by Kamia Shepherd ~

Boundaries are healthy intentions to create and keep a sacred space around the “self” and your energy field.

Like a plant in the warmth of the sun, the more we invest and strengthen our boundaries, the stronger and healthier they become. Having a boundary that allows you to acknowledge what is healthy and supportive of your life purpose, daily interactions and evolving relationships is challenging, yet attainable.

To create and explore your own unique sacred space, I offer you the following visualization.

Retreat to a place that feels safe. This could be outside or inside, but is best practiced alone, or at least alone within a 12 foot radius. Interlace your fingers and place them over your solar plexus and begin to relax into deeper breathing.

When your lungs and body feel as though they are saturated in oxygen, choose a vibrant color that resonates with you. This color should be bright and make you feel safe, healthy and vital when you see or wear it.

Imagine that you have picked up a giant paintbrush and draw a circle around yourself. This circle touches the ground, leaving space between you and the surrounding world. The line the paintbrush leaves is thick and strong. If you need to draw the circle more than once to feel that it is solid, do so.

Once drawn, take a moment to set an intention or prayer. It could be something like this:

I ask that my higher self, my guides, my guardian angels and the ascended masters, God(dess) and earth helpers help to clear my energy field from any negativity and fear that I no longer wish to carry. In this circle of light, I reconnect with my Being, life purpose, and immense Divine Love.

By enclosing yourself in a circle of light, you have not stopped loving or being connected with those in your life you love. You have instead created a stronger inner ability to experience love and center yourself.

Perhaps as your day progresses you will feel this circle shrink. It might begin to fit your body like a shield of armor or it may be challenged as you interact with those who are used to trespassing on your boundaries. If you tune into your inner knowing throughout the day, even for a few moments, do a visual scan of what is happening with your circle of light after such interactions and if necessary, draw the circle with your giant mental paintbrush once more.

Ideally this “boundary drawing” will become routine. The colors may change with the seasons, your spiritual journey or your mood and life experiences. When the colors are vibrant, they are feeding you and protecting you simultaneously.

Some of the angelic hues are:

  • Archangel Michael works primarily with vibrant blue and purple for safety and protection.
  • Archangel Jophiel has hues of pink that lead to seeing the beauty within the self and the world.
  • Archangel Raphael has predominantly green hues, bringing healing on all levels to those that work with him.

We all possess the ability to be energetically sensitive and aware. We all deserve to be nourished internally before sharing our gifts with the world around us. Healthy boundaries lead to healthy relationships in all aspects of one’s life. May you have excellent health!

Kamia Shepherd is the author of Soul Evolution (Friesen Press). Compassion is her grounded spiritual site and offers positive messages, prayers, exercises and artwork to facilitate individual as well as universal angelically guided wellness through self empowerment.

ART: Penny, © Crystal Driedger. Playful and charming, Crystal’s paintings feature vibrant colors, enchanting textures and gentle, whimsical shapes. Often her pieces are hand-carved into soft basswood or are painted with thick, buttery strokes of rich oil pain and inspired by memories and imaginings from a childhood spent on her family farm.

NOTE: This article was first published in May 2014 in © Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine. This information is for educational purposes only and is intended to supplement your current health program, not to replace the care of a licensed medical doctor.