Woman reading in a chair, letting her imagination running lose.

Slow Down and Observe

by Elaine Jessica ~

Have you felt a shift in your life since the Full Moon Eclipse last week? 

Generally speaking, an eclipse is a deep dive into what we want to “eclipse” out of our lives.  If we are in awareness, this is an intentional release to let go of what’s not serving our life’s evolution. And sometimes… the evolution of our lives occur (seemingly out of the blue) when something is “eclipsed” out of our lives driven by the timing of our own Astrology.  If the latter is you, take a deep breath and turn your observer on, lift yourself out of any lower vibrational inner dialogue and notice the great opportunities the Universe is bringing your way.  Observe so you can see…

Monday, MAY 31, sensuality and passion will feel visceral and may bring encounters that satisfy the need for getting in touch with the subtle energies that connect us in life.  Those who live in creative flow will be inspired to express their creative outlets. This makes for new music, new art and things of beauty being brought to the world. 

We may be inclined to experience our spiritual side with Mars and Neptune both in water signs (intuitive flow) working together.  We may be drawn to Mother Nature and find meaning in the connections that influence life. There’s a visceral sense of “oneness,” compassion and humanitarianism in the air that inspires groups working for the good of all.  These couple of days may elicit a pull to step into becoming a part of a group that works toward helping those in need.

Woman reading in a chair, letting her imagination running lose.

A theme this week is Saturn working directly with the Sun.  Saturn (Lord of Karma) is retrograde adding to the power of the Law of Cause and Effect.  When Saturn is retrograde it’s kind of like having a double dose of Saturn.  Taking stock of the important areas of our lives, sorting out our karma and placing restrictions on certain areas so that we become focused on working through what Saturn is pointing to in our lives. It may feel like a test, but Saturn is just shining it’s light on things that need attention. Don’t get freaked out here because where we are looking for change (and who isn’t right now?) we are being asked to slow down and re-think the best path forward.  

Thursday, JUNE 3, the Sun trining Saturn gifts us opportunity to realize the power of effort and practicality.   We move  into realizing the work necessary to carve out the path to fulfilling our goals.  Once we get over feeling like everything is hard, it’s time to turn on the observer and know balance is a key to everything Saturn.  With the mindset of mutual respect, balance and remembering, there is guidance along the way, discipline (or being a disciple, I like to say) becomes the pathway to fulfillment.  This is actually a “feel good” transit.  When we apply our mind to what we want there’s a great deal of satisfaction and reward.

Karma is created by our thoughts and actions
so where we balance our personal ego needs
with a sense of humanity and fairness
we create good karma in practicing our dharma (purpose).   

Venus (the planet of love and money) enters Cancer mid week changing the energy from fleeting attractions (using the mind to understand the state of “feeling”) to an emotional element and an instinctual search for security

Thursday, JUNE 3, Venus and Jupiter (Jupiter representing the higher self or super consciousness), work together to bring forward a rather large serving of love and optimism.  Get ready to give those you care for a “blurting out” of loving emotions and expect the same in return.  We just can’t help ourselves today; it’s a good day!    As well, shopping will be extra fun so consider taking your bestie with you.   If relationships haven’t been all roses lately, it is an optimal time to settle any stressful relationships and also to accept fair negotiated settlements and to find harmony in all things related to love and money.

Saturday, JUNE 5 and Sunday, JUNE 6, is a good time to stick to the basics of domestic bliss.  Stay home, put the music on and make a list of things to keep you busy at home and out of the way of flying objects and psychic darts. This is because Mercury (communication) is in tense dialogue with Neptune (illusion, dreams, escapism and other worldly).  Mercury is in retrograde until JUNE 22 asking us to slow down and re-think things.

Added to this is the transit between Mercury and Neptune creating misinterpretations in even simple things like giving directions and making plans.  So you see the difficulty – distorted thinking and confusion.   We also want to be aware that during this transit we can be drawn into extremes in terms of conspiracy theories and gossip.  Accept this as advice to fill your time and lay low.  Create simple, definitive plans to buckle down and stay away from sticky situations.

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“When planets like Mercury (communication) and Saturn (Lord of Karma) go retrograde, do I ignore it? Do I worry?   Or, am I available to receive messages that support my personal evolution?  In other words, how flexible am I?”

The Universe brings us opportunities to gain insight into just how steeped we are in our traditions and ways of thinking.  Our conscious mind is trained to follow the egoic patterns we have been conditioned with.

photo of girl lifting hands to sky

Life’s experiences garner awareness of what’s working for us and what’s not.  When we hang on to the dogma of teachings that keep us stuck, or the judgements that bring temporary feelings of superiority, we are hiding from the true reality of our nature. 

Try closing your eyes (without manipulating your breath); just listen and feel it.  Now spend some time noticing your bodies sensations; they carry on 24/7 in unison with the trillions of cells that keep the body alive without any interference from the conditioned mind. 

Remember we are spirits here for the “experiences” of life.  Our bodies are just a composite of sensations in continuous flow.  The point here is to be the observer of the stories we tell ourselves so that we can make healthful changes to our behavior. 

Take the focus off of others and honor our personal path… and love this life.   

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you next week…


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