Scorpio & Transformation

by Gagan Mann ~

On OCTOBER 22 the sun shifted into the constellation of Scorpio, a receptive fixed water sign. This intense sign is all about transformation, destruction and regeneration. November is full of intensity and opportunities to shed light on secrets and shadows. Be mindful of your words and take the time to shake and move rigid energy. Fixed signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius might have a tough time shifting gears as cycles are demanding the shedding of old skin.

Almost always a war is raging within a scorpion. Scorpions are great miners of uncovering the subconscious. This job isn’t for the lighthearted; it takes great strength and courage to uncover all the ugly parts of one’s self. Scorpions may love control and intensity but desperately need an outlet for huge amounts of strong energy. Mars and Pluto, being Scorpio’s rulers, make this sign the most intense, obsessive, possessive, determined, inflexible and enduring signs of the zodiac. Scorpions can be the most passionate people if they balance their intensity with a good outlet. A Scorpio is always learning that expulsion of energy must take place, or an implosion will happen. A chthonic (underworld) clampdown may take place if repression was the coping mechanism. Out of the whole zodiac, Scorpio has immense power to merge the higher self to the lower.

We kick off Scorpio season by Mercury leaving retrograde and moving direct on OCTOBER 18.

Mercury is in Libra until NOVEMBER 5, highlighting relationships, technology, teachers and all communications. The retrograde offered us a last chance at solving any issues around partnerships, contracts and proofreading any fine details. This was the last of the yearly retrogrades for Mercury. Still be cautious when taking on new contracts and signing deals until Mercury gains momentum, well into past Halloween.

Astrology Highlights

OCTOBER 18, Jupiter moves direct in Aquarius. There is optimism around the collective and “moving forward” regardless of limitations around the pandemic. Our dreams and wishes do not seem so far out of reach.

OCTOBER 24, Onwards into the month of November, Mars squares Pluto. This type of aspect can bring challenges around blocks which hinder self-growth. Fierce power struggles may take place in a group setting. Even though your energy might be at all time high, unfortunately you may be opposed with even greater high-strung people. Like any other cycle, the idea is to work with what is trying to take place and put your energy towards creating clarity.

NOVEMBER 2 – NOVEMBER 30, Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. The basic tone here is sudden and impulsive behavior, a stressful aspect which can show up as restlessness and irritability. Use this energy to go with the flow and choose the least resistance path.

From LATE OCTOBER to MID-NOVEMBER, the Sun opposes Uranus. This disruptive energy is trying to unleash you from the mundane. Make a conscious effort to understand what it is that you are trying to create.

ALL NOVEMBER, Saturn squares Uranus.  Keywords for this aspect are changing old patterns, the need for freedom from responsibility, depression, feeling overburdened, pessimism.  This is  the block that restricts our strive for betterment. Rigidity can also take place.

This is the final square that Saturn forms with Uranus. We can look at what was taking place in January 2020 when lockdown started and what was happening for us individually and around us. Questions to ask ourselves:  what was our initial responsibility, what was the lesson and have we learned it yet? Are we doing the right thing for the collective?

NOVEMBER 2 – NOVEMBER 21, the Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces. Optimism can cloud judgement, so trust your intuition first. It’s a good time to meditate and feed the inner mystic.

NOVEMBER 4, the New Moon is at 12 degrees of Scorpio. This new moon may be an emotional one. Any water sign might just need to have a good cry to release this. Letting go of built-up emotions through crying can be very healing. An old memory might surface again bringing up heavy feelings and overbearing intensity. When something is too intense, remember that coming back to our breath can be the simplest and easiest way to cope.

We have the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus all in fixed signs making the month of November an intense time (at a personal and at a collective level). Fixed signs like Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and Taurus can be the people that hold space to rise like the phoenix and bring light to all the dark hidden places.

NOVEMBER 5 – NOVEMBER 24, Mercury moves into Scorpio where it will be shedding light on secrets, investigations and below the surface issues.

NOVEMBER 4 – NOVEMBER 25, the Sun squares Jupiter.  Your vitality will be optimal so be sure to use the energy to head projects but just don’t overdo it. Pay attention to physical limitations.

NOVEMBER 6 – NOVEMBER 11, Mars sextiles Venus. This water and earth compatibility makes for a few days of bliss in partnerships. Opportunities for artistic pursuits may come up and have great prospects for fruition.

NOVEMBER 6 – NOVEMBER 13, Mercury sextiles Venus. Here are a good few days for having productive communications in partnerships and signing contracts.

The common theme for November is that rigid patterns are being given the chance to come to light and be liberated. Like anything else we must start from the bottom up. Foundations are being questioned and probed. If you have been doing some work around unveiling the self and growing more awareness, then the current times might not be so challenging.

Personal Insights

If you are interested in working consciously with your own unique astrological cycles and creating more of your potential and possibilities, then please seek to have your natal (birth) chart made as the above information is simply generic.

Your astrology natal chart (or birth chart) is basically a snapshot of the graphical placement of all the planets at the time of your birth.  It can reveal the strengths and weakness of your soul (your psychological makeup including your gifts and shadows), opportunities for your soul’s growth, the best timing for your most important decisions/moves and it shows the progress you’ve made in your life at various points. It also can guide you about what your next suitable steps in life are.

Although many people are aware of their “Sun” sign (one of the 12 zodiac signs), there are many more detailed aspects of astrology that influence our lives. When you consider that all of the astral bodies were moving through different zodiac signs and houses at your time of birth, it seems obvious that their positions would energetically have different effects on your personality and life. For example, the position of the Moon in your natal chart determines your deepest needs, emotions and inner self. It describes how you react to what is happening to you and around you.  Similarly, with every planet, we can look to their placements (at the time of our birth) to gain insights and further understand our strengths, weaknesses and purpose in life.

What do you need to get a natal chart?  You’ll just need your time, date and place of birth.  If you are interested in gaining more insight into yourself and your life, just email me at; I’d love to help you ♥.

Have a wonderful November!


Gagan Mann was born in Punjab, India where she spent her early childhood before moving to Canada at the age of 12.  She has a Counselling Diploma from Counselling Training Institute of BC and in the last 10 years she studied Astrology, Plant Medicine and Hypnotherapy and graduated from the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies four years ago. She loves her rich East Indian roots (the niche for astrology and all things mystical) but it was not until she studied Embodied Astrology that she fully embraced and fell in love with the mysteries of life. Her philosophy for life and with clients is to raise consciousness to break unhealthy patterns that walk with all of us. She loves delving deep into the unconsciousness through hypnotherapy and guiding people with astrology to create potentials and possibilities.