the child looks out the window into the night sky

Find Your Creative Flow

by Elaine Jessica ~

Monday, MAY 3, will bring aspirations of all kinds to our field of dreams and schemes as Jupiter (expansiveness) is in dialogue with our Mercury (communication) minds. 

As wonderful as widening our broad view of all the “things” we want to do is, hold up – let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Our ego selves (Sun) is being called in by Saturn (the school principal) for a chat about proper planning and conservatism.  Celebrate the good feelings in the air about the future but let’s put calm focus into the details.

Monday, MAY 3, could be considered a test in fortitude and follow through.  There are fundamentals that require our attention before we jump into action with enthusiasm and forget to take care of the essentials.  Can you relate to any of this in how you’re feeling today?  Is part of your brain feeling hurried, wanting change and yet there’s a certain pressure that’s holding you back causing some anxiety? 

If you can relate, remember what mother said: “Patience is a virtue.”  Patience bodes good application of work ethic and attention to details; without it details can get lost in the excitement.  The Law of Cause and Effect comes into play here and when we knowingly forge ahead and over estimate plans without doing our due diligence, well, there is an “effect” that may not have been the intended one.  This is a buckle down, cross our “T’s” and dot our “I’s” kind of day.

the child looks out the window into the night sky

Wednesday, MAY 5, is a 555 day – the power of five, three-fold.  This vibration holds a frequency of change and forward movement… personal evolution.  Life lessons are gained via experiences, opportunity and expansion.  This is a day to seek new opportunity, to be curious and accept challenges.  While this energy resonates with freedom, choices, individuality and adaptability, it also speaks in direct terms to responsibility and love of humanity.  As with all energies there is a requirement to find the balance in all things.  The 555 trio suggests changes are happening in aspects of your life.  Trust and see the beneficial rewards in that.

Mercury (the planet of all things communication) moves into Gemini (its home sign) on Wednesday, MAY 6.  Mercury is totally comfortable here as it fuels the mental body with curiosity and a need to challenge itself.  There are many writers, speakers and teachers with this placement (being an intellectual placement).  We may notice our minds becoming rather restless and having many “irons in the fire” so to speak, within our think box.  The Sun (currently in steady Taurus) will help to tamp down some of the scatteredness we may experience.

As well, MAY 6, the planet of love (Venus) makes a smooth air streamer connection with Pluto, boosting our senses and looking for desire, joy and passion. In addition today, with the Sun in Taurus at ease with the Moon in Pisces, we are set up for all things love and “things that captivate us.”  Your partner may benefit from this transit with the increase of affection you’re feeling toward him/her.  As well, singletons, there may be a kind of karmic pull to someone who you feel a certain link to (and it might feel intense).  Pluto brings to surface the sub-conscious feelings and emotions.  It’s a good idea to be in awareness of any impulses toward obsessions of any kind. 

Saturday, MAY 8, Jupiter is at 29° in Aquarius in a tension square with Venus, also in its last degree of Taurus.  Moderation may be the name of the game this weekend considering the propensity to over indulge in all areas concerning socializing (drinking too much), love and affairs, and spending money (as Venus talks money and Jupiter talks wealth).  It may feel hard to pull back as this transit offers the ideal energy for having a good time.  Caution… take care to keep you actions in the light of awareness and high!  The opposite of “for a good time, not a long time.” 

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Am I feeling inspired with creative flow in my life? Am I able to commit to abundance in my life with my current viewpoint?”

There’s no quantifiable goal to ensure happiness, but practicing gratitude every day (for all we have in our lives) is an approach that sets us up for being in the creative flow with a willingness to embrace joy. 

abundance sufi

Nature is inherently abundant.  The Universe we live in is the epitome of creating something wonderous out of nothing, aka “The Big Bang.” 

Whether one subscribes to the religious viewpoint, the Vedic viewpoint or the Quantum Mechanics viewpoint, creativity and abundance are qualities that are infinitely available to all. 

David Simon, co-founder of the Chopra Center said:  “The human species is early on the learning curve in accessing and distributing abundance.”  Basically, he’s saying we are starving at a banquet.  Embracing abundance in all forms (spiritual, emotional, relational and material) doesn’t take away from another; it encourages and inspires.  We just need the right attitude. 

There is no ceiling for abundance. It is within all of our destinies to have abundant, fulfilling lives.  The Latin word undare means “rising in waves.”  Undare is the derivative of the word “abundant.”  So, rise in creative flow toward what it is that life is calling you toward.

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…  


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