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by Elaine Jessica ~

Happy Thanksgiving!  There’s never been a more pertinent time to consider our choices, than now. 

For many of us the events of 2020 will be the epitome of chaos in this lifetime.  I used to dislike the overuse of the word surreal.  But here we are; this time in herstory (history) is surreal. 

October is pivotal, a game changer, or it could be. Two thirds of October is in Libra energy, seeking harmony and balance.  I’m comforted in knowing Libra is aligned with all that’s going on because it provides the background energy we need, supporting us with the challenges we face.  I’m repeating but, astrology is all about timing and it never lets us down when we look to see how we can “lift” any situation.

Mars continues its power struggle with Pluto.  We may feel surges of frustration and wilfulness; let’s promise to check our emotions and actions this week.  I’m sending positive vibes out there!  At WEEK’S END, the orb of this transit begins to widen and its effects lessen.  Don’t relax yet; other planets continue dancing for our transformative benefit.  

Follow the heart not the ego as the theme of this timing is:  “That which is forced is not worth having or doing.”  Our ego whispers to us that we are separate, our heart tells us we all belong. 

Monday, OCTOBER 12, the planet of love is in favorable alignment with the planet of change and revolution.  And the planet of communication is in dialogue with both of them. So, something has been churning within!  Right?   

The beginning of this week you may realize a thought, idea or intention coming to light.  Journal it, speak it, cultivate it.  Ask yourself:  “Is this idea heart centered?”  With a yes, begin setting this “beginning” in motion.  This will prepare you for the New Moon, a time to set intentions coming on OCTOBER 16

Ideas come our way because they are in our field of potential. Energy can’t be created or destroyed; it can only be changed.  In Libra fashion, harmony and creativity are available to us.  

Rumi, a Sufi Poet wrote: “Awareness sleeps in minerals, dreams in plants, awakens in animals, and becomes self-aware in humans.” Rumi is telling us that humans are the only species that have the ability to be self-aware.  We are the species who ask: “Who am I?”  We are afforded conscious choice in the face of challenges that come our way.

MID WEEK, Mercury goes retrograde. This offers us a time to reflect, reorganize, redo, rethink.  Its placement is in direct opposition to Uranus.  The dialogue and how it plays out can bring a surprise and a change.  Given Mercury is in Scorpio, your words need reflection before they leave your lips.   You may also have deeper conversations that are meaningful.   

We’re positioned to bring in our critical thinking skills and take the high road committing to create from a space of good will, or we can get grumpy and take the low road of resistance and fear. With a personal planet aligning with an outer planet, it affects us on all levels.  Let’s see what our nations’ leaders do.

MID WEEK, the Sun in Libra squares with Pluto.   This brings to light harmony and relationships , alignment with the structures of governments and authority figures.  What a week of dialogue and tension!  How are your relationships both personally and within the structures of what rules your life?

OCTOBER 16  gives us the New Moon!  With all of the tension in the air how perfect is this?   This is a time to focus on balance, to find ways of moving forward with a sense of inner of personal responsibility and conscious choice. It’s a time to focus on our deeper connections with others.

During the New Moon, Mars gives us a boost of energy as it opposes it, creating an intensity. We can consciously use the determined Mars energy to channel our emotions and decisions positively, but again, watch for resistance.  Look at your bubbles and relationships within them.  We are being asked to own our creative flow as in the coming weeks the themes (we’ve been dealing with earlier this year) are here to be reorganized and brought up again.

On the WEEKEND, we have a couple of powerful alignments.  One is between the Sun and Pluto, as well as a T square between Mars, the planets in Capricorn and the Sun. What I want to impress on all of us is that this is the time to nurture!

Literally, the release of this T-square rests in the sign of Cancer.  Cancer is the sign of Cardinal energy, an initiator.  It’s of the mother, of home, of nurturing.  May we utilize this energy to release tension, to nurture our self and our family.  We may just be told by our health professionals to actually stay home in order to put a stop to Covid-19’s ravaging affects. 

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Am I willing to be conscious of my beliefs?”  

As conditioned beings, from the moment of birth we create our world from our perceptions.  Our environment provides the basis of how we learn to get our needs met.  As we grow, we have opportunity to become witnesses to ourselves.  Every experience is one of choice.  We get to decide who we want to be and how we want to be. 

Try witnessing to your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Don’t judge, critique or punish – just watch.  It’s an exercise of taking the observer perspective. The work is to release ourselves of the stories and unfolding dramas from our egos perspective while becoming conscious of beliefs that don’t support us. 

In this we find compassion for ourselves and everyone around us.  This is where we connect with our authentic self and find deeper meaning in relationship to others and our environment.    

I’m looking forward to sharing more about the cosmos with you again next week…


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