” and leaders of heart. They teach us collaboration and herd/group consciousness and provide a plethora of resources (for our spiritual and physical bodies) for the betterment of humanity and the human condition. They use their inner GPS (of their soul and Spirit partnership) to guide them through their life’s mission and passion of being the committed stewards for humanity and the sacred guardians of our Mother Earth. They are telepathically and instinctually guided by Spirit through the stars, our ancestors and the ancient ones.

Buffalo medicine is vast and dates back to the beginning of humanity. Buffalos are Spirit’s gift to the Earth’s plains with their ability to tillage, turn and fertilize the soils, keeping the earth irrigated to hold water, which fed and laid a healthy foundation and protection for the plants, trees and grasses to grow. This produced minerals and micro-organisms for a healthy ecosystem that fed, housed and nurtured the ecological systems that provide for animal and human life to flourish.

Indigenous people were the first ones to practice the teachings of buffalo that were gifted through the old ways of living as one with nature. They knew through their reverent connection with the buffalo that these great sentient beings were sent to be the stewards for human survival.

Buffalo as Spirit Guide © Shelby Willis

A buffalo’s heart and soul is massive. Their commitment to peace, unity, love, honour, respect, integrity and truth has been told many times by many generations of indigenous peoples.  They are revered for their peace, protection and prosperity of our human, animal and ecological relationships.

Buffalo herd consciousness is humbling, sentient, powerful and deeply seated in the human consciousness and soul. They teach us how to collaboratively protect ourselves through prayer and through the ownership of our personal power. The “I am” presence is available to all who learn to listen to their inner wisdom/voice and the compass of their Soul self. Our inner light and guidance from within illuminates our path, purpose and passion. The buffalo know this and are committed to teaching the two-legged beings.

White Buffalo Calf Woman

There are many beautiful, matrilineal, mystical and magical stories of teachers like the White Buffalo Calf Woman prophetess.  She was the messenger for the people.  She demonstrated this when she simultaneously shapeshifted herself (and showed us that we are all interconnected) through the action of her becoming a black buffalo calf first, then a red, then a yellow, until she went over the hill’s horizon as a white buffalo calf.  She reminds us that we are one in spirit, interdependent on each other in a brotherhood like that of kin.  She reminds us, not only of the human and buffalo relationship the indigenous had, (and many still have with these sentient beings) but our relationship with each other as a collective consciousness.

The American or Plain’s buffalo and the Canadian wood buffalo (also known as bison) began their roots and habitats originally across Alberta, Yukon and Northern Territories.  DNA has confirmed that the American buffalo is related to our Asian elephants whom are the offspring of the woolly mammoth. Asia is the home of the white spirit elephants, the elephants that are revered as “Earth Guardians” and have a powerful matriarchal system. Like the buffalo, human interference has kept them from fulfilling their instinctive knowing as earth keepers.

In the beginning, buffalo gave to humans all that was needed to thrive and survive through its life practices and of its physical body. The teepees where made from the skin, while the hide and hair became beds, blankets, coats and clothes.  From buffalo, tools like water bags, soup kettles, spoons, knives, arrows, needles and awls were created.  Horns became rattles, while the hide became drums and rattles for song and ceremony. Sleds were made from the ribs. The skulls were part of the sacred altar of honour and respect. The sacred pipe and tobacco for chanupa (sacred prayer and ceremony) where laid on the altar with the revered buffalo skull, actioning the gratitude from the people’s hearts to the buffalo. It was through the use of all these resources the Great Spirit, the universe, would feel the people’s hearts and then bring about what it needed to manifest by answering their prayers.

White Buffalo Woman showed the people (through her gifts of the sacred pipe and practices) how to live a life of prayer and right actions. She brought them the seven sacred ceremonies and four directions honouring practices, and the song to sing, as they mindfully and consciously connected to the Earth Mother and Father Sky Spirit to honor the ancestors and ancient ones.

Soul on Fire © Shelby Willis

She taught us to live from a pure heart to tame and purify the mind.  She taught the practices of honouring our physical bodies, physical life and the spirit and essence that is in all life. To call on and have a spiritual guide like that of the Buffalo and White Buffalo Calf Woman is to know that we do have a spiritual calling and an inner knowing of a higher purpose, and that we are to show up in our life as willing participants to bring about peace and awakened presence.

We are the “living prayer and bridge,” with our feet firmly resting and walking on the Earth and the pipe stem of our hearts and souls reaching to the sky to acknowledge Spirit. Our bodies form the living bridge between the sacred beneath us and the sacred above us.  Spirit, Great Mystery, Wakan Tanka, Kiji Manido, Father and Mother God smiles upon us as we learn to honour and hold sacred the reverence that lives within all living beings of life. The earth, the sky, the stars, the two-legged, four-legged, winged, feathered, furred, finned, creepy crawlies, slitherings, the plant people, standing (trees) people, the minerals, stones and crystalline peoples – we are all of One Kingdom – we are made of the same elements.  Water, earth, fire, air, metal and wood are the sustenance for all life forms.  The buffalo is associated with all the chakras as is the earth and our bodies.

