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Welcoming the Equinox & Libra

by Gagan Mann ~

The outcomes and possibilities in any event are immense and therefore astrology can come as a gift or a shadow.

Gift, because it shows us how we can work with different planetary energies and how to unkink patterns that have walked for generations. Shadow, because using it like a prediction can limit us. It can hinder healing just because most of us like quick fixes.

Mercury moves around the Sun at exponential speed; so do our thoughts. It takes a second to think of a peaceful world, but it takes much longer to have it come to reality. This month highlights all our relationships. So much is being mirrored back to us and some stuff is ugly. It’s time to do our homework!

Uranus in Taurus retrograded on Sunday, AUGUST 22 and will stay in retrograde motion until Monday, JANUARY 10, 2022. Opportunities and possibilities for thinking outside the box, lightning insights and unexpected discoveries are all part of how Uranian energy takes place. The planet Uranus is a massive energy and being the octave of the planet Saturn, it decides for you and gives you no time to think because it is sudden and unexpected.

Uranus energy is also about what is good for humanity, the groups and organizations we associate ourselves with. Look into what role you play and does it align with your core values?

SEPTEMBER brings more of the flavor of change, insights and relationships. Leaving the month of August (with the full moon in Aquarius on August 22) helped shed light on groups and organizations that no longer serve us. Change can bring discomfort and that kick starts anxiousness. Working with breathing techniques and grounding exercises can help ease discomfort and anxiousness.

This type of energy can be felt all through Fall 2021 and bleeding into Winter 2021 when the planet Uranus starts its retrograde motion (August 22 until January 10, 2022). Anytime we have a retrograde, “Stop, Pause, Reflect” should be the mantra.

On Sunday, AUGUST 22, the Sun also shifted into the constellation of Virgo. The spotlight was on what is ideal and what is reality. This mutual earth sign learns through service to others. When Virgo is playing then so is Mercury, being its ruling planet. The mind, perceptions and information gathering is affected.

With so much upheaval happening around us and globally, one must take the time to pause and question what we are exposing ourselves to through the five senses. Are we able to digest what we see, hear, taste and touch? Virgo flavor can be bombarded with details and paying too much attention to every little detail. Discern what creates peace or what misaligns you.

All through SEPTEMBER, Mercury is in Libra and stays in the cardinal air sign even through its retrograde period until Monday, OCTOBER 18. Relationships of all sorts are highlighted and anytime there is a retrograde one should put “RE” in front of everything: Revisit, Realign, Recollect, Reflect, Revise, etc.

Mercury and Venus are in Libra giving everything a little gentler, more balanced approach.

Mars represents our drive, assertion, animal nature and instinctive aggression. For SEPTEMBER it is paired with Libra. This combination can be fighting the good fight and still staying level headed. Until Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 15, Mars is in Virgo and lends a good hand to projects. Use this energy to set good foundations and keep the momentum strong through the latter half of September when Mars goes into Libra. Venus represents beauty, love energy, harmony, inner balance, our values, and most of all our relationships. From SEPTEMBER 1 – 10, it is paired with Libra. Venus loves being in the sign of Libra because it’s right at home. This can be an excellent time for looking into what’s important to you in relationships and what needs changing.

This is especially true from Friday, SEPTEMBER 17 toThursday, SEPTEMBER 23, as it squares Saturn and Uranus. This type of energy can be very challenging as it demands change and there can be much sudden needed change. It might not feel good but in the long run it can create clarity. Doing your homework in relationships will pay off.

Monday, SEPTEMBER 6, we have a new moon at 14 degrees of Virgo. New moons present us with an opportunity to set new intentions. If you are looking for some inspiration or something new, this new moon aligns nicely with Uranus, creating flow in creativity and opportunity. Look into doing something just for fun and let the day unfold and show you magic.

The two big cycles taking place in the month of SEPTEMBER are in two tense aspects, and both are with the planet Uranus. First is Uranus squaring Saturn and the second is Uranus squaring Jupiter. This square is there all through September. Squares bring the potential of stress, challenge and possibilities of great growth and unleashing oneself from old patterns. The trick however is to keep working at it; whatever is presented must be worked through and finally there will be a reward.

There is a flowing aspect of a trine taking place with Uranus and the planet Pluto.  This creates opportunities to do some deep psychological pruning, getting down to the bare bones of things but the challenge might be feelings of being stuck. It is said that the planets are happening for you and not at you, so be brave! Remember these are aspects that take a very long time, giving you plenty of time to work on issues but they can present themselves in sudden and explosive ways.

On Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 14, the Sun opposes the planet Neptune creating polarity of Virgo and Pisces. There may be confusion or illusions around sense of self. Our solar energy can be affected so pay attention to how one might escape to get away from reality. Put your feelers out and trust your intuition.

Finally, this month has a full moon in Pisces on Monday, SEPTEMBER 20. The polarity of Virgo and Pisces can show up as a strong inner critic, a martyr or as a sacrifice. Healthy boundaries are a must around self and others.

On Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 22, we have the Autumn Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra and just like its glyph, equality and balance is the theme. Take time to listen to the other and then make conclusions. Arm wrestling with anybody to prove a point might not work; instead seek first to understand.

On Monday, SEPTEMBER 27, Mercury will go retrograde until Monday, OCTOBER 18, in the sign of Libra and of course relationships seek attention. Pay attention to your interactions, contracts, fine prints and a check-in with self is a must.

Libra somehow always gives too much of herself, so boundaries should be checked. Relationships may mirror back unhealthy parts of self and create feelings of low self-worth. It’s a good time to do a check around boundaries with others. Look to what makes you feel wholesome and fulfilled! Look into who and what is pressing into you before you even notice it…

Above all “Be Kind.”


I welcome you to read through the following exercise and then just sit back, relax and close your eyes. As certain parts of your body are mentioned, I want you to consciously feel that part of your body begin to relax.

In order to help you relax, I want you to visualize yourself on a very beautiful, puffy cloud. This cloud is of your favorite color, keeping you safe as you relax your whole being. You feel the sun warming every muscle, nerve and bone in your body. The sky is the most beautiful blue you have ever seen.

As you are on your cloud lazing in the sky, you hear the sounds all around you, feeling the warm breeze, enjoying the birds, and with each breath you begin to feel more and more relaxed.

Starting with the forehead, feel all the little frown lines in the forehead just disappear. Now allow the relaxation to come around your eyes. Your eyelids will seem to become very, very, heavy; so heavy they don’t seem to want to open. They may want to flutter a little bit, but that is okay.  Just feel how heavy they are and just breath. As your mouth relaxes, the little muscle around the jaw also relaxes. 

Just let go, letting go of all the tension. Stay here a moment, nothing to do and nowhere to go. Take five long deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling five times. 

Make time in your busy day to enjoy this relaxation exercise whenever you can to recharge yourself.


Gagan Mann was born in Punjab, India where she spent her early childhood before moving to Canada at the age of 12.  She has a Counselling Diploma from Counselling Training Institute of BC and in the last 10 years she studied Astrology, Plant Medicine and Hypnotherapy and graduated from the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies four years ago. She loves her rich East Indian roots (the niche for astrology and all things mystical) but it was not until she studied Embodied Astrology that she fully embraced and fell in love with the mysteries of life. Her philosophy for life and with clients is to raise consciousness to break unhealthy patterns that walk with all of us. She loves delving deep into the unconsciousness through hypnotherapy and guiding people with astrology to create potentials and possibilities.

Contact: gaganmann@me.com