It’s Leo Season!

by Elaine Jessica ~

With the mask mandate lifted here in Alberta, I’ve noticed some people continue to wear masks when they go shopping.  I honor that people have their own comfort levels and I appreciate all perspectives.  I’m just curious by nature.  My hope is that we all honor those conscientious souls who (from their perspective) continue to keep everyone safe and also that we applaud those who feel the freedom to go without.  Freedom seekers, the “see me” people are speaking Leo!  Whatever form Leo speaks to you, (and we all have Leo in our astrology whether there are planets in that sign or not), let it shine through!    

This week Leo season makes its grand entrance!  There’s no better time to be in the frame of mind of playful creativity than when the Sun is in Leo.   We can’t help but feel lighter and enthusiastic.  As we make the shift from Cancer’s “I feel everything” to Leo’s “let me shine,” may we stay in awareness to our inner selves.   May we shift our perspectives and perceptions to reflect our highest and best.  As experiencers of all experiences, we shift to “good God” willing… or the other side of that is that we stay stuck. Be willing to leave the Cancer energy and ask yourself if you’re holding on to the past (Cancer energy has the ability to keep us stuck).

This week begins with a shaking up of our plans and expectations of how things “should” play out.  Ideas and light bulb moments factor into decisions.  We may be more focused on details brought to the surface through intuitive insights and seemingly sudden downloads.  The first couple of days this week is a really great time to learn something new and take advantage of this Uranian energy.  It’s a time of heightened curiosity and using unorthodox means to figure things out.


On Thursday, JULY 22, Venus (planet of what we love and money) and Jupiter (the expander) are on opposite sides of the zodiac.  This opposition may play havoc if you’re not on summer vacation where you’d be indulging in all things laid back, having fun.  For the rest of us who may have commitments big and small, we will need to dig in and pull out the discipline card and use up all the credits, because today we all want to be on beach somewhere shooting the breeze.  Looking for love?  Don’t lower your standards for the sake of a moment of fun (oh, that was out of left field, wasn’t it?) Have a great evening socializing at the end of the day and call it the reward for focusing on this scattered day.

Friday’s Full Moon is known as a “Buck Moon,”
named after the time of year when new antlers emerge on a buck’s head. 
Other names for this Full Moon are Thunder Moon and Hay Moon.  

On Friday, JULY 23, the Moon is in Aquarius, opposite the Sun in Leo, creating an inner tension that’s wanting a release point.  There are areas of life that feel pronounced by additional tension between the Full Moon and Venus and there’s more… with Jupiter implications during this time.  

Here’s what’s up:  There’s a sense of testiness or annoyance around unresolved love relations, and/or around money.   There is also a pressure or a sense of frustration of “I can’t win” in terms of the balance between “success” and domestic life. Our job is to find the light within our frustrations and to be willing to adjust what’s not working.  Turn up the nozzle so to speak.  See the rainbow of colors (options) available in full view of the stream of possibilities.  Pay attention to any themes that may surface because this is the first of two Full Moons in Aquarius; the second one is next month.

On Saturday, JULY 24, Mercury (communication) is in the field of dreams with Neptune (dreams and illusions) so pay attention to your dreams and your daydreams! This is a great weekend to take in events that satisfy our sensitivities and creativity.  Aren’t we glad things are opening up so we can attend concerts, entertainment and retreats?  With the Sun now in Leo, there’s no better time to get your enthusiastic creative expressions out there!  Watch for drama around conspiracy theories and things that bring lower emotions to the forefront. 

On Sunday, JULY 25, Mercury activates a Plutonic response that may bring up something hidden or highlight an inner battle.  There may be internal dialogue around personal improvement.  It’s good to step back and let things settle if there’s an unease around incoming information or if your inner dialogue is negative. Allow any inner restlessness to serve you as positive motivation and leave the rest behind.  If there are feelings of loneliness from this transit, know “this too shall pass.”

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Am I tapped into my inner courageous willing self?”

The season of Leo the Lion’s key phrase is: “I will.”  How fitting is it that the solar plexus chakra is the color of yellow golden sunshine? It’s located in the center of our torso radiating out and around our personal magnetic field. This is our take charge center; it rules our personal power, self control and physical energy.  It holds courage and follow through.  In Sanskrit it’s known as Manipura which means lustrous gem. It sits above the sacral (water) chakra and the root (earth) chakra.  It represents our inner fire, igniting the light of our consciousness and activating our power.


 Here are some self inquiry questions to open an inner dialogue of self empowerment:

  • Can I say no easily?
  • Am I committed to my life?
  • Do I feel confident in my life?
  • Do I stand up for myself?
  • Do I follow through on my personal goals?

Try these ideas to help create balance and personal empowerment:

  • Journal ideas and goals to create a mission statement.
  • Validate ideas and negate criticism.
  • Have fun and jump in with both feet.
  • Give yourself permission to express yourself.
  • Get physical – power walk.
  • Create understanding through exercises in awareness and compassion.
  • Wear yellow to feel inspired.

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…


Elaine Jessica Astrology

Elaine Jessica is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Medium, Astrologer and Chopra Certified Meditation Teacher. Her life’s vision is to collaborate with individuals and groups in support of connection, healing and love. She specializes in helping people explore and release limiting beliefs in support of creating one’s best life. Read more about Elaine and her areas of expertise.

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