When you need to be reminded that you are held in reverence by Spirit, call on White Buffalo Spirit. It is the divine right of everyone to be self-governed by our own inner authority and it is our personal power that enables each of us to discern and decide the right actions, words and prayer for ourselves. From this state and place of stillness and knowing, you can experience the “I AM” presence that the Buffalo Spirit stands steadfast in. When we come into a place of reverent stillness within (the action of prayer), we can shift ourselves back into the right brain hemisphere, the intuitive way of relating to the Earth, the sky and being one with Spirit and all life.

My Story of Buffalo Spirit

At one point in my life, when all was seemingly crashing in on me, I reached out to ask for help and guidance through a feeble prayer. Soon after I found myself on my way to a retreat to learn about the earth/animal connection and how to apply this reverence and respect with all life.  I was not really consciously aware to what I had signed up for yet. As I arrived closer to the retreat, I was watching the sky.  It was a beautiful clear blue day and I saw three images in a row in the sky. Thankfully I was the passenger in the vehicle because I did not take my eyes off of them. 

One image was of an angel wing outstretched like smudging fan. The second image was a buffalo skull missing one horn. The third was a full body angel image. I was shocked and honoured to see such images as these were all very important to me already, but I had no clue how they would be symbolic of my 11-year journey back home into my heart and soul self (within my week-long retreat of lessons in earth animal connections).

A white angel being came to me during a releasing experience being facilitated by another.  I was sitting on the chair when the double doors in front of us blew open. I saw the angel hover in the blue expanse in front of me; the wind was blowing, the sun was shining and she stayed with me during the whole releasing process. She was a white, radiant, angel-like being with a mystical, powerful presence. She reminded me of the Archangel Gabriel, White Buffalo Woman and she had an essence of my own Mother.  There was so much love; I felt so held, comforted and protected.

I felt that this angel came to witness all that had been unbearable in my past. A few days later I had another experience while sitting in the pasture, receiving again. I looked up and saw the image of a buffalo calf in the sky inviting me to come out to play and embrace the innocence of my child self.

The Power of Imagination © Shelby Willis

Later that week, while walking the land as I did daily, I processed and felt the Earth connection deeply below and through me. I was breathing in the essence of the air and elements around me when I came across a buffalo horn, the one missing in the image I saw in the sky just before that retreat.  It was old and had yellow, orange and green lichen with a silvery, white plant form. I felt such resonance and connection within myself, a feeling of inner balance. I asked if I could keep it and gave my offerings.

I found pieces of myself on that trip; I found peace and spiritual repair. I continued to return several years in a row to continue my growth and to deepen the gifts that I was just beginning to get a glimpse of through the reconnection of my physical body, spiritual soul and the Spirit that lives within me… always. All the images, and many more, continued to reveal my ability to reclaim my personal power through consciously cultivating this partnership with Spirit and by building relationships with all life. This included the Spirit world that is always willing and ready to show us the way to bridge the gap between the illusions of separation into the Oneness.  This unity awaits us all as we learn to develop peace within.

Call on Buffalo as a Spirit Guide

Call on Buffalo Medicine when you feel the need to connect and empower your inner knowing and wisdoms. Call on it when you want to learn to trust yourself, grow your strengths and gifts you came to share, and to develop your personal power and presence.

Call on Buffalo when you want to make a difference in the betterment of humanity and life relationships.

Get outside for walks; consciously connect your footsteps to the Earth. Lift your eyes and souls light to the sky and talk to Spirit. Find a space to sit upon the Earth for a few minutes and bring your palms together at your heart center. Then ask:  “How do I become a better steward of peace and reverence in my life?”  Now sit in the stillness and focus on your heartbeat and Mother Earth’s heartbeat.  Feel the pulse of both your hearts uniting through your breath pattern. Keep lengthening and relaxing into your breath and just listen…  The bridge within your heart and soul will provide the guidance to become the willing participant in your life, for life.

Buffalo Spirit Guide is a willing participant in life for all life by embodying and embracing its personal power and presence through the energy, essence and attitude of peace, unity and Oneness. Buffalo taught the people through right action, right reasons and a right way of living and by respecting life as reverent.

Megwetch Beloveds,


Michele Keehn is a Spiritual (Soul) Energy Healer and Shaman at Infiniti Trails 4 Healing, specializing in holistic medicines and modalities, and in ceremonies and journeys. She has made it her life’s mission and legacy to teach the importance of self-love and how it impacts the healing of ancestral lineages. Contact her at 780-217-8146, infiniti-trails@html.com or go to www.infinitrails.ca for more information.


Shelby Willis’ artwork is inspired by her love for nature and her background in Ecology. She has always been drawn to animals and through a combination of color, mark making and energetic brush strokes, she aims to capture and showcase their spiritual qualities. Contact her at www.shelbywillis.ca, Instagram: @shelbzwillisart, Facebook: Shelby Willis Art or shelbshelbywillisart@gmail

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